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There are now thousands of tokens registered on various exchanges around the world, however, after the initial ICO (initial coin offer), very few tokens supported by the underlying ecosystem, or related trading platforms – specifically facilitate and promote the use of these tokens as a medium of exchange . Our goal, right from the start of the CCECOIN project, is to create a trading platform using blockchain technology, where CCECOIN is actively promoted and used for trading purposes in our own ecosystem.
A distributed project with valuable value for potential investors and investors is one of the rapidly developing projects because the fluctuations in digital asset fluctuations at the beginning of this year showed a huge increase. That. This network definition uses the unique themes of other block chain platforms in the world and has a balance sheet value and investment process that are worth more than the capital needed to trade modern digital assets. Ccecoin This is the first block chain platform to introduce original creative ideas in the economic and economic markets of Singapore. Can personally trade on a digital asset exchange platform.
CCE Ecosystem Limited (“CCE”), a company registered in Hong Kong, which has developed CCECOIN, has a variety of investments and different business interests, mostly located throughout the Southeast Asia region, and has worked at the government level, and with various associations business in all regions. The main area of ​​development of the CCE business network is to encourage and encourage sustainable business growth throughout the Southeast Asia region by implementing a trade network between local vendors and various types of clients.
CCECOINS facilitates trade between vendors and buyers, reduces trade costs and ensures efficient payment handling. However, more than just providing general support for business growth across the region and facilitating trade with CCECOIN, CCE is actively developing a broad community of buyers and sellers by implementing a direct sales model in the specialty luxury food market – further reducing the supply chain costs. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell on the blockchain transparently and openly in the CCE ecosystem – a trading system that utilizes CCECOIN – will soon be promoted in this region.
Two profitable business sectors in the Southeast Asia region, which have unmet demand, are businesses that operate both on the market of exotic durians, and supply areas for bird nests – edible luxury products, highly sought after by rich people. located throughout China, and related regions. These products are sold on luxury markets throughout Asia and provide significant opportunities for CCE. CCE is actively building a community of buyers and sellers in this closed market area of ​​high value goods using CCE tokens to help buyers trade directly with durian farmers and bird nest harvesters; bring value enhanced to the local market, encourage growth, and strengthen CCECOIN as a medium of choice.
The CCE has now formed the CCE International Durian Lover’s Club, and has an interest in vertical food agriculture, which can provide a healthy source of income for CCE. This income is also praised by further CCE revenue streams gained through interest in energy derivatives and interest in oil and petroleum products. CCE invests 10% of annual profits into reserves to increase CCECOIN value. A further 10% of CCE profits are allocated to charitable activities involving the growth of decentralized dialysis centers; based in local countries where club members and merchant members are located. We value and support the local community and intend for CCE to evolve into a strong trading medium with a high rating of public acceptance. The amount of CCECOIN issued is limited.


Token info
Token CCE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 CCE = 0.0003 ETH
Price in ICO 0.0592 USD
Oct. 1 (12.00am EST) – Oct. 7 (23:59) 25%
Oct. 8 (12.00am EST) – Oct. 15 (23:59) 20%
Oct. 16 (12.00pm EST) – Oct. 22 (23:59) 15%
Oct. 23 (12.00pm EST) – Oct. 31 (23:59) 10%
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Investment info
Min. investment 1 CCE
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 10%
Soft cap 3000000 USD
Hard cap 10000000 USD
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