CCN- (Costum Contract Network)

We will give an article to introduce the ” CCN ” venture to potential stage members and those keen on adding to its improvement. The data beneath might be fragmented and does not infer any authoritative relationship. The fundamental objective is to give data to everybody so they can decide whether they wish to investigate the organization with the aim to get a token or to contribute.

The system of client contracts (CCN) gives the world’s first extensive administrations of scholarly contracts in a single spot, which takes care of the issue of the wastefulness of cryptographic money. We give our administrations in each part where a shrewd contract is required. For instance, Escrow is an administration worth billions of dollars; Real bequest escrow administrations charge 1-2% of the estimation of property held

with assets for buy until the terms of the exchange are met. These administrations can be effectively supplanted by savvy contracts. What’s more, there are numerous areas where shrewd contracts can be utilized as their administrations.

This Artcel incorporates a top to bottom investigation of the CCN venture, which covers the innovations, administrations offered, plan of action and procedure, the upsides of utilizing the blockchain and keen contracts contrasted with customary techniques.

Would like to join this task is extraordinary for us, and before you go along with, it will be better in the event that you comprehend the undertaking, and it will likewise assist you with bettering comprehend and improve the data, particularly in the event that you comprehend the vision and mission of the venture and add it to your venture. . trust.

The Custom Contract Network (CCN) gives a financially savvy answer for decentralized issues related with the blockchain business. Our accomplished group of exceptionally qualified experts is appropriate to make the perfect answer for clever contracts that gives solid and secure scholarly contracts from gatecrashers.

CCN Video:

CCN is a splendid contract-based association that gives sharp responses to inquiries regarding contract advancement and check. Our primary objective is to go into open source contracts and strong jewels, reliant on Ethereum Blockchain understandings, to address client issues with

full insurance to guarantee that clients, tokens or data will be placed off in a dubious contract. It worked out that CCN is getting further into the blockchain, and we are satisfied to authoritatively report our new proposition to the organization: splendid contracts

CCN Services


Blockchain not just gives a different passage as a wellspring of trust, yet it additionally diminishes the exactness of intertwined correspondence and work process with precision, effortlessness, and an automated structure. Composing the blockchain further disposes of the irregular characteristics that normally emerge with free arrangement, which can prompt exorbitant cases and settlement delays. In 2015, the Depositary and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) utilized a blockchain section to process securities worth more than 1.5 quadrillion, which permitted 345 million trades.

Store network

Sfely gives available information to all gatherings in a chain of stores and automates arrangements and portion plans.

The corporate bank Barclays utilizes dynamic contracts to enlist a difference in proprietorship and, obviously, trades commitments to different associations identified with cash when joining.

Administration zones

Singular wellbeing records, receipts for therapeutic systems, and so forth. Can be put on the blockchain and, in this manner, sent to assurance suppliers as confirmation of conveyance.

Records can likewise be utilized for general social administrations directors, for instance, for the course of medications, regulatory rationality, test results and power over social protection. etc.

How does CCN work?

We pursue a frameworks way to deal with satisfy our plan and review undertakings that assistance us accelerate the whole procedure. Before we begin dealing with a venture, your undertaking experiences different breaks down to guarantee the best outcome.

Prerequisites accumulation

Practicality examine

Our achievability procedure comprises of the accompanying: –

1. Evaluating the task as indicated by chosen criteria.

2. Evaluation of monetary open doors/necessities.

3. Evaluation of chances/necessities related with the timetable.

4. Rundown of results and suggestions.

Our technology services

CCN is an intelligent contract service provider who is considered to be the best in providing cost-effective solutions for the development of intelligent contracts and audit services.
  1. Cost-effective services – we provide the best services at minimum cost for the development and auditing of intellectual contracts. In addition, we do not charge for consultations with you.
  2. Fast and reliable process – a consistent and systematic process and the availability of various resources enable us to speed up the development process.
  3. Easy to communicate – we provide round the clock customer support.
  4. Compliance Certification – The certificate confirms that your smart contract complies with CCN Cyber ​​Security standards.


CCN is an open source chain Ethereum and an open source ERC-20 token that can be used to administer the CCN (Custom Contract Network) and its associates. It will be available at various auctions for exchange and for official purposes.
  • Token Name: CustomContractNetwork
  • Token symbol -   CCN
  • Total number of tokens -   890,000,000,000
  • Decimal -   18
  • Token Smart Contract Address: 0x17B26400621695c2D8C2D8869f6259E82D7544c4
  • Token category -   ERC-20, service token
  • Primary Markets -   ETH & BTC \



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