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China is a leader in the blockchain industry. For example, Justin San, CEO of Tronix Token (TRX), is Chinese. Exchange of catex is one type. People from China have great hopes that, perhaps, only the Messiah will come for cryptocurrency.

Katex is an exchange with many differences in its ecosystem. Its existence is intended to end the problem of exchange and, therefore, has the ideal component to make it happen. It is normal that almost all numbers in register technology, such as replicas that already exist, are not really unique, but contribute to the problem. But this project, on the other hand, looks like a project that has never been done or tested before. It has the characteristics to display and adjust market conditions and how it affects investors during their trading. Like a stock exchange cryptocurrency, it has so many shares for investors and how tokens will be sold in all amounts in the safest environment.

Dengan meningkatnya biaya yang dibebankan oleh platform lain selama transaksi, pengguna tidak diperbolehkan atau disarankan untuk berbuat lebih banyak untuk membatasi ruang lingkup mereka dalam sistem. Namun, Catex berencana untuk menyederhanakan tugas, membuat sebagian besar komisi yang diterima dari transaksi pengguna dikembalikan kepada mereka sebagai insentif. Ini berarti bahwa platform tidak dimaksudkan untuk menjelaskan pengguna, tetapi meminta pengguna untuk mempelajari dan menggunakan semua tindakan dan sistem Catex. Bonus akan dikeluarkan dalam token CATT untuk semua pemilik token, dan ini akan sering terjadi.
In the catex network, users participate in decision making, and this can be done by expressing their opinions and what they think can be done to make progress. Catex has all secondary tasks managed by the user, while it must complete other key tasks in the ecosystem.


Unfortunately, there are many problems with crypto mining or trading, which leads to people’s reluctance to carry out this adventure, some of which include:
i. High power consumption by other mining platforms

  1. High maintenance costs for mining equipment.
  2. Environmental pollution due to energy is very used
  3. High transaction fees / trading costs in other exchanges
  4. Lack of efficiency in mining because of the development team
  5. Lack of transparency in some exchanges
  6. Inadequate security measures
  7. Lack of appropriate incentives to encourage users of such platforms.
  8. Price fluctuations: this is a serious problem in some mysterious exchanges, because the price of tokens is never stable there, and investors lose money.

It is interesting to note that CATEX is uniquely designed with amazing features that make it unusual compared to others. CATEX’s extraordinary features include, but are not limited to:

  1. CATEX trades and extracts minerals: this means that on one platform, users can trade crypto currencies or other mines, or trade CATT.
  2. CATEX returns to users: when trading on the stock exchange and paying commissions, CATT is generated during mining and returned as a bonus to traders who trade on the exchange in other digital currencies.
  3. Unlike other platforms, most of the major decisions on the platform are made by the community; it also encourages participation on the platform. This is done by creating several social media channels where teams can hear and take into account the large voices of the community.
  4. On the other hand, to promote mining in CATEX, a bonus of up to 5% of the value derived from mining is returned to the user depending on the amount of CATT that the user has at a time.
    5. CAT Exchange has investor interest, so it pays up to 90% of the amount received as a daily dividend, returns to investors, guess what? Only 10% of dividends received are left on the exchange. This is one of CATEX’s unique features, which is not found in cryptocurrency.
  5. Price stability: to control the price of the coin and make it stable, CATEX introduces a redemption program where the team buys CATT and, if necessary, stores it in a special wallet. The key time represented by CATEX is also a strategy for adding token values.
  6. In addition, because dividends are paid to the owner depending on the number of tokens blocked, and many owners want to get more prizes, they block a large number of tokens, which significantly reduces the number of unpaid CATT tokens.

If we look at the project team, the team is all about the project. It is very important for the team to work harmoniously and quickly respond to investor requests. Katex does it the best way. Competence and competence of high-level team members.

If you want to invest in CATT tokens, you can invest as an exchange member. After a while you will see the benefits of the exchange market and will not be interested in other exchanges. I leave the link below about this project, I suggest you become a member.

I must say, without forgetting that there is also a Turkish team that provides Turkish support. You can contact them and get help. This is the difference between our records as a function that does not exist in most of the world’s exchanges.

In my opinion, I would say this project is a dream come true for every crypto fan either as an investor, trader or miner. CATEX’s unique advantage is that they are not found in other exchanges. In other exchanges, the costs of trading in large amounts as a fee and do not get anything in return, but in CATEX when we trade, we are paid to trade. It is a good idea that in the near future it will attract so many individuals and organizations to CATEX Exchange and cryptoworld as a whole. Join me and be part of this great community and you will not regret it.
However, because this article cannot capture all the features and information about this project, I advise you to visit the CATEX website  and social media for updates and more information.
For the latest information and updates, please visit the link below:
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