Catena tends to use revolutionary technologies and algorithms using blockchain technology to build a solid platform that will break and ultimately change the operation of the trading economy.
Catena is a decentralized trading platform and exchange, fabricated mainly on Blockchain technology and representing new algorithms and AI protocols to support the trading economy.
Decentralization and Catena Technology
Catena Architecture:
The order matching identifier created solely for the decentralized Catena platform gives the ETP (significant trading platform) a significant increase in the number of successful transactions, if the customer is looking or the seller / buyer, and depends solely on the keywords of the search engine and their compliance, the effectiveness of such a platform is drastically reduced , while adding to it all other barriers, trade becomes a real problem even in the global connected world at the present time.
Catena orders AI compliance, and ETP provides a sustainable solution for a rapidly growing trading economy, it provides access to new market makers / traders and provides business opportunities for all participants in a business transaction.
Effective Trading Platform (ETP)
ETP (Efficient Trading Platform) is designed to take advantage of the technology of blockages to ensure the growth of global trade and overcome its main problems, the ETP platform that can regulate every aspect of the trade between the buyer and the seller from order to execution and ensuring all parameters related to the platform proceeds from the experience of the development team to provide a smooth, but powerful trading platform that can serve a variety of products and services from crypto currency s, digital assets, goods and global trade,
ETP features include:
• Impossibility of forgery
• Disintermediation and ease of transmission
• Transparency and ease of audit
• A quick and reliable way to reconcile purchase and sale orders
• Decentralization
• Effective execution of an order with agreement with an intellectual contract
• All in one intellectual contract, involving all parties involved in trade
ETP is a set of intellectual contracts that understand the requirements for each transaction, set by the buyer / seller, and correspond to them accordingly, this opens the chance to have different buyers and sellers for the same order / contract, as this may correspond to the seller of a large quantity of MOQ (the lowest order quantity) with several buyers and solves various parameters of the inventory network based on pre-registered requirements, if necessary using various options delivery, to produce a single executable contract that can transfer this transaction to success.
Users or customers do not need any coding experience, but this is just an interface for selecting and distributing certain transaction requirements, and Catena will be completed.
The likelihood of comparing different buyers and sellers in a single contract creates reliable savings and eliminates many barriers and restrictions with restrictions on quantity, delivery time, sending instructions, and also enables small traders, market makers and service providers to have a sustainable business transaction.
Having a widespread platform that allows the digitization of assets will help increase the trade in various assets around the world, so you can own property in China, while you have never been there, and also trade it for a small part of the main value, while all this can be monitored and verified with the help of ETP, this will increase the trading / investment activity on the stock exchange and will lay the foundation for an advanced trading economy where everyone can become a buyer / seller or trader.
Catena Order Matching AI (COMAI)
The order matching identifier performs a strategic algorithm that uses mathematical simulation of game theory to distribute the best routes on the exchange, perform an ideal business transaction, it is nothing more than an ordinary search engine for buyers and sellers to find each other than a scientifically based guide for all parties in a business transaction to find the perfect solution for a winning situation in search of a repeat business in the future.
Catena, corresponding to AI (COMAI), is used to trade with any product, from crypto conversions to commodities such as cotton, oil or gold, the same algorithms are used to find the best deals and opportunities for our customers, this is a revolutionary technology that would deliver Catena is ahead of all exchanges and trading platforms, where traders will use Catena primarily to determine the ultimate deal and the most smooth transaction.
Given the complex problem in real life, analysis begins with the ordering of the problem to simple foundations:
a) Offer axioms and principles
b) Reduce the dimension (n is a player for 2 players)
c) Reduce existing strategies
If the accompanying rules for matches give a rational, stable and predictable behavior and results:
• Rule (1): all players must pursue the maximum profit based on the same predefined paytable.
• Rule (2): whenever the main player initiates a move in a particular match set, the remaining actions (actions) of all players in the match set are determined in accordance with rule (a).
• Rule (3): each match prefix in the paytable can only be used once in the match set.
Examples of business examples for business
Business case: trade in goods and products using Catena
A farmer must sell his apples, faced with a lot of problems with distributors, wholesalers and retailers in order to reach the end customer, such issues as quantity, payment terms, delivery schedule, registration … etc etc., and also he should study the delivery options that will correspond to his orders, below is a diagram showing how this can be solved on the Catena-Bird using ETP and COMAI.
Business case: multiple buyers and one digital asset
The buyer wants to buy property in Canada while he lives in China and the seller wants to sell his property in Canada, they both enter into an agreement by matching on the Catena exchange based on their assessment and the conditions that several buyers may belong to the same property together, if they have a request for an exchange for investment in real estate, this increases the open door for small buyers to have more opportunities in their portfolio, law firms can then offer their legalization offer be the deal and complete it in accordance with the conditions to enter into, to ensure that all parties are satisfied, customers then have the opportunity to trade these tokens ownership of Catena as a property that is now digitized at Catena with the famous contract,
Business-kate: Catena as a trusting platform
A local trader hopes to bring a set of toys from China; he goes online to find suppliers on different platforms (for example, Alibaba or made in China) to make this business transaction successful, both sides must trust each other.
While none of them has integrated the business, they can go to the bank to act as an intermediary for this transaction, but in case this transaction is a relatively small transaction, it will not cost the bank fees and hassle for both parties, and if this is a big deal, then all about how they trust the centralized system for carrying out this transaction.
Catena here serves as the right means to accomplish this transaction from a deal worth $ 1 to millions of dollars, Catena is always the right choice, as both parties will be satisfied and safe with their money and products because of their decentralized structure on the block chain is the chart that describes , as this transaction occurs on Catena.
Business case: the decentralized barter ecosystem of Catena
The main advantage of COMAI is that it corresponds to the buyer and seller for the best opportunities in relation to their requirements, but the best use of this technology is that it can create a completely new ecosystem that creates market opportunities between several buyers and the seller for different products and conditions, therefore, increasing the volume and value of the entire system.
For example, if the customer (A) wants to sell apples and then use the means to buy a car, sometimes it is better to link it to the customer’s identifier (B) selling the car, but in return he needs funds to purchase media, and the client (C), who wants to buy apples, will still sell dishes in exchange, because this is a restaurant, and therefore forward, this is the type of barter ecosystem that goes in continuous overlapping circles, creating more opportunities and markets along the way,
Thanks to a powerful tool like AI, this market can be significantly expanded, and the fact that all this is done on a decentralized platform gives the whole system the advantages of providing and carefree.
Stages of selling tokens
Crypto Decentralized Exchange
After the completion of the sale of the tokens, we will softly launch our decentralized exchange for crypto currency and digital assets trading, this will allow us to get a decent start for our platform and collect as much feedback from our customers for the next updates and development.
Use ETP and COMAI for exchange. The addition of the two functions will be a market exchange mechanism for the exchange sectors, since none of the existing exchanges or trading platforms allow its customers to use such tools, it is also important to note that in this case we will be our extended trading functions such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stop Loss Limit, Take Profit Limit, Trailing Stop.
The ETC Smart contract will be available as an open source in Github for continuous development and feedback from the community, it will include a set of smart contracts that govern any transaction or transaction on the platform.
Trade in products, products and services
At this important point, Catena will present its true strength through the availability of merchandise, products and services. One of the main features of this milestone is the production and sale of digital assets, where everyone can issue a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain or Catena blockchain and be open to trade.
Barter ecosystem
By attracting more customers and with higher volumes of trade and processing on our platform, it will definitely pave the way for the introduction of a barter ecosystem that, in our opinion, will change the entire trading economy and the way it is currently operating. This Barter ecosystem is evolving over time and, increasing the participation of more clients and customers, the higher the number of participants, the better the system will work.
Global expansion
Despite the fact that the Catena platform is not limited to a certain geographic region, it is considered a global platform since the launch, but in this part of our roadmap we believe that more attention and trust from potential customers globe in different regions and sectors will certainly bring the whole system, so we plan to conduct an extensive marketing campaign in which more businesses learn about what we can do and how they will be able to increase their activities and income s.
Selling tokens 
. The CATENA key is the ERC20, compatible with the Ethereum block chain, distributed by Catena during the stages of selling the tokens. The CATENA marker is a utility coin that will be necessary for the functioning of the system, since it acts as an activation key for any smart contract for work and will be used in all trade transactions provided by Catena. 
For any transaction that is to be performed on the Catena platform, and for the transaction, transaction owners pay a commission for Catena, which will constitute a percentage of the total cost of the transaction / smart contract, this fee is paid to Catena only in CATENA tokens.
Because we want to facilitate global and domestic trade, the volume and use of the CATENA token and its wallet push its wide range of usefulness so that people can use them on a regular basis, every day. 
Catena will release 250 million tokens and will no longer be released in the future. 
Buyers of tokens will be able to receive the CATENA token in their token purse as soon as the token is sold. Whenever Catena decides to use another blockchain protocol, the issued ERC20 markers will be accepted for 1 to -1 exchange. 
Price for Token Price and Token Price Token 
is set at $ 0.1 / Token, the start date for the sale of tokens will be announced on our website and in various social networking channels. The discount on the token is sold at a rate of 10 million US dollars.
Catena will use the escrow service to monitor and verify transactions on funds, in addition to regular internal audits of the Catena team, which means that all payments received for CATENA tokens in connection with the sale of CATENA tokens will be deposited in a multi-valued purse. The keys will remain with the main Catena team and the internal audit team.
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