Modern systems allow us a lot. First of all, it provides round-the-clock access to previously unavailable goods and services. Today, using the Internet, you can perform many actions remotely. Which in turn saves time and money. The CCECOIN  project  is a peer-to-peer trading system that aims to be a completely decentralized and transparent trading process using blockchain technology . The platform already has a different range of investments and business interests, mainly located in the Southeast Asia region, and it works both at the local government level and with various business associations around the world.

A key area for the development of the CCEbusiness network is to encourage and promote further business growth in the Southeast Asian region by introducing a chain-of-business distribution network between local suppliers and various customers.

Platform Characteristics:

  • Blockchain . The use of a block chain by the CCECOIN platform is conditioned by the offer of altcoin on the Ethereum standard market.
  • Crowdsourcing approach. These are the newest unique ways to raise funds for public goods.
  • Huge potential. The wide geography of the project provides constant profitability, as the South Asian market is estimated annually at billions of dollars.
  • Durian Club. It helps in promoting exotic business in the ecosystem.

The main mission of CCE  is to create an extensive distribution network or ecosystem that is based on blockchain technology with an initial launch planned throughout the region of Southeast Asia in 2019. The ecosystem is based on the integration of trading parties in a fully decentralized and transparent trading process using peer-to-peer networks. CEC has developed CCECOINand is implementing a payment system and exchange environment using CCECOIN into the ecosystem . The CCE ecosystem will provide an extensive platform and payment mechanism that will facilitate regional trade with a focus on merchants and the further development of unique product offerings from the South-East Asia region.

The main objectives of the project are direct participation in the market. Thus, the level of satisfaction of consumers’ demand for exotic fruit durian and nests for birds with a high price increases.

Transparency. The use of  blockchain technology and smart contracts allows for a high level of security and transparency in the process of buying or selling goods, which is one of the key factors for the platform.

Solution functionality By creating a token on an international blockchain , buyers and sellers can connect, trade and exchange goods using CCE ECOSYSTEM .

Technology. CCECOIN , created on the Ethereum blockchain, written on hard disks, distributes the accounting system and tracking of tokens, which significantly reduces the cost of monitoring these operations.

Ecosystem. Having a global trade in the center of the ecosystem, it facilitates trade between suppliers and buyers, reducing trade costs and ensuring efficient processing of payments.

Ico. As in any project, CCECOIN  seeks to increase the awareness of potential users about the product and thus attract additional funds for the development of the project.

Token distribution:

Details of the ICO:

Token symbol:  CCE

Accepted currency:  ETH

Pre-ICO:  October 1 – October 31, 2018

Token cost:  1 CCE = $ 0.10

Bonus:  10 to 25%

Tokens for sale:  40,000,000 CCE

Soft Cap:  $ 3,000,000

Hard Cap:  $ 10,000,000

ICO:  November 1 – November 30

Token cost: 1 CCE = $ 0.10

Tokens for sale:  60,000,000 CCE

Project roadmap:

The project team:

Project contact information:



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