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Casper API

Dear friends! At the present time, we are witnessing historical processes for the formation of new ways of storing data and exchanging information, namely decentralization processes. This is a new Internet, a paradigm shift, a departure from centralized servers and a redistribution of the impact on the movement of information arrays.

Now ICO / ITO is getting more and more projects with its ideas, how to make modern technologies even better, more reliable, more convenient.

And I would like to mention one rather interesting project Casper .

The project positions itself as the first decentralized platform for cloud storage. But what is its difference from other similar platforms you ask !? In this project, the team focuses on solving a very serious problem faced by developers of decentralized applications (DApp). The Casper project implements the Casper API. With this solution, any decentralized application on blockchain will be able to use the Casper API to store the data of its users. This solution, together with the way of organizing the network of storages and the degree of protection of the transmitted information is the best in its way and is intended to stimulate the development of DApp applications.

Casper will be the fastest and most reliable way to store information for DApp. The principle of data distribution will be based on a variety of providers providing their free disk space and information transfer channels. Also, the Casper platform will be of interest not only to DApps developers and organizations, but also to ordinary users who want to store their personal information with a high degree of reliability.

More detailed information about all technical aspects you can find in the WHITE PAPER project.

Currently, after the initial fundraising, the team is working on the prototype Casper.

On December 19, 2017 for 60 minutes the project attracted investments worth 1239 ETH (about $ 1,040,000) during the PRE-ICO. The main sale of CST tokens is scheduled for April 2018. After the main sale of tokens, the beta version of Casper is planned.

As you can see, the idea of ​​the project to the investor community appealed to the soul, and the team is set for a dense, productive work.

For owners of CST tokens, unique, very interesting opportunities will open up. For example, you can become a supplier of disk space for the Casper platform. 1CST will allow you to lease up to 256 Gb. And the CST token itself can be rented to a service provider for a fee. The token itself can naturally be sold on the exchange at market value, which will only grow as the project develops.

The Casper team

:: Casper Features ::

Casper enables users to upload random files to a cloud service, and access them later from any device.
Casper’s basic features:
● Encoding of stored files
● High file upload/download rate thanks to peer-to-peer technology
● Shared file access
● Feasible data storage pricing
File encoding ensures data is stored confidentially. Each file is encoded at the user’s side before transfer, and only the user keeps encryption keys. Only the user may transfer encryption keys to someone else to share access to the file.



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