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Casper is a protected and reliable utility for DApp based on the Ethereal platform. This is the fastest way to ensure your DApp store data, ie, videos, photos, audio, text, databases. It is implemented by the joint efforts of various vendors, which provide hard drives and internet channels to store and transfer your files. They will rent out their facilities in exchange for monthly rewards, such as tokens. Vendors can choose to be local data centers, which will ensure higher access levels and lower response times for all users, both individuals and companies.

Casper API

Casper is a file system utility for decentralized applications based on Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms supporting smart contracts. The blockchain platform is based on a P2P network, participants of which provide resources to perform transactions and calculation. Casper complements the P2P blockchain platform with a storage unit network, which provides HDD file storage service to users, while storage units ensure the network is functioning properly. The storage unit network may be connected to several blockchain platforms (now we use Ethereum platform only).
A storage unit may be connected to the network by any person with proper equipment at their home, or a regional data center, which is interested in putting its idle facilities in operation. Each network participant will receive payments for rendering storage services. Casper’s vendor regular verification, stimulation, and penalty system is set up to motivate its participants to act in their own interests, independently from each other, thus maintaining the stability of the P2P network. All participants form a decentralized and independent data storage network, which cannot be controlled by any single person or company.

Distribution Tokens


  1. For internal system transactions (client payments, provider rewards)
  2. Provider will use token to register himself in the Casper system (1 token = 256 Gb of storage space)
  3. Token holders could loan tokens to users who want to become a provider.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO

For the ICO, the company is looking at accepting both ETH and BTC but they have excluded both the United States and China from taking part. There is both a soft cap and hard cap in place for the ICO with the soft cap being valued at $6,700,000 while the hard cap has been set at $31,800,000.

During this stage, there will be a total of 258,030,000 tokens created which equates to 58% of the total tokens that are going to be produced. At this point, the exchange rate that has been set equates to 1 CST equating to $0.16 offering you a sense of how they value their idea and the chances of them being able to reach their desired target.

There have been bonuses in place, but you need to invest a lot of money in order to get them which is different to a number of other opportunities that are out there.

Overall Conclusion About Casper and the ICO

The white paper that has been created by the team behind Casper is certainly very detailed, which does mean that you have a better sense of what they are hoping to achieve with their service as well as it giving you more confidence in their ability. There is no doubt that cloud storage is on the continual increase in popularity, so something that offers better ways to retrieve the data should be welcomed.

The idea itself is not unique, but when you are talking about a multi-billion Dollar market, then there is more than enough space for people to operate without standing on each others toes.

From an investment perspective, their desired target figures appear to be solid enough and you can see how the value of the tokens could increase quite substantially if they are simply able to get people to use their platform for their Dapps. Once people see how easy it is to use their platform, and the difference it can make to their data and accessing the cloud, then it will certainly draw in additional users which is going to push those prices up as a result leading to it being a worthwhile investment on your part.

Casper issues its own monetary unit – Casper token or CST, which is used for payment settlements within the service on all blockchain platforms and to purchase franchise by service vendors. After being issued at ICO the tokens will be freely traded at exchange. CST token will be issued within the limits of preICO as separate smart contract, not according to ERC20 standard. Issued tokens will not be traded at exchange. After completion, ICO tokens purchased on preICO will be converted in CST tokens of working smart contracts. CST token will be issued within the limits of ICO as separate smart contract according to ERC20 standard. Tokens issued at ICO will be traded at exchange. It will be possible to convert tokens purchased in the process of preICO in tokens of smart contract for ICO using exchange() method of smart contract. After completion of ICO it will be possible to covert tokens purchased in ICO process in CST tokens of working smart contract.Developers managed to create a completely decentralized the repository, operating under the management of a smart contract. Casper pairs the P2P blockchain platform with a storage unit network, which stipulates HDD file storage service to users, while storageunits guarantee the network is functioning appropriately. Casper may be used by services that are more standard as well. At this level, Casper will begin modeling a competition for captain clo

Project development plan

  • 2011 – the birth of the company Legion Digital
  • 2017-the origin of the Casper concept
  • Q4 2017 – Writing WhitePaper
  • Q4 2017 – conducting ICO
  • Q1 2018 – creation of the MVP
  • Q2 2018-Connecting to the first suppliers process
  • May 2018-ICO Holding
  • Jule 2018-alpha version of Casper
  • Q4 2018-Casper Beta
  • Q1 2019-Casper Release
  • Q1-Q2-Scale connection providers!

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Meet the innovative team behind this tremendous project

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Casper can provide users, a decentralized, secure, and powerful data storage service, and provide users with a variety of benefits and conveniences that can enhance their experience in developing and building DApps. Casper API is attractive because. We don’t build a cloud storage, but we help DApp on any blockchain platform with smart- contract to resolve task of data storage, and quicken development of blockchain project industry. Furthermore, our utilities will result in reducing storage prices at vendors.

These are few attributes that i have shown you. For you to be a part of this tremendous project, please visit the following links provided below.


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