CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED (“CCE”), has a divergent range of investments and business interests, largely situated throughout the South East Asia region, and works at both the local government level, and with assorted business associations throughout the region.

A key area of the development of the CCE business network is to encourage and foster continued business growth throughout the South East Asia region by implementing a trading network, based on blockchain technology, between local vendors and assorted clients


CCECOIN is propounding altcoin in market based on Ethereum blockchain.

Crowdsourced Approach
It is the latest means to fundraise for worthwhile community projects.

Enormous Potential
South Asian market is valued billions of dollars on an annual basis.

Durian Club
It helps in promoting the exotic durian fruit business within ecosystem.

Our Mission
CCE is building a vast trading network, or ecosystem, based on blockchain technology with an initial launch planned throughout the region of South East Asia in 2019. The ecosystem is based on bringing trading parties together within a fully decentralized and transparent trading process utilizing peer to peer networks. CCE has developed CCECOIN, and introduced within the ecosystem, a payment system and exchange medium utilizing CCECOIN. The CCE ecosystem will provide an extensive platform and payment mechanism that facilitates regional trade, with a focus on bringing value to merchants and further developing the unique product offers from the South East Asian region.

Direct market engagement
Satisfying unmet demand of consumers for the exotic durian fruit and the highly price swallow bird nest – a luxury
edible product.

Driving Transparency
Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, CCE is seeking to bring about transparency to the process of buying and selling.

By creating a token on international blockchain both buyers and sellers can connect, trade and exchange goods using CCE ECOSYSTEM.

CCECOIN created on Ethereum blockchain written on the solidity drives distributing ledger accounting system and token tracking.

Having global trade at heart of ecosystem, it facilitates trades between vendors and buyers, reducing the cost of trade and ensuring efficient handling of payments.

We are aiming to listing on popular ICO platform with sole intention of creating awareness among people. It will be very soon.



Charity Emphasis


Available Worldwide

Fractional Transaction

Fractional Transaction

Fiat Exchange

Exchangeable to Fiat Currency

Group Purchases

Group Purchases

Limited Coins

Limited Total Coins Issued

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Merchant Building

Merchant Building

Payment For Everday

Payment For Everday

Peer to Peer

Tradable Peer to Peer

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure


Tradable in Crypto-Exchanges

Starting Time : October 1 [00:01 EST]
Ending Time : October 31 [23:59 EST]
Exchange Rate : 1 CCE = $0.10 + Bonus
Token for Sale : 40,000,000 CCE

Token Matrix
Soft Cap : 3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap : 10,000,000 USD
Token Symbol : CCE
Accepted Currencies: ETH

Starting Time : Nov. 1 [00:01 EST]
Ending Time : Nov. 30 [23:59 EST]
Exchange Rate : 1 CCE = $0.10
Token for Sale : 60,000,000 CCE

Token Distribution
Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.


The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

July 2018
Open for Vendor registration

August 2018
Private Placement CCECOIN begins

October 2018
Pre ICO sales for CCECOIN

November 2018

December 2018
Public Trading of CCECOIN

March 2019
Durian farm Investments and Planting

September 2019
Durian Festivals in China, Malaysia and Thailand

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