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Standing as a brand that cannot be replicated, it predicts a pleasant future for cryptocurrency and has been approved to take users on a perfect journey in that direction. It’s all normal about ledger technology such as existing replicas, not really unique but contributing to existing problems. But this project on the other hand appeared as one that had never been made or tasted before. It has the characteristics to display and adjust the market and how it affects investors during their trading. As a cryptocurency stock exchange, it has so many stocks for investors and how tokens will request in all volumes in the safest environment.

With the increase in the number of cryptocurrency and an increase in the volume of assets in the market it is clear that the world’s population has invested in this new decentralized world supported by blockchain technology. The main purpose of this interest is that people want to pay and trade at a fast, reliable, and low commission fee on a decentralized exchange platform based on blockchain technology.

The exchange must meet all needs to complete this high demand. Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum (the best cryptos on the market) have difficulty adapting to the exponential increase in new users. Scalability, speed, and security have become the main points that must be overcome by Bitcoin and Ethereum to continue to develop their platform. However, new coins and tokens appear every day, and each wants to provide different services beyond the first coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they want to take Blockchain technology a step further. New ones are added to the new exchange to increase transaction volume for the development and support of these subcoins. One of them is the Catex exchange.

With the increase in commissions charged by other platforms during transactlons, users are not activated or encouraged to do more so as to limit their scope in the system. However, Catex plans to make things easy by making the most of the commissions generated from user transactions given back to them as incentives. This means that the platform does not aim to explain the user but asks the user to explore and exploit all Catex activities and systems. Bonuses will be given in CATT tokens to as many as token holders and this will be done so often.

In the catex network, users take part in decision making and that can be done through broadcasting their opinions and what they think can be done to achieve progress. Catex has all secondary tasks managed by users while it should handle other key tasks in the ecosystem.

The stock market that I will check out today has several features, not as I mentioned above. It also collects positive features from many people in one body and saves us from looking for different ways.

I am talking about Catex. Recently, people interested in crypto began to hear their names. Because they provide a favorable return for investors. We can say that investors are encouraged to exchange trades with lower commission fees while encouraging investors to distribute dividends.

There is transparent trade between the Catex stock exchange objectives. Whether there is volume on most stock exchanges, or to-board on-board for dump-pump purposes, the list is executed according to the stock market management decision. The Catex stock market is primarily intended to listen to its investors. Catex is ready to provide all types of support if investors want to move.

To provide the best and most transparent trading services, Catex has always been one of the main objectives of the project. Since the emergence of many stock markets about them, negative comments have been formed but this does not apply to exchange of catex. I have never heard a negative message or negative comment until now. This shows how catex is the team that is actually the team. Because the team does not deviate from the main objective of the stock market, it is focused on the wishes of investors or traders.

Catex feature

  • Safe Trading

On the Catex Stock Exchange, we can now qualify for a 30-coin main sale and purchase action, of which almost all of these are Bitcoin and Ethereum. If your purchase is made on the Catex exchange, even if you transfer coins to the wrong account, Catex offers you a refund, which is another important feature of Catex that makes it safe when it’s one of the many lost stocks.

  • Dividends (Revenue Sharing)

One of the biggest places that distinguishes the Catex Stock Exchange from other exchanges is the Dividend award. The biggest award from this is daily profit and profit sharing up to 90%. This transaction, referred to as a “dividend” on the stock exchange, is a system where you keep your coins in the same bank account, as you do, when you massage, and as a result you receive a daily profit share. As a kind of sleep on your bed when you keep a coin in your hand without any effort can get a share of the profits. The more coins you have, the more profits you receive. As in the same bank, the profit sharing rate you receive increases if you choose 15 days or a higher number of days than one day. Below is a graph of the distribution of dividends within a few days.

  • Mining Bonuses

While mining profits have dropped significantly, it is not wrong to say that mining expenditures are becoming increasingly irrelevant as a result of the philosophy of excessive spending on electricity and energy with a philosophy that is the opposite of Blockchain technology. Catex has different ideas about mining for CATT tokens. On the market, when users buy, they produce buying and selling energy, produce energy for mining CATT tokens and therefore mine without damaging the environment and without additional energy. What’s more, Catex gives users 5% of this digested CATT user advantage. Isn’t that a good idea? I think so .

  • Believing in the Power of Unity

The Catex stock market wants to form a community-based committee in accordance with the Blockchain philosophy. This committee is a platform where you can connect with executives with a variety of language choices (English, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, etc.) on various platforms such as telegram groups and even give them advice about the stock market and sites. When you have the opportunity to chat directly with administrators, community problems or ideas can be answered more quickly and the right decisions can be re-formed as consensus. What if there are differences of opinion? The answer to this question was also considered: Catex In its website, it opened a voting system for the solution of current problems and the votes provided by users can be resolved democratically. Indeed, this should be believed in the power of unity.

  • Transaction Fees

There are fees that you pay on other platforms or coins that you send. Although this cost seems low, these numbers can be accumulated for a large number of traders. Catex Exchange offers a solution for this and gives you up to 110% of your transaction fees as a CATT token. In other words, instead of paying transaction fees when you do, you get a bonus of up to 10% of the amount you pay.

Meet our team

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