The Blockchain technology has contributed to all aspect of human society, and which has gone much in developing and changing the people’s situation, the blockchain has remained a dependable and also functional, which has been proved to manage perfectly and secure to the high extent, of both goods and services for the human existence.

The trading system has been facing a different form of problems in which the individual traders, consumers, and also the investors been affected by, but it’s always a surprise that the major problems facing the trading system of different region has never been solved by the people and also their government sectors, and instead of monitoring this, the tariff system has been the high priority to solve by the government, and in putting an end to the problems facing on the trading system, some sets of sectors or the source need to provide solution on.

The problems facing on the trading system has taken the attention of the different professional and marketing expert, and which have worked on the main problems facing on the global trading system, base on their experienced in trade and as different researched made by the different expert from different countries, and these has brought up the setting up of the CATENA platform, and this will be working and providing solutions in different area for the individual traders, and the users to solve the major trading business, and if all these have been totally managed, the other small problems can be automatic solve.


The CATENA platform is been based on the blockchain technology, a decentralized platform, which accommodate all form of trade and created with the main reason of solving all the main left problems of the trading systems.


And the CATENA will be working on some of the major tradings problems, and which are…

FRAUD: The major trading system facing in different community ecosystem is the problems of fraud, the CATENA research point out that the fraud activities in all over the world affected nothing less than 4 trillion US dollar in every year, and this has really added to the poverty of the whole world.

The CATENA study of fraud activities was showed that the fraud activities occur in different ways and also to both the big and the small marketers/traders, and sometimes, when fraud activities take place, it destroy and put an end to some people trading procedures.

The ways in which the fraud activities, from CATENA observation, are, false credit insurance, the delivery of the bad quality products, lead time delays, and the most dangerous aspect of this is a false company.

The CATENA research has proofed that all these have been the major ways in which the fraudster are carrying out their activities and with all these processes, it has contributed negatively to the trading development, for instance, some sets of individual will collect money with an agreement to deliver goods at specific times, and it later turned out that the goods are nowhere to be found, and even if the goods will be delivered most of these goods turned out to be fake.

The CATENA will also be working in another main problem facing by the trading factors and which is Global Chain Supply. The CATENA has also put the great measure in working against all the problems which may be passing through in the shifting and the movement/transportation of the good and services, and the CATENA have considered this as one of the major problems of the individual traders.

Some of the major problems feature out by the CATENA are, bad transportation system, corruption, and thievery, inconsistent product regulation, and also the borders delay are not also excluded.

With these sets of problems and also some other problems the CATENA will be providing a solution to ask the individual users that make use of their platform in protecting their goods and services and also this will be helping all the individual traders to have much says and gain over their goods and services, and some of the solution provided by the CATENA in working against all these problems are,

SECURE INFORMATION: the major reason for making use of the blockchain technology by the CATENA, as stated earlier is because of its incomparable functions, the CATENA will be making sure that the individual transaction is properly equipped in the blockchain technology, the CATENA using this processes is mainly to make it possible for all the records remain protected and secure from both trading sides, either the traders or the buyers, from editing.

And more also one of the research conducted by the CATENA shows that fraud activities become easy and having the high percentage to occur wherever the two partners lack the transparency, and with this, the CATENA will be providing a high level of transparency in all their transaction, the transparency in all the activities will be possible between the partners, and through this, the activities of fraudster can easily be traced and put an end to.


With the process of great and perfection in CATENA activities, the CATENA has also generated two different sets of technology which will be helping in strengthing and which will be helping in boosting the trade economy, and which are the ETP and the COMAI.

The ETP will be helping in generating high-level of efficiency in the trading system, the CATENA has set up this in helping to the preprogrammed smart program, and this, it will be helping the individual CATENA users in developing a robust smart contract without writing any code for trading again.

And more also the COMAI technology generated by the CATENA is working as a mathematical modeling of game theory, and with this, it will be helping all the CATENA users to discover the best opportunity to trade, and the necessary guilds line for each trade.

The CATENA platforms are full of different advantages for the traders, the CATENA also remain as a decentralized trading platform in which different form of trade can be carried out there, different systems of trading successfully and many advantages which will be receiving in trading with them.

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