Chainium – A Revolutionary Way to Raise Capital and Buy & Sell Shares

The international stock market is slowly approaching a difficult position due to structural obstacles on the system due to old-fashioned structures. This is where start-up, called Chainium comes in to play which is constantly working to make it easier for employers to raise funds and small players to become successful.

Chainium has imposed on its shoulders a change in the structure of the world stock market and decided to defend the rights of any business owner or investor. Perhaps you are a business owner who needs to raise capital for growth. Or you are an investor who wants to invest in a company’s shares. Chainium is an online platform that has been implemented to invent the global stock market. It’s just a platform for raising funds, which helps users improve or improve their business capital. Use the Blockchain technology to separate the stock market. Promote effective business communication by bridging the gap between investors and business. Thus, it is possible to trade in shares (deals) for various enterprises from small to large.It is intended for investors who want to make the right money by buying shares of companies. This also applies to companies that need to improve or improve their capital. It has several important functions, such as financial regulation and data security. We created a distributed database solution for solving a lot of inefficient and complex processes related to the stock market. He received funding from Bitcoin (BTK), Ethereum (ET) and Litecoin (LTC).

Unique features of Chainium:

– This is a decentralized platform and is supported by block chains.

– This gives investors participating in the pre-sale ICO a 30% bonus.

– Now he overcame all obstacles in the stock market.

– He conducted several technological projects around the world with the help of an operational prototype.

Advantages of Chainium for the business owner:

Sell shares in listed or not listed companies – using an intuitive online and mobile platform.

Sommunicate directly and build relationships with investors.

Remove intermediaries – cut out consultants, brokers, banks, clearing houses, registrars and all other administrators.

Raise capital without IPO or VC support – it is not necessary that companies not included in the list can spend an expensive IPO or rely more on venture capitalists.

Advantages of Chainium for the investor:

Buy shares in the business – you do not need to limit them to listed companies, now they can invest in unlicensed enterprises.

Buy directly from companies – invest in businesses in which they really believe.

Remove intermediaries – cut out banks, brokers and all other administrators.

Get access to exclusive investment opportunities – to invest in any offer of shares is available on our platform.

How does Chainium function?

The Following is the fundamental procedure for at financial specialist or entrepreneur to purchase/offer offers through the stage:

The entrepreneur downloads the Chainium application and after that Provides the utilization of the application to offer the offers

The entrepreneur Defines the valuation and The larger part of the shares are in like manner lawful or digital currencies through their offers application toward the finish of the offer time frame, normally in lawful delicate or digital currencies.

The application Chainium Investor App can be downloaded:

for Android

for iOS

The platform helps to avoid problems with raising capital for large enterprises and small businesses. You will have direct access to a large number of stock offerings for zero fees, which previously were available only to institutional investors.

Token Sale

CHX is a product token of the Ethereum ERC20 standard, which is used as fuel and the start of trading on the platform. CHX tokens are not shares or securities on the Chainium platform. They can not be used to buy shares or securities offered for sale on Chainium. Business owners are required to lock CHX into a smart contract to begin trading shares on the platform. This will protect the transaction from spam and fraudulent offers. Token can also be used to purchase additional services. The Chainium team conducts Token Sale in 2018 to create a community of token owners and raise the necessary funds to develop a quality platform.

Token Sale start date: March 2018, the exact date and time will be announced on the official website

Hard Cap: USD $ 8 million

Will create: 20,000,000 CHX tokens

Price: 1 CHX = 0.0017 ETH

Minimum individual contribution: 0.1 ETH

Road map



Chainium has an innovative platform, an experienced team and a precious experience. By combining all these advantages, it becomes feasible to change the global stock market, one of the difficult industries. This platform allows you to interact between the company and investors without intermediaries. Investors can receive all sorts of benefits on this platform, which they used for traditional systems, such as voting rights, dividends, analytics and financial reporting.  The process of buying and selling should be simple and straightforward. Join and, together with Chainium, create anew a global stock not forget that they have an working prototype.That is a very big plus point.



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