Why Catena?

Fraud problem issue costs the world more than 4 Trillion USD per annual, and we have encountered extortion in many shapes, from false credit protections, terrible quality items, lead time delays, and even phoney organizations, then again store network issues backs off the worldwide exchange construction greatly as it doesn’t adapt to the volumes or the timings, Catena proposes an intense answer for every related gathering in an exchange, through a decentralized stage on the blockchain arrange created to unravel the confidence issue, as well as to construct a base were all gatherings in an exchange can concede to various terms and conditions for the installment, shipping, item parameters and quality, and so on.

Worldwide exchange Market Size and Economic Growth:

The exchange has kept on supporting monetary development and improvement, decreasing neediness around the globe. World stock fares have expanded in an incentive by around 32 for every cent since 2006, achieving more than USD 16 trillion out of 2017. In the meantime, world fares of business administrations have quickened by around 64 for each penny, achieving a sum of USD 4.77 trillion.

The most astounding development in stock exchange has been accomplished by fabricated merchandise and rural items, which have expanded by 37 for every penny and 67 for each penny in esteem separately. We unequivocally trust that the ascent of new innovations is probably going to positively affect exchange coming years, offering numerous new chances to business people and private companies the world over, satisfying Catena vision and mission.

Worldwide Trade development difficulties and obstructions:

Misrepresentation is an effect that the world experiences in worldwide exchanging, as over 90% in North America and 95% in Asia of firms have been presented to extortion, and this is because of the delicacy of the present frameworks even the computerized ones, it is assessed that misrepresentation causes a loss of around 4 Trillion USD consistently, making a few firms and organizations opt for non-payment and shutdown, a typical method for conferring misrepresentation in exchange is by purchasing merchandise or administrations on open record with the sole aim of departing suddenly without paying.

A large portion of the events the principal conveyance is against money to pick up trust. On the off chance that, for the following conveyance, the credit allowed is for 30 or 60 days, for instance, there is sufficient time for the purchaser to get the merchandise, re-offer them and run.

Some of the time the purchaser and dealer set up genuine organizations in their individual nations and execute a few exchanges on a generally little scale over a time of one year. This is typically enough time to shape an instalment history and get a credit hazard evaluation, getting to be seen as solid and unquestionable. This is then trailed by a major request, which is typically protected with no issue. The merchant sends out fake merchandise from a port with poor delivery techniques and the vendor makes false documentation demonstrating that products were as far as anyone knows sent.

In different cases, fake policyholders misquote late, set up fake instalment plans, or present reviewed monetary explanations in view of false data.

With present-day innovation, it has turned out to be generally simple and modest to make a phoney site or phoney exchange reports with persuading logos and particular documentation, for example, bills of replenishing. The impression of a true blue organization or exchange is effectively made.

However there are more difficulties notwithstanding extortion, production network issues and its related issues, controls, conversion standard instability, straightforwardness and the sky is the limit from there, all these directly affect the worldwide exchange and its development.


Provoke and full in instalment especially for little and medium-sized undertakings (SMEs), can mean the distinction between survival and chapter 11. Making Payments is among the best difficulties organizations look in exchanging, this emerges from a scope of issues, including

Money vacillations Process wasteful aspects Limited instalment perceivability Bank expenses

Difficulties emerging from in instalment issues affect these organizations basically through expanded remote conversion scale presentation, expanded expenses and constrained capacity to react to crisis instalments, these have more extensive ramifications for organization gainfulness and intensity.

Openings with the worldwide exchange development challenges:

Catena tends to handle this 16 trillion USD showcase, offering a vigorous answer for encouraging its development and effect on the worldwide economy, the way that Catena gives a smooth, quick, and solid stage will empower little and medium merchants to join such a major economy and be critical supporters of its development.

The estimation for gainfulness of specialist co-ops to this economy, similar to banks is more than 4 Trillion USD in 2017, and this is the place Catena intends to discover its offer of an exceptionally lucrative market, that seemingly hasn’t been handled in the correct route from innovation suppliers, is as yet experiencing boundaries and restrictions that can be illuminated through the use of blockchain innovation.


Catena offers a bargained answer for every decentralized trade impediments, Catena is set with an extremely solid request book associated with different trades and gathering it onto a decentralized stage, notwithstanding that it is outfitted with the request coordinating AI that will make it simple and productive to exchange and have further developed highlights than a typically incorporated trade, however in the meantime giving the establishment and all focal points of a decentralized trade.


Efficient trading Platform is an arrangement of savvy gets that comprehends the necessities for each exchange as set by the purchaser/vendor, it opens the chance of having diverse purchasers and merchants on a similar request/contract, as it can coordinate a dealer request of a major MOQ with various purchasers and fathom distinctive inventory network parameters in view of the pre-enrolled prerequisites, connecting with various conveyance options, if required to assemble one single executable get that can convey this exchange to progress

Order Matching AI

The Order Matching AI executes a key calculation utilizing numerical displaying of the amusement hypothesis with a specific end goal to distribute the best courses on the trade, to play out the perfect business exchange, this is certainly not an average web crawler for purchasers and vendors to locate each other instead of a logically pull direction for all gatherings in a business arrangement to locate the ideal answer for a win-win circumstance searching for a rehashed business later on.


For any exchange to occur on Catena Platform, and with a specific end goal to make this exchange handled, the proprietors of the exchanges pay an expense to Catena which will be a level of the aggregate estimation of the exchange/brilliant get, this charge is paid to Catena just in CATENA tokens.

Catena Token is an ERC20 perfect on the Ethereum blockchain, circulated by Catena amid the phases of the token deal. The

Catena token is a utility coin that will be basic for the framework to work as it goes about as the actuation key for any shrewd contract to work, and will be utilized in all exchanging exchanges enabled by Catena.

As we need to encourage the worldwide and local exchanging, the extension and utilization of CATENA token and its wallet advance its extensive variety of utility, with the goal that individuals can utilize them on general premise, ordinary.


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