What is CBNT?
CBNT is a system of sharing professional content based on block-chain technology and part of the DPGC (Decentralized Professional Generated Content) model in which investment content related to professional finance will be shared. CBNT aims to create a win and win situation for article writers, readers and token holders. Both content producers and readers will receive mining prizes based on their efforts. When the platform increases traffic starts to increase then they will place ads, the revenue generated from the advertisement will also be distributed among all participants according to their work.
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Project Background
Everyone who knows the internet has a social media account on Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Millions of users’ daily visits to these sites but at the end of the day the owners of social media sites make millions by taking user data and users get nothing in return. CBNT is unfair with users who create content so they start creating a system where users will get rewards by doing social media work. CBNT will solve the problem of the current social media system and reward each contributor who creates value by producing unique content.
How will this work?
CBNT rewards high quality content makers with more tokens so that more people start creating unique and valuable content that will ultimately drive traffic to the network. Steemit has the same idea but in steemit there are no rules to reward high-quality content makers. The creators of high quality content will generate large amounts of traffic that will generate advertising value. Content creators will also experience additional benefits such as paid readings, paid sharing, and paid questions and answer sessions. The CBNT token advertising system will be transparent for all users to protect people holding tok and advertisers will be allowed to buy advertisements with BTC, ETH and through other digital currencies.
On the start page the author will be open to advertising and the income generated from it will be shared between the author and his followers. Content creators will be given the most and all followers must have to pass KCY to ensure high quality users. A spam-free system will allow advertisers to make decisions about buying advertisements and increasing ROI. The ad revenue generated will be shared between all token holders by taking snapshots per hour. CNBT personal teams and thirty other party users will be allowed to choose and become part of an improved advertising system.
CBNT Mining System:
Each CBNT token data as a mining gift will be distributed among community members at a certain time. Gift distribution will be like this; 45% for content creators, 45% for readers who like, share or comment and the remaining 10% will be given to token holders. Each user will have their own value based on their involvement, the higher the value of the user, the higher the mining rewards that will be obtained. Users will be encouraged to promote only high-quality content, the faster they like and share the content, the higher the rewards they will get.
System Structure:
Token Information: Token
Symbol: CBNT
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Tokens Type: ERC20
Token Distribution:
Facebook: https: / /
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