1. Project Description


So Essentially the idea  is to have services like Coinbase and Mastercard combined together with the concept of Proof of stake supported by credit assets.

Holders of the CEY token will have:

  • Easy access to spend of fiat + crypto currency supported via CEY Card (physical, virtual, and debit card with mobile app for convenience) at competitive cost compared to current international debit card. 
  • Annual dividends (may have, no guarantees): from some of the potential earnings periodically earned by the Fund – from their financial investments, to be exact. 
  • Last but not least: high value tokens – CEY tokens – with a stable and stable portfolio of potential and stable-ROI assets.

With integrity, high Anonymous Security and Transparency in a High performing decentralization system thanks to all the technologies that change the world: artificial intelligence, machine learning and, of course, blockchain.

What is Token Ceyron (CEY)?

Ceyron Tokens  is a digital etiquette based on Ethereal contracts representing profitable ownership in non-voting shares in a publishing company – Ceyron Finance Ltd. (CFL).

The CEY Token is non-refundable and not for speculative investment.

Relationship Between the Defection
Some Definitions To understand:
  • Investors or holders of CEY Token pay their money to buy tokens from CFLs (1) 
  • CFLs issued CEY tokens to their investors and provided services and distributed annual dividends (2) 
  • The “Nominee”: The token’s official title will be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp (“LATC” or “Nominee”) for the token holder (3) for transparency and trustworthy because it is not independent and not involved in the management or operation of “Funds” or “Investment Manager” (4) 
  • “Fund”: Ceyron Finance Sarl (CFS), is a Limited Liability Company incorporated under the Limited Liability Company Act (“Dana”), and is wholly owned by Ceyron Finance Ltd (5).Participation in the Fund will mainly be made through the CEY Token. The funds will be managed and advised by Colombus Investment Management Ltd. 
  • “Fund Manager”: Colombus Investment Management Ltd, is British Virgin Islands listed as an independent alternative investment management company (6) specializing in alternative assets and global asset allocation. The Fund Manager shall be responsible for the operation of the Fund and shall perform all services and activities relating to the management of the Fund’s assets, liabilities and operations (7)

Fund Objectives and Strategies

  • Investment Objective: is to provide the highest ROI (return-on-investment) through a proprietary quantitative approach to underwriting credit assets, provided by Colombus Investment Management Ltd. 
  • Investment Strategy: driven by data science where they apply machine learning in a fully non-parametric statistical model to get the desired financial investment returns.

The Net Profit  earned by the Fund during the month will generally be maintained for reinvestment.
A portion of the potential periodic profit may be used to distribute the annual dividend approved by the CFL shareholder board and the shareholder to the CEY Token holder as mentioned above.
Market Cap Total from 1/1/2017 to present

Market and Problems

There are many problems they want to solve, here are some of the things I mentioned:
  • World cryptocurrency problem:  Cryptococcus grows at high speed. Boom exponentially, you can call. That could be a good and bad sign for investors. Early birds get a lot of benefits thanks to falling prices, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, it grows rapidly as it makes new people, and even some experienced people, much worried because most crypto is not supported by any asset – it’s really risky and related to them.
  • The problem of traditional banking services. Return to traditional banking services such as MasterCard. This is a huge market with lots of potential to earn profits in this blockchain hype wave.Suppose you travel to another country where their national currency is used. You bring your “comfortable” international debit card. That would be the usual ease, right?
However you will pay for the service 2 types of fees: “Cash Withdrawal Fee” and “Currency Transaction Fee.” And sometimes, there is even a charge called “Owner Cost of Foreign ATM”. This charge is often a percentage of transactions coupled with fixed costs, leading industry costs are between 2.75% – 2.99%.
And it’s not going to be a small amount as you imagine after you combine everything when you go abroad using that card.
  • Problems Between 2 Worlds , By using a service like Coinbase, you can get the crypto you want from your fiat. But this new market operates only a few years. Illustration of the current maturity level of the industry is a relatively large difference between the prices in the fiat currency of Bitcoin on various major exchanges. Because of the irony, the best price comes from the vendor with the lowest liquidity in which the order may not be realized quickly or at a fixed price. Even the largest and most established providers charge as high as 7% for fiat transactions
  • Other issues:  Volatility and Cash Flow. Crypto or non crypto investments, there are many sub investments and if you are confident with your investment expertise, you will be burdened and your assets may drastically decrease or have a bad cash flow – turn it into a “dead” investment, not to mention getting a refund. You must need a strong portfolio with a balanced budget to secure your investment.
TLDR:  Their service type is young, inflexible and high in costs operating in an alarming market where your asset value may drop dramatically after 1 night.
In a broader view, on a macroeconomic outlook and particularly in the African market, the Ceyron team identified the problem:
  • Low Bank Rate: The economies of third world countries like those in Africa are highly liquidated and have a very bad financial footprint: Fewer than 10% of adults have bank accounts and over 85% of trades are cash.
  • Very Low Usage Rates: In the world, 12% of account holders are in Africa. However, the level of inclusion in the financial system is very low. The behavioral analysis of paying users on average is similar to the general trend: the payment is equal to at least 60% of the transaction volume; Peer-to-peer transactions 20%; 10% call duration, 8% payment and 2% savings.
  • A highly competitive market: The mobile money environment in Africa is increasingly competitive. This increased competition means that consumers have more choices. Ceyron Solutions
  • Low use of debit cards: Prepaid debit cards are only used for point-of-sale purchases and services (rarely). The holder of CEY Tokens, however, has the privilege of receiving an annual dividend on a CFL card, which will be a great motivation for people to use the card.
  • Lack of safe and precarious credit and stable and sustainable income for credit applicants: In Africa, most applicants lack credit. CFL wants to solve this. More specifically, the CEY Token can be considered as a source of revenue distributed to entrepreneurs as it deserves credit. In addition, loan applications have a stable and sustainable income deficit.

CEYRON Solutions

Not to mention the “standard” offers blockchain-based projects that provide integrity, security, security, anonymous security and transparency in a high performing decentralized system, the CEYRON offers
the best solution for the problem identified above:

CFL Credit Portfolio

To minimize the volatility of CEY Token, CFLs support its value through a secure asset loan portfolio. In turn, the yield of the portfolio credit asset will then be retained for reinvestment back into the loan asset portfolio to try to increase the fundamental fundamental value of each CEY Token.
A portfolio of credit assets, built by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, will then be secured by a guarantee to improve stability and return.
Precisely, The Fund has a highly diversified alternative investment portfolio with global coverage aimed at generating stable single digits with very simple short-term and short-term volatility. Diversification is achieved by combining selected alternative funds with very different strategies and locations, managed by established and leading asset managers in a specific investment or market investment style.
Investment Road Map for your review
CEY Card Cards
CEY: MasterCard physical, virtual, and debit with mobile applications that allow the use of 20 foreign currency and lead crypto from one card.
By using this card, you can spend, exchange and send and receive money internationally with the same anonymity as Bitcoin without third-party engagement in the safest and fastest way.
CFLs can save customers up to 70% for the stated costs:
  • Currency Transaction Fee: Currency can be exchanged at either point of sale through the application with a 3% fee for CFL compared to 3.75% of the industry average.
  • Cash Advance Fees: CFL fees are not charged for ATM withdrawals at all (traditional standard fees for ATM withdrawals are 1.5%).
  • Money Transfer Fees: The CFL mobile app will contain additional functionality to transfer funds in currency between merchants, as well as friends and family accounts, for free.
Together with the CEY Card, The Private Ceyron Exchange Site lets you buy and sell CEY and other crypto.
In addition, CFL Card plans to have a Partner for expenditure management. This will enable the integration of mobile apps for easy management of travel travel and links to many travel partners for e-acceptance management.

CFL Safety Token

  • CFL intends to provide but does not guarantee, token holders with annual dividends, which must be approved by the Board of Directors and the voting shareholders.

  • CFL intends to invest eighty-five percent (85%) of the proceeds received by the CFL from this Funding Offer, and the IMF, in turn, will invest in credit assets, thus seeking to create steady and growing cash flow. produce a basis for a CEY Token (Cash flow yield can not be guaranteed, and may be affected by market conditions and regulations).
  • CFL intends to use simple leverage to further increase the profitability of its loan portfolio to facilitate ongoing and sustained investment to foster a credit portfolio that supports 15 CEY Token (enhanced yields can not be guaranteed, and may be affected by market and regulatory conditions).
  • CFLs will enhance their ability to build their loan portfolios with leverage by providing their warehouse creditors as collateral for credit guarantees.
  • CFLs intend to maintain cash, securities and token reserves at all times to ensure the liquidity of holders of CEY Token (Liquidity of assets can not be guaranteed, and may be affected by market and regulatory conditions).
  • CFLs will enter into an alliance with the underwriter that will be used to reduce the risk of losing total capital. However, the use of these financial instruments is not a guarantee against any and all possibilities.

Strategic Alliance Alliance

CFL is an established and experienced leader in blockchain, finance, and banking technologies.

  • Coinfirm.io: CFL intends to sign a service agreement with Coinfirm.io – the market leader in KYC / AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks each token holder application.
  • Ambisafe is a pioneer in blockchain technology and ICO offer companies that help the world become more decentralized since 2010. Their work has criticized projects such as Tether and Bitfinex. Recently Ambisafe is behind the success of ICO such as Polybius, TaaS, and Chronobank. CFL and Ambisafe plan to jointly develop a wallet management tool, which CFLs will use to facilitate token holder ability to manage their digital purses.
  • Loyal Bank is a bank registered under the laws of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and is a provider of debit cards that have one of the most competitive costs in multiple fiat currencies in the industry. -> This partnership allows CFLs to keep interest rates low by 1% for transaction costs.
TLDR: Ceyron creates several lines of business and will report finance to investors.
  • First, they will have Dana Ceyron, a secure portfolio built by an experienced financial management team.
  • Secondly, Ceyron will also offer the opportunity to spend money, exchange and transfer crypto and fiat currencies with MasterCard MasterCard Ceyron and their exchange site.
  • Finally, with so much market uncertainty, Ceyron is here to offer the only personal security token that represents Ceyron’s share of equity in order to offer security, transparency and dividend – the CEY Token.

There are 2 Teams

Ceyron Finance Ltd was created by a team of experienced Bankers from reputable USA Banks.

Executive board

EB consists of Talents experienced in banking, business and finance investment, which is a strong point for the team in implementing Project Ideas.
One thing that worries me is the Dev team. Since usually when ICO, the project manager will showcase their genius developers (along with the talents in the service field, as shown above). But this ICO I can see their Blockchain & Technology Solutions Head. One point of reviving is that this guy (head guy of TI) has 10 years of experience in developing full stack, IT solutions and blockchain development.
They have enough resources for marketing activities, which is a good step in the crypto-cardiac world stage because people are very sensitive and crowding effects can cause a lot of good pumps.

Information Crowdsale

Token Name: Ceyron

Token Symbol: CEY

Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb 

Decimal: 8

Price Per Token: $ 1.00 USD

Currency Received: BTC, ETH, LTC and USD

Number of Tokens for Sale: 250.000.000

Pre-Sales: 2 / 16 / 18-3 / 15/18

Pre-Discount Discount: 30%, 25%, 15%

Start of Token Sale: 3/16/18

End of Sale Token: When Hard

Cap is reached Soft Cap: TBA

Hard Cap: TBA

Link :

Website  | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | White paper         

profile URL:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1624619

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