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Gambling is always a fun thing to do by many people. However, this activity sometimes considered as non-transparent. This is why many players feel doubt on a variously available gambling website. Apparently, this problem will need no longer worries anymore. A credible system that based on blockchain payment and contracts has been developed to solve the issue. Introducing CASINOICO, a place where all player can guarantee getting better transparency and payment system. For more overview on this platform, check out the explanation below.


Webcasino has developed an online gambling platform, which will enable players, game developers, backers as well as clients to grow their earnings and generate profits. This based on the ecosystem that built on top of ‘Ethereum platform’ with ‘smart contracts’. Therefore, it will assist players in getting real pictures of the games and winning.

The existing online casinos are arranged in such a way that the player always loses a lot of money than he wins. However, the goal of any casino is to stay in the black, and for this to be managed many gambling platforms are ready to go for the blatant deception of users and even to violate the law. But while the online-casino website’s owners count money, disappointed players leave it with neither winnings nor trust at all.

The “Vision” of ‘Webcasino’ project is to introduce a new ‘Gaming System’ that is built to provide credible blockchain based tokens to facilitate the payments and winnings through blockchain. It utilizes methodologies; which encourage and Support infrastructure flexibility.

CASINOICO Benefits and Features

Of course, the platform has several strength benefits. For those who just hear about the platform, it will offer several interesting benefits such as mentioned below:

  • Secure and trustful
  • Smart contracts that ensure timely payments
  • Transparent number generation system
  • Social communication with players

The platform also supported with great features that will allow their consumer to reach their goal. The features including:

  • Blockchain integration
  • Token utilization
  • Random number generation scheme


Webcasino token (WEBC token) has ERC20 standard. It is created on the blockchain system. With WEBC, users will be able to access games and additional platform features using tokens as a gaming currency, and also participate in loyalty programs receiving bonuses for certain actions. This platform will not limit the use of tokens leaving space for development and new ideas.

The primary goal is to generate profit for all ICO participants. For this purpose, the platform offers several options, the signature one being the use of the tokens as a real game currency in the online casino. Other options for using our token:

  • Use for investment purposes
  • Receive during bounty program
  • Get as a marketer or an affiliate
  • Buy and sell on cryptocurrency exchanges

Those all several reviews and overview of CASINOICO. Overall, it can summarize that this platform brings the player a better way of a trusted system. It will allow the player many benefits that might not be available in other similar platforms. Therefore, it is better to decide to join the platform and get the token immediately. Enjoy all of the benefits and let your self become a part of this interesting online entertainment.

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