The world as it is now being regarded as a global village and this partly due to the fact that the spread of information and happenings can occur globally with just a move of a smartphone touch or click of a mouse. The world is controlled by information availability and the saying, when you control what the people hear, you control what the people do. As what we do and believe is largely based on the information we have at our disposal.

And as such, the various government of the world has made it imperative that the media houses and even the various new platform has to filter their news or information displayed to suit their own personal vendetta

I have read of the controlled air space which is effective in some Korean community which entails all the news or article everyone posts on the internet or shared by the media house is controlled solely by the government. Even globally, its cleared that the government of the world put bigger sanctions on what media house shared and this makes the news shared in most of the time not the genuine truth of the matter.

Consider an active journalist who researched into a major story, but has no permission to post it, and its so in a way that the freedom of expression is actually limited when it comes to information sharing. There are occurrence that happen in a neighbourhood, but the governemtn quickly take over the story and sell the fake story to the public.

Also, lots of journalist are in the field working day and night, with correct stories well researched out and life changing but no better platform to put it, as most of the media house are afraid of such post to avoid government clamp down.

Also, its noticed that the free journalist are not well remunerated for their hard work and contribution to the media space.

But consider a system of information and news sharing that allows all to bring the truth of the matter to the public in the raw of it all, without any clampdown or been followed by security operative. And also a system that rate article or news providers base on their work and public opinion of their genuine work, and also get them paid.

I present to you CEWNOTE. Meaning Crypto Era Wisdom

CEWNOTE is a decentralized publishing platform that allows all to publish their news in a secure environment with absolute anonymity to the effect. This will be the renovation f the modern news industry, in that all users of the platform will have channels for posting their news. Even news channels or companies can register on the platform and encourage their workers for absolute truth broadcasting without having to do excessive filtering.

CEWNOTE has come to offer a system build on the Blockchain technology of transparency and use of token to make news reporting a worthwhile idea. This will also be the best of all equals in that all news here will be genuine and real, not hidden truth and this will make those interested in genuineness to come over to the platform for absolute news.

The CEWNOTE platform will also pay publishers base on their contribution to the platform base on news shared and the reader’s reaction to the news using the token of the platform, and also users that are there to read the news will also have to pay with little token to access this unlimited world of absolute news reporting. and this will be possible with the token of the platform. The token will be called CEW

And to develop the platform and also to make the token available for the general investors and companies to buy into the idea, the CEWNOTE platform is launching here initial coin offering (ICO).

To earn more about the platform and to invest, please visit….

Website https://cewnote.com/

ANN thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4688506.0


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CewnoteToken/

Twitter http://twitter.com/cewnote

Telegram https://t.me/CewnoteWorld

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