CERTORE Platform Standardization and Current Certification

About Certore?


Place for implementation development and acceptance part of standardization process, if standard can be detected as related to economical or/and has more features, which can be determined as economical characteristics, then technical.


Space for standards and certificates development and acceptance, if certificate or standard can be determined as technical or/and has more features and capabilities, which can be determined as technical characteristics, then economical.


Area for implementation, development and acceptance as part of certification and standardization process, if standard can not be detected as related to economical, technical or/and has more features, which can be determined as undefined characteristics, then technical or economical.

What is Scebas?

A key feature of Certore is standardization and certification event based automatic system (SCEBAS) for standards and certificates development events flow control and acceptance, which ensures human influence isolation with further undesirable consequences avoidance. Common process of standard development can be represented by using events chain, where each next event could be triggered back in case not matching conditions; respectively, event flow is finished if certain interaction occurs. For example, an event is triggered back twice, that marks event flow as excessive and causes standard acceptance termination despite the fact that standard is not implemented. Rules and description for standard development will be provided by Certore and open community and accepted using web-portal having Certore as intermediary, implementer and generator but not a decision-making institution. This will allow providing desirable process transparency, substantiality and capability to balance preservation during possible outer interruption cases or other types of impact on organized system.

SCEBAS is aimed at reducing human impact, maximum automation of the standardization process and certification, increasing the convenience of use. Prevention of control of standard formation and certification development by persons or organizations in areas considered to be the primary objective.


In the process, Certore is supported by tokens. The token used is a classic ICO token. This means being a serious problem for this platform. And the problem that existed on Certore with its classic ICO token, becomes a challenge for Certore to be solved. Here is the use of SCEBAS will be tested prowess.

Anyone who wants to follow and test this platform is very liberated. Certore as a platform, opens the door wide for everyone in any part of the world to test and use this platform. He can come from anywhere, whether individual or community from any part of the world.

Total volume of available tokens is 75.000.000

Maximum amount available for presale is 7.500.000 tokens

67.500.000 are reserved and will be dispatched at ICO stage.



April 2018 Crowdsale start

April 2018 SCEBAS alpha version, Early certification set up

June 2018 Crowdsale finish

Q3 2018 SCEBAS alpha version , First attempts of SCEBAS usage

Q1 2019 SCEBAS beta version , Initial standards acceptance

Q3 2019 Certification beta version, Further certification set up

More Information Visit Link Bellow:

Website: https://certore.com/

Whitepaper: https://certore.com/media/whitepaper.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109240

Twitter: https://twitter.com/certore_social

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/certore.social/


Bitcointalk Username: Milobubu

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