Catena Decentralized Trading Platform.

Catena is a decentralized platform on the blockchain network to build a base were all parties in a trade can agree on different terms and conditions for the payment, shipping, product parameters and quality. The platform is made up of a strong robust system with huge scaling opportunities and is fully backed up by blockchain technology to provide strong, secure and transparent database. Catena is currently leading most exchanges and trading platform, therefore utilizes blockchain technology which guarantees the authenticity and the execution of any smart contract without the interruption of a third party. Catena is a decentralized trading platform that leverages the disruptive capability of blockchain technology to transform the global trade economy.

Catena system apply utilizing the blockchain technology, in order Catena is a decentralized trading platform and exchange built mainly on the Blockchain technology and introducing new algorithms and AI protocols to boost the trade economy. The platform utilize revolutionary technologies and algorithms through blockchain innovation to build a robust platform that would improve trade economy performance.


Catena is the largest trusted platform for global and domestic trades, and the first choice for all business transaction across the globe. The platform focuses on empowering every business and providing powerful tools for growing their market reach and secured business activities. The platform provides a beneficial system for small and medium enterprises, through transparency of market parameters and low entry barriers to compete, enabling a growing and trade economy.


The order matching identifier created solely for the decentralized Catena platform gives the ETP (significant trading platform) a significant increase in the number of successful transactions, if the customer is looking or the seller / buyer, and depends solely on the keywords of the search engine and their compliance, the effectiveness of such a platform is drastically reduced , while adding to it all other barriers, trade becomes a real problem even in the global connected world at the present time.

Catena orders AI compliance, and ETP provides a sustainable solution for a rapidly growing trading economy, it provides access to new market makers / traders and provides business opportunities for all participants in a business transaction.

Effective Trading Platform (ETP)

ETP (Efficient Trading Platform) is designed to take advantage of the technology of blockages to ensure the growth of global trade and overcome its main problems, the ETP platform that can regulate every aspect of the trade between the buyer and the seller from order to execution and ensuring all parameters related to the platform is based on the experience of the development team to provide a smooth, but powerful trading platform that can serve a variety of products and services from crypto currency s, digital assets, goods and global trade,

ETP features include:

Impossibility of forger

Disintermediation and ease of transmission

Transparency and ease of audit

A quick and reliable way to reconcile purchase and sale orders


Effective execution of an order with agreement with an intellectual contract

All in one intellectual contract, involving all parties involved in trade

ETP is a set of smart contracts that understands the requirements for each trade as set by the buyer/seller and matches them in accordance, it opens the opportunity of having different buyers and sellers on the same order/contract, as it can match a seller order of a big MOQ (minimum order quantity) with multiple buyers and solve different supply chain parameters based on the pre-registered requirements, engaging different delivery options, if required, to build one single executable contract that can bring this trade to success.

The users or the clients don’t need any coding experience, yet it is just an interface to choose and allocate certain requirements of a deal, and Catena will do the rest.

The possibility of matching different buyers and sellers, in a single contract, creates a robust economy and eliminates many barriers and boundaries with limitations on quantities, delivery time, shipping instructions, and also empowers small traders, market makers, and service providers to have a resilient business transaction.

Having a widespread platform that enables assets digitization, will help increase the trade of different assets across the globe, so you can own a property in China while you have never been there, and also trade in it even by a small portion of the main value, while all this can be traced and audited through ETP, this will increase the trading/investing activity on the exchange and lay the foundation for an advanced trading economy, where anyone can become a buyer/seller or a trader.


– Decentralized

Catena offers a bargained answer for every decentralized trade impediments, Catena is set with an extremely solid request book associated with different trades and gathering it onto a decentralized stage, notwithstanding that it is outfitted with the request coordinating AI that will make it simple and productive to exchange and have further developed highlights than a typically incorporated trade, however in the meantime giving the establishment and all focal points of a decentralized trade.


Efficient trading Platform is an arrangement of savvy gets that comprehends the necessities for each exchange as set by the purchaser/vendor, it opens the chance of having diverse purchasers and merchants on a similar request/contract, as it can coordinate a dealer request of a major MOQ with various purchasers and fathom distinctive inventory network parameters in view of the pre-enrolled prerequisites, connecting with various conveyance options,if required to assemble one single executable get that can convey this exchange to progress

Order Matching AI

The Order Matching AI executes a key calculation utilizing numerical displaying of the amusement hypothesis with a specific end goal to distribute the best courses on the trade, to play out the perfect business exchange.


Exchanges can be made using CATENA TOKEN and goods and services can be purchased through the introduced token.


Catena Token is an ERC20 perfect on the Ethereum blockchain, circulated by Catena amid the phases of token deal. The Catena token is a utility coin that will be basic for the framework to work as it goes about as the actuation key for any shrewd contract to work, and will be utilized in all exchanging exchanges enabled by Catena.


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