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Cryptocurrency trading also comes with its own challenges and these challenges arise because of the nature of the market and the fact that it uses blockchain technology, a decentralized approach, and platform.The challenges in cryptocurrency exchange have been a major setback to the growth of the industry and this points to the reason why the market is not globally adopted so far. Poor liquidity, poor market regulations, long process of compliance and complex integration are some of the challenges plaguing cryptocurrencies.

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are various problems that serve only to convince potential investors to become part of the revolutionary blockade. One of the problems with trading platforms is poor customer service. In most cases, you will be able to access the chat. These chatbots are usually poorly designed. Therefore, most customers eventually give up. In addition, most platforms never select calls. When they do, they offer a dull advice, which eventually becomes even more unpleasant.

Another issue is international support. There are exchanges in which people from all over the world can not trade because of the language barrier and other problems.

With the increase in the commissions other platforms charge during transactlons, users are not being enabled or encouraged to do more and so it limits their scope in the system. However, Catex plans to make things easy by making a larger fraction of their generated commissions from users transactlons given back to them as incentives. This means that the platform has no aim of explanating users but rather having users to explore and exploit the entire activities and Catex system. The bonus will be given in the CATT token to as many as those who are the token holders and this will be done so frequently.

In the catex network, users take part in decision making and that can be done through the airing of their opinions and what they think can be done to achieve progress. Catex has all the secondary duties managed by the users while it duly handles other primary tasks in the ecosystem.

Catex is a transaction-based transaction mining platform based in China. This platform provides users with the ability to trade (buy / sell) cryptocurrency between them using available market pairs. And also offers a hybrid solution where it is possible to carry out crypto transactions and mine platform tokens (CATT tokens) at the same time, which will be used to return transaction costs to users. The expected return value is 110%.

Catex is an exchange with many differences in its ecosystem. Its existence is intended to end the problem of exchange and therefore has the perfect component to make it happen. It is normal that almost all the numbers in ledger technology like replicas that already exist, are not truly unique but contribute to existing problems. But this project on the other hand appeared as one that had never been made or tasted before. It has the characteristics to display and adjust market conditions and how it affects investors during their trading. As a cryptocurency stock exchange, it has so many stocks for investors and how tokens will be traded in all volumes in the safest environment.

Features of Cat.ex Platform

  • Safe trading

Ever been to a situation where you accidentally transferred coins to the wrong account during a purchase on an exchange? What a pain in the neck it is. And yes, unlike many other platforms, Catex can solve that problem by offering you a refund, which is what makes this platform safe.

  • Mining Bonuses

You can do Catt token mining by trading on Catex Exchange. Here, you’ll be able to have Catt token at a lower price than the market price with 5% mining bonus.

  • Dividend

Revenue sharing is another outstanding feature of Catex as it distributes 90% of all money earned from trading fees to Catt token holder

  • Referral system

The display of the power of unity. Catex Exchange have %10 referral bonus. When your referrals make trade, you can get 10% of their trading fees in form of Catt token.

  • Low Transaction Fees

Compared to other platforms, Catex has a lower transactions fees, giving you more opportunities to succeed and make a profit.

  • Buyback

Catex Exchange have an exclusive account for buyback (support CATT price). The buyback account is fed by dividend pool and voting. The exchange will burn CATT tokens on a regular basis

  • Voting

A voting system is created in Catex. 1 vote worths 10 CATT and first 2 voted coints are listed weekly.

  • ERC20 based marker

Similar to other large stock exchanges, Catex platform has its own markers – ERC20 based marker. Initially, 10 billion tokens (CATT) were launched. For the time being, the amount is 2 billion CATT. Additionally, the stock market reduces the number of oscillations on a regular basis, making the indicator price go up over time.

  • Modern Blockchain technology

The system of Catex implies a platform where each participant is one-step closer to modern Blockchain technology for the benefit of their actions. Trader will receive a number of functional and effective tools, making the trading experience open and clean.

Why choose Cat.ex?

  • The Catex exchange is available for many users in various languages.
  • As a result of Community voting, each crypto currency can be easily added to the platform. To choose, you must have 10 CATT tokens.
  • General controls on the Catex platform are carried out by the user community, not by the team.
  • Trading on the platform is carried out in parallel with mining where users receive a 5% bonus for mining.
  • Security will always be at the forefront.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support when you face a problem.

How to join Catex Airdrop

  1. Click CAT.EX’s to visit Airdrop Page.
  2. Register on Website.
  3. Verfiy your E-Mail.
  4. Go to Asset – search for USDT – click on deposit and copy your USDT address.
  5. Do different Tasks on their platform and earn entries!
  6. Your USDT will be credited to your CAT.EX USDT wallet.

The Catex Exchange distributes 80% of its daily revenue through the mining logic to those holding the catt token. Our exchange is newly opened and provides high daily income. You can earn up to 10% of your catt that you hold your wallet by mining hourly.

How many CATT holding will get daily dividends?

To enjoy daily dividends the min CATT holdings is 200. Dividends are calculated once a day and arrive the next day.

Token Details

Since it is so imperative for all projects emerging on the ledger chain to have native currencies, Catex creates its own unique one called CATT. It is the CATT token with so much tied benefits tied to it. This Catex token has so much volume if it issued at first of which some of its mass we’re burned off to leave just a few millions for it to be worthwhile for users to relate and have many advantages with.

  • Token name: CATT
  • Steps: ERC – 20
  • The total number of tokens: 10,000,000,000 CATT
  • Number of outstanding tokens: 170,354,373.27 CATT


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