CCN – Custom Contract Network

CCN is an Intelligent contract Agency provider Business which Offers Economical solutions for Clever

Deal advancement and auditing. Our Duty Is to offer personalized, Opensource and Trustworthy Intelligent contracts predicated on protocols of Ethereum Block Chain to achieve that the requirement of consumer Finish stability to shield end users Ether, tokens, or info saved on contract.

We Abide by that the systematic strategy to Finish our job of growth and also auditing which assist us Accelerate the entire procedure. Just before we Begin to operate within the Undertaking, your job extends beneath different Diagnoses to guarantee most useful results.

We follow straightforward but Potent method of growth That’s discussed under :

A) Necessity Gathering

This Procedure Includes different rigorous strategies to Recognize the need and also job

Aim demonstrably. The procedure consisted of gathering information and data from Reaching customer and Comprehension their requirements. Our technical and marketing specialists holistically Operate to extract the Accurate significance of consumer’s job target and prerequisites. This we decide practical, Ecological, circumstance, nourishment and info requirements linked to job.

B) Feasibility Diagnosis

Feasibility evaluation can be Utilized to Estimate the strengths and flaws of the planned job and current Instructions of tasks that can enhance a undertaking and realize desirable benefits. The character and also Elements of allocation research rely mostly about the Regions where examined endeavors are Carried out. Our staff investigations your needs and also endeavor aim to confirm its feasibility on Get authentic results.

C) Creating Course of Action

Inside this period the program Layout is geared up using the assistance of specifications that is made at the very first period. This procedure enable people to look into the machine structure to enhance upward the Procedure for evolution.

D) Advancement of Sensible Contract

Following collecting what’s needed and layouts, our specialized staff starts off to create contract.

We create the code Utilizing integration procedure which Is Composed of creating a Variety of elements Concurrent along with blending them to code. It Lessens Time ingestion in growth of closing Code also creates the code much easier to examine.

E) Screening

Subsequent to the code has been designed it’s analyzed from the prerequisites to Be Certain That the Item is In fact fixing the demands tackled and accumulated throughout the requirements period. Exactly the Exact Same Procedure Is Adopted for auditing of contract to Fit the prevention and requirements of Bugs and errors.

F) Right after effective analyzing the Item is sent / set up into this client due to their use.As shortly as This merchandise is provided towards the clients they’ll first perform the beta testing. If some modifications will be needed Or when some bugs have been captured, chances are they are going to examine it into the technology crew. Once These modifications have been Manufactured or perhaps the bugs have been repaired subsequently your last installation will take place.

CCN Token 

CCN is an open source Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 protocol based token which can be utilized to take the services of CCN (Custom Contract Network) and its partner companies. It will be available on various exchanges for trading and utility purposes.


Sept. 2018

1. Market Analysis & Collection of Raw Materials

2. Project Assessment

3. Team Building & Outlining the Project

4. Collection of Feedbacks and Reviews

5. Cost Assessment

Oct. 2018

1. Project Development & Allocation Analysis

2. Website Development

3. Smart Contract Development &Auditing

4. Releasing Whitepaper & Supported Materials

5. Community Building Campaigns

Nov. 2018

1. Applying on Exchanges

2. Starting Bounty Campaign

3. Advisory Recruitment

4. Marketing & Promotional Activities

Dec. 2018

1. Listing on Exchanges

2. Releasing of MVP & Supported Documents

3. Events & Partnerships

4. Hiring Technical Experts

Jan. 2019

1. Business Tours&Ecosystem Growth

2. Tokens Distribution

3. R&D

4. Post Promotion

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