CCN can be a sensible Agency services Provider firm that provides Cheap methods to clever Deal progress and auditing. Our occupation is to provide personalized, open-source and trusted Smart contracts centered on protocols of Ethereum blockchain to accomplish the need for consumer Finish equilibrium to safeguard end-users Ether, tokens, or data stored online arrangement.We Adhere to Just the Systematic Approach to End Job of both Enhancement and auditing That Lets us re-evaluate the Whole process. Before we start to use over the undertaking, your occupation goes under different fingerprints to ensure that the finest result.

Custom made Contract community (CCN) materials the Planet First Whole smart Deal Providers at one special position fixing a crucial inefficiency because of the cryptoworld class. We provide our methods to every Company by that a smart deal will wind up mandatory. By Means of the instance, Escrow can be a service value innumerable dollars; land prices Providers price tag up-to inch percent percentage in their own value of your house to keep up Onto acquire funding before bargain provisions are done. People Solutions can definitely be substituted with contracts which ended up sensible. Whatever the case, ” There are a lot of organizations by which smart contracts are available. Employed due to these services that are professional.

We follow along with Very Simple yet Potent strategy to the advancement : 

Necessity Gathering

Feasibility Examination

Creating Course of Action

the growth of Sensible Agreement



CCN is a Open-source Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 Proto Col Predicated Advertising and Marketing Which Could Be Helpful to Pick the Aid of a CCN (Custom-made Bargain community) and its Company Organizations. It really is likely to be available on Assorted prices for trading and utility objectives. We’re devoted to aiding to its clients attain their Aims, to re-evaluate their ancestral Deal Adventures, to providing the advanced level environment, too thereby creating an enormous gap. Our potent comprehension of identification with purchaser tasks suggests we are attempting to furnish solutions, too for issues they aren’t aware of. After all adopt an advanced way to systems.

CNN Has below working features Making It the most Most Effective elastic firm really:

Price Successful

Quickly and Dependable Advancement

Certificate of Compliance

Testnet Implementation

Numerous Cost Selections

Publish Assistance Support

Entire Purchaser Interaction

High End Merchandise Shipping

24/7 Support

Skills In-development

Token Structure

Token Name : CCN Token

Token Symbol : CCN

Token Supply : 890,000,000,000

Decimal : 18

Token Category: ERC-20, Utility Token

Our Roadmap

September 2018

Market Analysis & Collection of Raw Materials

Project Assessment

Team Building & Outlining the Project

Collection of Feedbacks and Reviews

Cost Assessment

October 2018

Project Development & Allocation Analysis

Website Development

Smart Contract Development & Risk Analysis

Releasing Whitepaper & Supported Materials

Community Building Campaigns

November 2018

Applying on Exchanges

Starting Bounty Campaign

Advisory Recruitment

Marketing and Promotional Activities

December 2018

Listing On Exchanges

Releasing of MVP & Supported Documents

Events & Partnerships

Hiring Technical Experts

January 2019

Business Tours

Ecosystem Growth

Tokens Distribution


Post Promotion

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