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In recent years, the eyes of many people have led to blockchain technology. An increasing number of users, an increase in the number of cryptos and an increase in the volume of assets in the market make it clear that the world’s population has invested in this new decentralized world supported by blockchain technology. The main purpose of this interest is that people want to pay and trade at a fast, reliable, and low commission fee on a decentralized exchange platform based on blockchain technology.

The major changes in technology in this world bring many internal and external changes. Blockchain technology has done a good job of overcoming the challenges of global acceptance. However, there are many obstacles that currently prevent blockchain-based platforms from achieving potential success. For example, they must be able to operate at a higher processing level, have a higher capacity to process higher transaction volumes, only users who need 100% control of their own funds (security) and must have a low cost per transaction.

The exchange must meet all needs to complete this high demand. Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum (the best cryptos on the market) have difficulty adapting to the exponential increase in new users. Scalability, speed, and security have become the main points that must be overcome by Bitcoin and Ethereum to continue to develop their platform. However, new coins and tokens appear every day, and each wants to provide different services beyond the first coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they want to take Blockchain technology a step further. New ones are added to the new exchange to increase transaction volume for the development and support of these subcoins. One of them is the Catex exchange.

Catex is ready to take place among the crypto foreign exchange market because there are no competitive trading and deposit fees. Catex has proven itself to be a safe stock exchange that is used because of the appropriate security measures applied to the system and at the company level.

What makes special? Why do we have to become members of the Catex exchange and move our investment here? Let’s look at the priorities.

Catex feature

  1. Safe Trading
  2. Dividends (Revenue Sharing)
  3. Mining Bonuses
  4. Believing in the Power of Unity
  5. Low Transaction Fees

The Catex stock market has its own markers like other large stock exchanges. This ERC20 based marker gives you many advantages. Let us briefly discuss what this is. But I want to share some details about the previous marker. Token symbol is CATT, which stands for Cat Token. 10 billion CATTs were launched. Previously 5 billion 3 times in a total of 8 billion were burned. The current amount is 2 billion CATT. In addition, the stock market often reduces the amount of oscillation. In this way, the indicator price will go up over time.

What are the advantages of having a CATT token?

This offers a number of benefits for those who hold stock market markers. The most important advantage of this is the distribution of 80% of the profits from the daily commission to markers. In this way, they have attracted great attention and attracted many investors. In addition, they arrange airdrop specifically for token owners. If you are also the owner of a token, you pay a much lower commission fee. You can also receive mining prizes, holding a certain token number.

Meet the Team

You might be curious about the owners of these perfect ideas, at least as much as I do. Founder and conductor of Catex:

With solutions like Catex, this is possible. It can do atomic transactions, non-chain swaps to reduce related costs per transaction, allow millions of transactions instantly and resolve scalability problems. Users can be more satisfied because they can make transactions quickly and safely. On the one hand, when doing CATT tokens, they will get the best experience in a system where they can get paid back as CATT tokens.

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