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In this good chance ,let me to introduce the new project of cryptocurrency world, which certainly is very has a good prospects in the future. And the name of this project are “Catex” (Cat Exchange). Since the 2018 year and almost all people has heard the Bitcoin word of Blockchain or cryptocurrency, but how many people are using this Blockchain technology to buildings solutions for business or personal use? Only a handful of people that use the real power of the blockchain solutions to build payment solutions or to deploy the Dapp for the purposes of developing their further of business.

Trading mining is a new way which are done by investors when trading in any coin that is already listed on the stock trade. Here Catex has a role major to see and give up to 5% mining bonus for investors,so lets investors are more eager to invest in Catex Platform. With by a Based in China, Catex is an Platform exchange built based on the community idea. Established in August 2018,Catex made and is diversity of community and based on a select decision of the most appropriate choice. Catex is a Platform service provider and not a buyer or seller in the conducted trade between traders. Here ,Catex is a tool that was created to provide a sense of security and satisfaction to all users who use of this Platform services.
Catex is the mining of exchange Platform, which a hybrid offers solution, when a miner whereby doing the mining in the Token Platform (CATT),the incurred cost during transaction will be returned to all user until 80% reaches. And Catex is a leading of trading platforms provider by based modern mining. Catex was formed by a majority vote,and catex is not a market ,here, catex just as a service provider. So in essence,for every user /trader must to have to register first and open an Catex account and digital assets deposit before the start of trading continued.
75,000 $TRX trading competition at Catex Exchange
– CMC just listed
– we are opening #tron markets
– live leaderboard


With yours participate in various programs by the Catex organized,the user can achieve a benefits of variety by following the held program . the Users who Catex Token use will get a Catt Token profit to 5% additional bonus to their account.

Give up to 5% benefit to investors who have buying and selling in the Catt exchange put into their account. For investors who invest in the catex will also be given a dividend daily up to 90% and it all depends of how large the number of it has Catt Tokens. And the exchange accepts 10% only from of Payment exchange cost as such advertising, employees of payment and the development cost. It’s clear that this is very profitable for investors and developers.

And as for the followed agreement by users if they want to enroll this platform should follow all the set regulations by the catex platform.
If You have a disagreement lack , please discontinue use of the Catex. And, which are as certainty follows :

•The egagement of provisions
In Every make changes about the amended rules,Catex will immediately give the through announcement on the official website of catex or by email addressed to all of its users to know the new regulations.

To the user is required min 18 years old to be able to follow all of the held program by Catex. And Catex will disqualified users who do not this requirement meet or it will their account freeze without compensation takes from the catex.

•Service Description
Catex not trading serve of fiat money because catex is not a buyer or seller. And Catex is a leading provider of trading platforms and not the buyer or seller in the conducted trade between traders however catex also serve of the sales online digital assets.


Token Name : CATT (CAT Token)
Total Supply : token cat in August 2018. token cat be burn token cat will be burned every month until January 2019
only Rest token catt after being burned in October and November.
701.977.829,21 catts and 531.623.455.936 catts locked by the investors. That is, there is only 170.354.373,27 cats are see out.
And the purpose circulates of token burn is to stability prices provide from token Catt own in order to increase continue in with a schedule accordance that has been planned by the management Platform Token Catt .

•Fees of Refund up to 100% on the user.
The form of token CATT in real time will be refunded up to 100% from Catex Platform to the user. Why is that ? If the price of the CATT is currently $0.1 and the price of eth ??? Then 500 / 0,1 = 500 CATT. As of a systematic matter . But you need to know that a price can depending change from market price there are at this time.

•The size holding CATT determine results of mining.
The miners of amount Number to get a token CATT will be determined by a rate that exists at this time. If the user has a 5000 CATT and the current rate is 0.1 then obtained of number every hour is 5000×0,1= 500CATT.

The more is token CATT user holds will be a greater of dividends will be received. And the dividend could reach up to 80% of amount CATT held from by user.

•An additional Bonus up to 20%, the User is involved in transaction mining will has a token BAE and will bonus received with as follows division.
If you have :
-5000 up to 10000 BAE you will earn a bonus of 2.5%
-10000 up to 15000 BAE you will obtain a bonus of 5%
-15000 up to 20000 BAE you will obtain a bonus of 7,5%
-20000 up to 50000 you will obtain a bonus of 10%
-50000 up to 100000 you will obtain a bonus of 25%
-100000 up to more you will obtain a bonus of 20%.
And you need know that you have 20000BAE you will get 50CATT

Note :
Catex can be associated with Bitallexs account, for holding BAE on Bitallex Platform,can receive additional bonuses without having to sign up to Platform catex. Bitallex positioned on the motherboard,Bitallex and Catex also different fundamentally in a running of their business. That means catex will include BAE on the platform of Catex

•20% from referral prize.
Every promoter has to invite a members to do it mining in token CATT, the Platform will get a bonus of up to 20% from done total results by a miners us in refer.

•The Purchase Plan and burning. The CATT token planning will last until 5,000,000,000 reaches will be burning. And Platform are planning to use cost of 20% of generated profit by Platform for the purpose of token CATT re-purchasing.

•Plan distribution of the token CATT.
The Funds are used for mining by 50% till completion and 50% will be used by a team as operational costs and the Platform development . But the funds were not issued by the team and locked up for 5 years,and will be issued 20% only by in year each.

•The mining plan before CATT go trading live .
The price of mining will be price calculated of $ 0,05, max of miners will gain ( 1000 CATT + CATT a holding * ratio daily ). And already trading 16 agustus 2018 ago. But next about the price will be market determined price is at this time.

– Cameron Kallhof ,COO
-Aykut Aygun,CMO
-Yuanhang Zhou,CTO&CSO

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You Need More Informations About This Project ??? Visite Please :
Website : https://www.catex.io/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/catexofficial
Telegram : https://t.me/catex_group
Discord : https://discord.gg/cYmm6Y2
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5099776.0
Ios : https://www.pgyer.com/5dVR
Android : https://www.catex.io/download/Catex_1.0.3.apk

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