“CCECOIN”. building extensive trading networks

CCECoin is a Peer to Peer Trading ecosystem, CCECoin has the goal of becoming a fully decentralized and transparent trading process using Peer to Peer processes. CCECoin will be predicted to be a dark horse in trading with Peer to Peer they have. CCE has a variety of investments and different business interests and is spread in various countries, especially in the states of Southeast Asia and in collaboration with government offices and various business associations in various regions.

Development of CCE business network

To encourage business growth in various regions, especially the Southeast Asian region with all their might and help small businesses to develop. CCE applies a trading network based on blockchain technology between local vendors and various kinds of international vendors

Here are the features that CCE has:

1. Blockchain

CCECOIN puts the altcoin on the market on the Ethreum blockchain

2. Crowdsourced approach

This is the latest way to raise funds that will be allocated to valuable community projects

3. Great potential

The CCE will take the market in parts of South Asia because in the South Asian region the value has a turnover of billions of dollars each year

4. Durian club

This will help promote durian fruit internationally because durian fruit only grows in Asia, especially southeast Asia, which is adjacent to the equator

CCE will launch a blockchain in all Southeast Asian regions at the beginning of 2019 based on the technology of the blogchain to build a vast trade ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Thus the realization of a shared and decentralized shared trade ecosystem with the Peer to Peer network. Before this article I released CCE had developed a crypto and coin coin that was CCECOIN which would be introduced in the ecosystem for payment and exchange systems. CCE provides a broad platform and will facilitate the mechanism of regional trade by bringing the trade value of products from the Southeast Asian region, namely durian fruit. CCE can fulfill the demand for durian fruit from various regions, and will provide a process of transparency between sellers and buyers.

The Mission

CCE building an extensive trade network, or ecosystems, based on blockchain technology with the launch of the initial planned throughout the Southeast Asia region in 2019. This ecosystem is based on bringing together the parties in the process of trading trading is fully decentralized and transparent network that utilizes peer to peer. CCE has been developed CCECOIN, and introduced in the ecosystem, payment systems and the exchange of media utilizing CCECOIN. CCE ecosystem will provide the broad platform and offers payment mechanisms that facilitate trade, with a focus on bringing value to traders and further development of unique products from the Southeast Asia region.

Global trade is at the heart of the CCE’s ecosystem. CCE introduced exciting new options to enhance trade and reduce costs. CCE facilitate trade between seller and buyer, reducing the cost of trade and ensure an efficient handling of payments. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell on blockchain in a transparent and open in ecosystems CCE-a trading system that leverages CCECOIN-soon to be promoted in the region.

The advantages of having CCECOIN:

  • For Charity
  • Easy to get and spread throughout the world
  • It’s easy to do transactions even in small amounts
  • Can be easily exchanged with fiat currencies
  • Purchases can be made in groups or individuals
  • Having a limited amount of coins so that it will facilitate the price of coin ups
  • Payments made today are immediately accepted today
  • Have a Peer to Peer trade
  • Can be exchanged in crypto Exchange

CCE will make a token and will be released soon at ICO or maybe it has now been released at ICO, with the existence of the CCE blockchain token it will be easy to establish a buy-sell relationship. CCECOIN is created on the Etherchain chain that is recorded on a hard drive that can distribute accounting systems can track tokens.

Token info

Token CCE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 CCE = 0.0003 ETH
Price in ICO 0.0592 USD


Oct. 1 (12.00am EST) – Oct. 7 (23:59) 25%
Oct. 8 (12.00am EST) – Oct. 15 (23:59) 20%
Oct. 16 (12.00pm EST) – Oct. 22 (23:59) 15%
Oct. 23 (12.00pm EST) – Oct. 31 (23:59) 10%

Tokens for sale 100,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 1 CCE
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 10%

Soft cap 3000000 USD
Hard cap 10000000 USD


July 2018 – Open for Vendor registration.

August 2018 – Private Placement CCECOIN begins.

October 2018 – Pre ICO sales for CCECOIN.

November 2018 – ICO.

December 2018 – Public Trading of CCECOIN.

March 2019 – Durian farm Investments and Planting.

September 2019 – Durian Festivals in China, Malaysia and Thailand.



If you want to know more about CCECOIN, Below are some useful links where you can find more pieces of information

Website: https://www.ccecoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://ccecoin.io/Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/ccecoin


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