the first cryptocurrency used in the US prison system.

The monetary system currently in prison in the United States is full of problems. Regardless of the high prices and fees imposed by third-party financial institutions, prisoners are sometimes forced to wait for their money. In some cases, money is withdrawn from their account before they can access it. CellBlocks offers a unique and fast solution in terms of families that send payments to inmates and who prisoners to move inmates.
What are CellBlocks? 
CellBlock  is a digital payment system that provides a safe way for families and prisoners to exchange money. Prisoners can use the coin through the kiosk that we will install in prison and this allows the prisoners to use their coins in the prison commissioners to pay court fees and fees, pay other inmates and receive money from friends and family. . Each prisoner gets a “digital wallet” in which his currency is stored. With the help of a fast and efficient payment system, money can be easily transferred from one wallet to another without delay or costly.
What are the benefits of CellBlocks?
CellBlocks offers several advantages besides the old monetary system. Despite the fact that transactions are made in real time with minimal delay and minimal costs, the use of CellBlock allows custody to control their funds that they did not have in the past. Other benefits are:
A summary of the exact deals
Third parties can not withdraw money without the consent of the detainee
Wages, as well as money from friends and family, can easily be stored into the prisoner’s wallet through a secure network
Transactions can be made through digital access points, such as kiosks
Costs are kept at home and not sent to external financial institutions
Prisoners have full control over their funds at all times
Money in a digital portfolio can be sent to detention in other prisons
Funds can be redeemed in regular currency
CellBlocks are universal. It can be used in exactly the same way as traditional money, without the risks associated with the current money system used in most of the prisons. Because it’s completely digital, the system is much safer with a lower financial risk for detainees and their families.
The trade exchange system in prison has become a major problem. Prices are not only related to increased items, theft also increases. The resulting conflict has been a common cause of contention and disagreement within the prison population. The resulting exchange system not only increases the number of combats between inmates, but also makes the guards more difficult to maintain control over the violence.
All kinds of goods are exchanged in exchange systems, ranging from daily necessities such as toothpaste and shampoo to wasteful items such as cell phones. The value of goods is often based on need and availability, which means that prices can increase dramatically. Overpricing items often lead to theft.
The use of CellBlocks reduces the use of tangible goods to barter, resulting in less theft and battles and quarrels. It also helps items to maintain more consistent digital values ​​and eliminate price distortions on certain value items.
How is it implemented?
CellBlocks is the first crypto form used in jails in the United States. The benefits it offers, as well as system transparency, allow prison officials to provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective way for detainees and their families to transfer money. Prisoners have the ability to bring their finances entirely into their own hands and purchase the personal items they need at the right time without expensive fees and long delays. The system is easy to operate and offers opportunities for prisons and correctional facilities to generate additional revenue.
The efficiency with which the new monetary system operates ensures that crypto is not just a passing passion. Instead, it quickly became the preferred money system in state and federal correctional facilities.
PreSales Whitelist is instructed by KYC
Whitelist closed on March 25, 2018 midnight MST. CellBlocks reserves the right to close before that date, if the registration amount increases quickly.
Whitelists are REQUIRED to participate to participate in our pre-sale community from April 1, 2018. A 15% bonus is awarded to all white-list whitelisted participants. A minimum donation of 2500 CLBK (250 USD) is required to receive an additional 15% bonus.
Tokens are distributed after the end of ICO.
All registered members MUST continue with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to claim evidence after the end of ICO. KYC controls are required to identify pre-sales participants and comply with KYC / AML rules and regulations. Examination A
ML is done at the end of the ICO or if the personal contribution exceeds a certain threshold. CellBlock works with idmerit , a renowned external partner for KYC / AML authentication.
US and Chinese residents are not allowed to participate in ICO unless they are accredited. If you are an accredited investor, contact the team via: support@cellblocks.io
To properly run the KYC process and be whitelisted, follow these instructions carefully:
link:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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