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Blockchain technology has been employed in different sectors of the industry ranging from the financial services sector, to the energy sector, from logistics to supply chain management, from the health sector to the gaming industry, and is even being used in online gambling.

However, the sector it is aiming to transform and hopes to have the highest impact on day to day consumer and seller activities is the e-commerce industry. The e-commerce industry has arguably changed the way we shop and live, which to many people has basically become one and the same.

The convenience, affordability, and vast array of products offered by e-commerce platforms shows some of the benefits of the e-commerce industry, but with the growth of the industry (a global online retail market that is expected to surpass $4.5 billion by 2020), large e-commerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba, EBay and a large group of other companies which account for over 50% of that market valuation, the problems associated with e-commerce are beginning to emerge.

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ON CAUSEE combines a proprietary randomization reward algorithm utilizing blockchain, incorporating an e-commerce solution, social platform and a fundraising component. By combining these attributes, will be the First-To-Market Gamification Shopping Platform Supporting Causes.

CAUSEE’s goal is the generation of income through the shopping platform, which in turn provides revenue for Causee, stakeholders, employees, beneficiary causes and the communities with which Causee partners with. Focusing on increasing cash flow per share over the long term. To accomplish this, Causee will maintain and grow margins, driven by innovation and leadership; while managing our operation efficiently to include allocating capital with discipline and rigor; and leveraging partnerships as a competitive advantage.

The origin of Causee is based on a combination of the words Cause + Ecommerce (e).

The Vision of Causee

CAUSEE’s vision through innovation as illustrated on the official STEALTHPAPER of CAUSEE, is to reshape the way people shop and contribute to all types of causes globally. This idea consist of changing habits when making purchases and rewarding consumers for their efforts. In order to capture the audience, we have added a game component which will begin engagement necessary to start this habit transformation.

The Problem causee came to solve

Consumer purchasing options ordinary

Vendor margins manipulated by fees

Vendor chargebacks

Consumer KYV (Know Your Vendor)

Purchase Protection

Vendor Guaranteed Sales

Consumer Purchase Discount

The Solution Causee is bring on board

Consumers can purchase goods and services without spending money

No transaction fees

No chargebacks

All vendors are verified and authenticated

100% Satisfaction and Delivery Guarantee

Only platform to Guarantees a Sale

Opportunity for discounts over 90% for every item offered for sale

The Token Framework

Removing the exclusivity involved in investing in innovative opportunities is our goal. By democratizing our platform, we open the door for investors to participate and own a stake in revenue generated from a first-to-market eCommerce gamification shopping platform. Investors can obtain these rights by simply using multiple forms of crytpo and fiat currency.

To remove volatility, each token carries a minimum fixed quarterly disbursement providing cash flow. These components make the investment opportunity extraordinary with noteworthy potential for upside by holding or trading the token.

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The Benefits of #Causee

The Causee Shopping platform aims to disrupt the ecommerce landscape that has been controlled by a handful of powerful companies.


Every transaction supports a local or global cause

Contributing without changing your normal shopping efforts

Ability to raise awareness on causes and earn

Start a fundraising initiative for a new cause you support

Token and ICO Details (CAUSEE)

The Causee Token is an opportunity for investors around the world to participate in the revenue generated from by owning the token. Investors may be required to provide additional proof of residency or other qualifications prior to or following their purchase of the Causee Token.

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Token Distribution

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Funding Allocation

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