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CATEX offers a hybrid solution where it is possible to carry out crypto transactions and create platform tokens (CATT tokens) at that time. Sometimes, that will be used to return transaction fees to users. You enjoy the following on the CATEX Platform


Research has revealed that Cryptocurrency Exchange has become one of the main obstacles that prevent mass cryptocurrency adoption. Research continues to grow day by day, new innovations are emerging in the crypto room every day …

All thanks to the brilliant and dedicated CATEX Platform Team, they have offered sustainable solutions to the main shortcomings in the existing Cryptocurrency exchange platform. This team consists of skilled and passionate professionals with decades of experience in the Blockchain field, finance, and digital asset trading. We will discuss more broadly below

CATEX platform

emerged as one of the best trading platforms in a fast time. Their distinctive features include low trade fees, fast deposits and withdrawals, 24/7 customer support services with multi-language features, 100% transparency, dividend distribution programs and in short, security systems that are second to none on the Platform.
There were several other exchanges that promised to include all the features mentioned above on their Platform, but most of them could not achieve their dreams due to lack of transparency, lack of cooperation between Team and poor management.



Personally, I can think of this as an anti-dump technique that will help grow the platform in the future. CATEX distributes 80% of their daily commissions to CATT token holders. Some other exchanges promise this but in the long run they cannot implement it. With this feature, investors will be encouraged to buy more and hold their digital assets and prices continue to soar. This is really a great feature that smart investors cannot ignore.


CATEX’s total supply is worth 10 billion CATT and according to their strategy only has 2 billion in circulation which is a very good strategy in ensuring the price of tokens is worth a lot.


If a user purchases a token through CatEX exchange and mis-transfers to the wrong account, CatEX will offer a refund, this is another important feature of this Platform that makes the platform safe, comfortable and unique among other Exchange.

Finally, CatEX will launch the lottery Gaming Platform also where users can put the Game with their CATT. Every interested user can try their luck and win big prizes. This is indeed good news for all users. Stay here !!


Platform: ETH – ERC-20
BTC / CATT currently trades
Tokens – CATT Token Types – Supply
ERC20- 10,000,000,000 CATT Tokens
Tokens in Circulation – 2,000,000,000 CATT


There are many exchanges available, but their functions are very limited for each user. This time! CATEX will interfere with existing inefficient platforms. Every trader, investors will enjoy the benefits of the Platform. I have been in the Crypto Room for several years and I can say it now because I just found out what I was looking for. This is my own perspective. Everyone gets theirs. I can really guarantee the platform and recommend freely to everyone without second thoughts. It’s never too late to be part of this platform. Invest in the future!



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