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The cryptocurrency industry is full of thousands of tokens quoted on many exchanges globally but after the initial ICO, not many tokens supported by the underlying ecosystem or related trading platforms – mainly helped and supported the use of these tokens. as a medium of exchange.
The idea behind CCECOIN is to have a trading platform by utilizing the blockchain so that their tokens are promoted quickly and used for trade in the ecosystem.

CCECOIN is a new offer on the altcoin market; which can be exchanged for all cryptocurrency and fiat currencies received on our own ecosystem platform. We offer trading services, such as large purchases, electronic trading platforms, inter-company transactions, and opportunities to purchase everyday items such as food, household goods and even gasoline. Our ecosystem will create demand for CCECOIN for individuals and institutions. In the ecosystem, CCECOIN can be exchanged for fiat currencies and fiat currencies can be exchanged with CCECOIN. This is a flexible platform.

CCECOIN  is about facilitating trade between vendors and buyers, cutting trade costs and guaranteeing efficient payment methods. This platform focuses its efforts in the Southeast Asian region.

The parent company is CCE Ecosystem Limited and registered in Hong Kong. But besides providing varied support for business growth in the region, it seeks to develop a broad community of buyers and sellers by implementing a direct sales model in certain luxury food markets – this will further cut supply chain costs.

The blockchain provided by the platform will ensure buyers and sellers to transact in a transparent and open manner.

CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED (“CCE”), has a variety of investments and business interests, mostly located throughout the Southeast Asian region, and works at the local government level, and with various business associations throughout the region.

The main area of ​​development of the CCE business network is to encourage and encourage sustainable business growth throughout the Southeast Asian region by implementing trade networks, based on blockchain technology, between local vendors and various types of clients


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Crowdsourced Approach 
This is the latest way to raise funds for valuable community projects.

The Great Potential of 
the South Asian Market is valued at billions of dollars every year.

Durian Club 
Helps promote the exotic durian fruit business in the ecosystem.

CCE’s  main mission  is to create a broad distribution network or ecosystem based on  blockchain technology  with initial launches planned throughout the Southeast Asia region by 2019. Ecosystems are based on the integration of trade parties in a fully decentralized and transparent trading process using peer networks -to-peer. CEC has  developed  CCECOIN  and implemented a system of payments and environmental exchanges using  CCECOIN into the ecosystem. The CCE ecosystem will provide a broad platform and payment mechanism that will facilitate regional trade with a focus on traders and further development of unique product offerings from the Southeast Asian region.

The main objective  of this project is direct participation in the market. Thus, the level of satisfaction of consumer demand for exotic durian fruit and bird nests with high price increases.

Transparency. The use   of blockchain technology  and smart contracts allows a high level of security and transparency in the process of buying or selling goods, which is one of the key factors for the platform.

Solution functionality By creating tokens on the  international blockchain , buyers and sellers can connect, trade and exchange items using  CCE ECOSYSTEM .

Transform your old world business by utilizing a new world platform that specializes in smart contracts, carried out in a safe environment, which results in huge profits for participating companies and potential profits for coin investors. CCE seeks to provide value to coin users and ensure that coins are easily exchanged for fiat currencies and vice versa. Check out the main advantages of buying and holding CCECOIN:
See chart for a quick overview of how ICO funds will be allocated in CCE:
The chart below shows the ICEC and ICO financial data:

Tokens Distribution:

Detail ICO:

Token symbol:   CCE

Currency received:   ETH

Pre-ICO:   1 October – 31 October 2018

Token fee:   1 CCE = $ 0.10

Bonus:   10 to 25%

Tokens for sale:   40,000,000 CCE

Soft Cap:  $ 3.000.000

Hard Cap:  $ 10.000.000

ICO:  1 November – 30 November

Token fee:  1 CCE = $ 0.10

Tokens for sale:   60,000,000 CCE

Project roadmap:

Project team:

Project contact information:











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