digital contract that requires completion of a task by two parties to initiate a transaction


What is CCN?

CCN is a smart contract service provider that provides cost effective solutions for intelligent contract development and auditing. Our mission is to provide smart, open source and reliable smart contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain protocol to meet the needs of users with complete security to protect Ether users, tokens, or data stored in smart contracts.

  • Fast and Reliable  : The availability of consistent and systematic processes and varied resources allows us to accelerate the development process.
  • Cost Savings:  We provide the best service at the lowest cost for contract development and Intelligent Audit. We do not charge fees for consultations and arrangements.
  • Certification: The  certificate confirms your smart contract complies with the requirements of the CCN Cyber ​​Security Standard.

How does the CCN work?

CCN follows a systematic approach to completing development and audit tasks that help speed up the entire process. Before they start working on any project, this project runs under various analyzes to ensure the best results. Here, they follow a simple but powerful development approach discussed below: –

A) Need Gathering: This process consists of a variety of rigorous approaches to clearly understand project needs and goals. The process consists of collecting data and facts by interacting with clients and understanding their needs. Our marketing and technical experts work together to extract the exact meaning of the client’s project goals and requirements. Here we determine the functional, environmental, context, uses and data requirements related to the project.

B) Feasibility Analysis: Feasibility analysis is used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed project and present the direction of activities that will improve the project and achieve the desired results. The nature and components of the feasibility study are very dependent on the area in which the project being analyzed is carried out. Here, our team analyzes your needs and project objectives to verify their feasibility to get tangible results.


The Current Industries non-crypto or crypto faces various problems that can be solved by the mechanism of the Decentralized Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

investment problems in crypto
Crypto Industries
  • Selection of the Right Protocol
  • Bulk token distribution
  • Smart Contracts Can’t Be Trusted
  • High Cost For Services
central network
Center the Network
  • Slow prductivity
  • Failure Center
  • Bad Data Accuracy
  • Bad Data Transparency
  • High Transaction Fees
slow and untrustworthy work
Slow and Unbelievable
  • Lack of Resources
  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of Guideliens
  • Lack of Correct Assessment
fixed payment option
General Payments
  • Does not support Tokenisasi
  • Only BTC / ETH is accepted
  • Only USD / EURO is accepted
What is a Smart Contract?
Blockchain-based smart contracts are part of the self-executing code on a distributed ledger platform that automatically enforces multi-party agreement provisions. To implement smart contracts, computer networks use consensus protocols.
Consensus can be achieved either at the ledger level (among all blockchain members) or at the transaction level (among certain transaction participants). This transaction cannot be changed and can be traced back.
Business is made based on a contract. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Traditional contracts are printed on paper in large quantities and require many layers of human agreement before they are legally binding. They are time consuming, expensive and often open to opposition.
Smart contracts eliminate this problem. They are contracts written in computer code and published on the public blockchain network. The result is a contract that is able to facilitate, implement and enforce legal agreements that are automatically made.

CCN services

  • Custom Smart Contract: – The basic use of the Smart Contract in Ethereum is to create your own token. However, smart contracts can be used to develop various objectives such as
  1. Management of User Blood Groups
  2. Gambling
  3. Making games based on order
  4. Voting
  5. Fraud Detection
  6. Health Care Management
  7. Financial Sector
  8. Song Patents, Composition, Instrumentals, Artists, etc.
  9. Real Estate for Registry purposes
  10. Sequence-based Order Management
  11. Family Tree Management

Token Information

Token Symbol: CCN

Number of Supply Tokens: 890,000,000,000

decimal: 18

Token Category: ERC-20, Utility Tokens

Primary Market ETH & BTC

Smart Contract Address: 0x17B26400621695c2D8C2D8869f6259E82D7544c4

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