The world has developed through technological innovations and the business world too has turned around for good with the introduction of digital currencies which has drastically improved so many structures and sector of the world. However, with the arrival of cryptocurrencies, there has been a shift in the pattern of spending and how money is being related with especially across different parastatals. So this made crypto coins to be exchanged in blockchain-based sites where all the different kinds there is can be converted from one to another and to other foreign currencies. This now made it possible that no matter how many the cryptocurrencies are, a possible means of trading them is already available but the problem at hand now is the ability to keep the perfect functionalities of this exchanges such that their assigned duty are performed without flaws. But not to worry, CATEX as a new exchange has mastered all the challenges that once existed and is ready to give users a free and perfect ride in the trading functions it serves.



This project came to existence last year August and is well designed to make sure users are served best in their ride in the use of crypto coins. It cannot be compared with any other existing sites with the qualities it has. Having its own unique operations, it stands out from so many crypto coins that are just like one another and now, it is going to make a difference in the market. It projects a very transparent means of trading and installs a special stock exchange for users. This is what allows it to trade in heavy and low volumes without being hampered. It makes a very good impact in the cryptocurrency market and is focused on making Investors happy. This is an Innovation that aids Investors moves and make them actualize more than what is expected.


There won’t be any excessive charge placed on the trading operations and even the little charged will be given back in the form of bonuses and this makes users have an ample supply of its generated funds to support and motivate them in the ecosystem. The users also are placed in a position where they can make decisions on behalf of themselves and also give possible improvement suggestions to help move the Catex community forward. This means that users will be put in charge of the operations while the management of Catex focuses on the other aspect of the ecosystem. The way this project earn its revenues and the way it is being used also is quite different from other platforms.


While users are allowed the freedom to do things in Catex, they will be able to participate and gain from the activities of mining. They will be exposed to how it could be done to earn more and how to secure and sustain the process. All the secrets of mining will be unveiled with the criteria users must pay attention to like the rate and the ratio which is simply done by this project to oversee and regulate the activity. What this activity is in relation to the companies that perform it also will be shared with the users. Moreover, all users will have their individual information about mining most especially with the rates defined in the exchange.

This project will have different sets of token issued as the weeks go by and it will incorporate other challenging activities such that the rivals of Catex won’t be able to meet up. The listing of the token will be done in a much more standard way than others.

The provision of the wallet will make users able to do all manner of functions from it and the operations will be made easy to perform from it. Users will be able to keep track of their balances and so on.


With so much going on in the world of cryptocurrency, Catex will be discharging its solutions towards the following issues; the amount of power used during the mining operations, to make the equipment used maintenable at a low cost, make sure transactions are transparent and secured, to improve all efficiency and make price stable.


Catex has great features which makes it unique, however, the features does not just remain but is upgradable in the platform and that makes it compliant to the growth it will achieve as it moves on with the users.

The remarkable mining operations in it is under control and it makes sure users are able to trade well using all manner of currencies.

Its fees are returned back to the users in form of bonuses and that makes users want to do more of the activities they engage in, in the system. The money realized from mining as well as other processes are also refunded back to the users.
The entire community of users take charge of its ecosystem and the decisions that are made in it. This is to the end that all users take active part and non is left to default. It has established many standard social structures for the sake of listening and hearing feedbacks from the system. To those who will love to concentrate on mining in the system, a 5% bonus has been set aside as their gain provided they are able to spend reasonable time and also hold the token.


Although an utility token, it plays major role in the system and helps to push the system forward. It focuses on the entire operations done in the ecosystem and is used in paying rewards to users or Investors when the need arises. In the mining process, CATT is being mined and apart from that, it serves as a means of incentivizing users in the platform. Its team is the best ever to be behind a platform. It is able to manage its system through the professionalism of the team members and also make decisions that goes in the favour of the network. The team of Catex are not obscured but can be interacted with such that users are able to converse with them and also add value to the system.


The CATT token benefits users in a lot of ways when they hold it. Part of the benefits includes;
✓ At first, when the token was issued, the large volume will make it difficult to gain from due to its less value but the burning of some of it will make the difference and the holders will benefit from what comes after that.
✓ It makes users a pataker of the dividends shared in the system.
✓ Holding the token gives users a chance to make great profit from it since the price of the token is controllable in the ecosystem.


Know we have seen enough to make us look forward to this great project. It promises the best for all its users and won’t give anything less at all. The users will be able to enjoy unlimited profit making and benefits through the distribution of tokens. Token miners also will find the process easier and the cost of maintaining the equipment used will be lesser. All these all together will contribute to the growth and the adoption by more new participants.

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