CASPERAPI is a file system infrastructure for decentralized applications on Ethereum ( Etherium is a platform for creating decentralized online services based on smart contracts based on smart contracts, implemented as a single decentralized virtual machine, was proposed by the founder of Bitcoin Magazine by Vitalik Buterin at the end of 2013, the network was launched on July 30, 2015) and other Blochain-platforms with a smart contract (Smart contract computer algorithm designed to conclude and maintain commercial contracts in the technology of blockage).

The Blockchain platform is based on P2P networks, participants who provide resources for transactions and settlements. CASPER adds a network of memory blocks to the Blockchain P2P platform, which provides the user with disk storage services, while the storage unit ensures the correct operation of the network. Networked storage devices can be connected to several platforms with a binding (now we only use the Ethereal platform). Storage devices can be connected to a network of people who have the right equipment in their homes, or in regional data centers that are interested in starting and running their inactive objects.

How it works:

  1. DApp asks the smart contract for a place to download content.
  2. A smart contract finds it and sends the coordinates of the server.
  3. When loading data, Casper API copies to 3 additional servers and saves replicas.
  4. As a result, the loss of one of the servers does not lead to loss of information, since the data storage system has 3 more copies.

CASPER API is an infrastructure project for storing large data on a block chain that allows you to create a file storage (photos, video, audio, text files and 3D models), configure optimal CDN delivery routes, store
backups, work with corporate data warehouse.

The CASPER API is not limited to working on a specific block-chain. Developers DApps will be able to choose the right block-chain.
The only condition for choosing a block chain is the availability of smart contracts. Providers will get a unified audience
from all platforms based on the chain, thus, can quickly fill the capacity of disks provided by the system.

Objective of the project

The Casper API should provide developers with access to economical and convenient decentralized data storage while ensuring maximum process security. As a result of the development of storage technologies and stabilization of the system, the developers plan to form a network of distribution virtual machines that will be able to handle AR / VR, loT, self-driving cars requests.
Decentralized high-speed machines HDD, RAM and CPU are provided. The introduction of such technologies requires a rapid response. The creation of the described network will solve many problems of existing and emerging companies.

I recommend paying attention to the CASPER project that ICO will be developing to develop its dApps product, since they have already successfully completed the preliminary sale, and this idea is supported by the Russian agency Legion Digital, which has good experience in this field.


Holding on the stage before the ICO is planned to sell tokens at a discount. 1CST = 0.8 US dollars. Total amount of funds: 1 040 000 US dollars. Sales will be realized using the Ethereum smart contract in accordance with the updated USD / ETH norm for the day preceding the launch of the ICO.

I CO Conducting

The amount to be increased through the sale of tokens is $ 31,800,000. The minimum threshold for raising funds is $ 4,800,000. Token sales will be realized through smart-contract Ethereum in accordance with the updated USD / ETH norm for the day preceding the ICO is launched.

For more information about the project, please click on the links:

Twitter / CasperAPI

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