Exchange of cryptocurrencies has been a common trend from the invention of various blockchain projects which have their own indigenous currencies that is to be used for trading on their platforms.
Because various cryptocurrencies have emerged, there began the creation of various exchange platforms such as chanelle, shapeshift among various others have been used, but these platforms have limitations to the amount that can be converted and long sign-up processes which is discouraging coupled with the fact that majority take time to process.
However to counter these pressing issues, CHANGENOW emerged to make exchange without restrictions, allowing users have full control of their funds and allow the exchange of as many amount as possible which is a dream come true for many users.
ChangeNOW will be a fully decentralized exchange system. This system will allow decentralized trade between users (peer to peer) to take place through an automated process. One of the main assets in this platform is Token NOW.
How it Works
To use ChangeNow, you will first have to start out with some cryptocurrency of your own. The first step is to select the cryptocurrency that you would like to exchange. You can choose Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. The next step is to enter your wallet address. After that, you must confirm that your address information is correct, so make sure that you have filled in all the characters correctly. Next, you will be given a cryptocurrency address to deposit the funds you would like exchanged into. Following this, you should send the amount of cryptos that you want exchanged to that wallet. After you do this, ChangeNow will find the best exchange rate out of 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, and exchange your cryptocurrency. Finally, the new cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet. It is a very simple process and it does not require you to complete any sort of registrations. This makes it exceptionally convenient.
Why ChangeNow?
There are many reasons why you should strongly consider using ChangeNow if you have a need to exchange various cryptocurrencies. First, ChangeNow was created by highly experienced blockchain developers and it works very well. Second, ChangeNow exchanges happen extremely quickly and reliably. In fact, ChangeNow transactions typically only take a few minutes. Third, with change now, you do not need to enter any sort of personal information. This is because ChangeNow does not require you to create an account. This makes using ChangeNow safer than other alternatives which do require you to create an account. No account and no personal information means a dramatically reduced risk of fraud and identity theft. Finally, there are no minimum amounts required for exchanging on ChangeNow. So, even if the amount of money that you want exchanged is very small, you will be able to get it exchanged on ChangeNow.
This is platform is first of its kind in changing of any cryptocurrencies with ease and rapidly online without controlling the funds of the users, collecting their personal data, and makes sure the users get the best rate available whenever they want to exchange cryptocurrencies.
Why CHANGENOW Exchange should be used?
The reasons why CHANGENOW should be used are:
It is a decentralized blockchain, it makes it possible for users to be in full control of their funds, thus limiting the case of hacking as there is no central holding for the funds.
There is high level of security to protect the whole transactions since it would be involving money and to prevent the case of human and technical errors, various testing has been done which confirmed the security level.
The platform has a very active customer support system which will put users through whenever when there is any hassle at all and works 24/7 all to help the smooth accessing of the platform.
There is an increase in transparency which will put users mind at rest as all activities going on about their funds will be available to them.
Features of ChangeNow
There is a fixed rate exchange and there will be 200 tokens. Thus, users are given the advantage of choosing. Because of quick transfer, the users do not have to face the problem of change of rate as with the press of “Go” button the tokens or Cryptocurrency would be in their wallet
A  transparent and decentralized platform is secured with the blockchain technology
There will be a new addition to the Roadmap to provide extra benefits to the customer. The mobile version will prove added value to the customers
Information theft and other frauds and scam are threatening to users. However, with ChangeNow there is no requirement for personal data or registration. Thus, the chances are less for a fraud or scam.
The team’s newest feature to add is the quick purchase of Cryptocurrencies using visa or Master
Why believe ChangeNow?
ChangeNow comes with a very experienced blockchain developer. The security is very clear because there is no requirement for personal information. Thus, financial identification and theft are avoided. With a reliable trading platform, they provide the best price.
Outstanding Features of the CHANGENOW platform
The use of blockchain for this platform means it will have the advantages of blockchain which is speed, transparency and decentralization.
 The inclusion of mobile app which will make the platform more accessible and therefore be of benefit to a lot of users.
 The presence of about 200 tokens and cryptocurrencies from which users can choose the ones they are interested in and transactions with these tokens occur immediately.
 The lack of sign up forms and procedures which keeps the personal information of the users out of the platform.
Token details
Token: NOW
Pre-ICO Price: 1 NOW = 0.2 $
Price: 1 NOW = 0.2 $
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH
Airdrop Start Date: 28th May 2018
Airdrop Sale End Date: TBC – once all tokens have been distributed
Hard Cap: $40,000000 
Wallets are used to store Cryptocurrencies. There are different wallets designed to serve different purposes. There are official wallets. For each currency, there is a separate wallet. Each wallet has an address of a unique combination of numbers and letters from 26 to 35 characters. When a user creates a wallet the particular person automatically get an address and a private key. The wallet has a recipient address. After buying a coin it should be sent to a specific wallet. Each coin has its own one. Thus, recipient address helps in transferring coin to a wallet after the exchange.
    Secrecy: CHANGENOW does not store your own data, so you don’t have to make a record on the stage before you trade cryptographic forms of money.
· Usability: you can store your own particular digital currency in return or purchase cryptography with your Visa or Mastercard.
  Reasonable: CHANGENOW cases to pick the best conversion scale for you. All charges are unmistakably demonstrated before the trade.
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