In today’s modern era, of course, you must have bought and sold goods online, you certainly are no stranger to opening lapak or pedia shops, well, it is a marketplace where we can sell and buy goods online with easy and safe payments, here I will introduce a new project about the marketplace, the name of this project is Celfit ..
Celfit Store is one of the online blockchain technology based markets that provides trading facilities from sellers to buyers. Everyone can open an online store on Celfit Store and serve buyers from all over the world for units or multiple transactions. The interest in e-commerce is gathering momentum every day and growth in this industry cannot be ignored. This is the reason Celfit developed decentralized decentralized market trust on the blockchain for global e-commerce futures. The Celfit Store system comes with a model that allows traders and buyers to transact safely, comfortably and easily to use. CELFIT’s mission is to provide e-commerce differently: Create a decentralized user system that has a reputation and can be trusted.
Providing a payment system that is universally acceptable, useful and affordable that is simple and effective. 
Make transactions cheaper and faster. 
Provide the lowest cost marketing solution. 
Increase purchasing power of people living in third world countries. 
In other words, its mission is to develop a system that satisfies buyers and sellers without third parties, while ensuring quality delivery. Transactions will be carried out between buyers and sellers in one stage with contracts that can be executed. Transaction costs will be simplified and reduced from the total amount and high costs, regardless of the location of the buyer and / or seller. 
ICO Details 
Symbol Token: CELFIT 
Decimal: 18
Platform: Ethereum 
Type: ERC20 
Soft Cap: 500 ETH 
Hard stamp: 1050 ETH 
Token Sale Price (Pre Sale): 0.00000020 ETH 
Total Supply: 9,000,000,000 CELFIT 
Starting ICO: April 22 2019, 08.00 UTC 
Minimum contribution: 0.01 ETH 
Price: 0 , 00000020 ETH 
Distribution Tokens
Implementation Percentage of 
Legal Field Budget 10% 
Establishment of company, Legal 
documents and certificates, 
signing of contracts with 
System Development 53% 
Development of systems according 
to roadmap 
Operations 8% 
Management and employees 
Advertising and 
Partnerships 29% 
Advertising, partnerships 
with payment providers, 
program loyalty and other Roadmap 
Team Celfits 
  • Febriansyah 
  • Ryan Hidayat 
  • Hasan Sadikin 
  • Purbaru Hutapea 
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