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Travelling for some is an endearing hobby, for some their profession indulgence and for others the undying passion for continuing their dreams to explore new destinations. The travel industry constitutes majorly to a country,s revenue in so many ways unimaginable. Mother earth has awarded us with not only vegetation and means of living but also diamond-like monuments which provide the tourism and the culture of the respective countries the completion. Mankind has an knack for exploration and innovation, and travel induces that spark in us that for long is getting blown out by the monotonous lives that we wish to escape.The Boulder In The Way

Be it the seven wonders of the world or the famous next-door castle in your locality, every place has a history, a story to tell, questions to answer. Travel is a necessity in anyone’s life. But as soon as we decide to set out one, there comes the situation of the real-time complicacies in the form of economic condition and management. But money is not the only thing that has to be managed in order to pursue a successful tour.

Another factor that plays a vital role in making your escapades even more perfect is interest. Your style, your interests, your travel. This literally speaks up for the dilemmas faced by every travel-holic heart. One might be the wine and dine person who would not care to enjoy the famous rock concert that he is herded into as a part of his/her tour. These are just one of those many situations faced by us when travelling. Although a traveller is in for all the treat hat a place has to offer but the interests of the individual matter a lot when deciding where to visit and what experiences to go through.

The Travel Solution

CHOZUN is the project that forms the solution for all these travel problems. The projects promise to provide a platform run on the blockchain technology which helps a traveller decide on places to visit on their tours. The project ensures decentralisation of the data fed in the system and allows various users to share their experiences and knowledge regarding places so that the others can benefit from it. By exchanging the valuable data and information sets the users can also exchange cryptocurrencies which later on can be used for services and transactions at the travel gems or the places provided by CHOZUN. Now you interest don’t have to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a safe and successful travel. With this project, one can know even the least popularised venues considered it is a place of your interest. CHOZUN is basically a travel on our own terms.


The token to be distributed ib the market in accordance with this project is named as CZN token. There will be 100 million CZN tokens available. 5% will be distributed in the Pre-ICO and 45% in the ICO. With a team of young experts, the PRE-ICO will start on July the 1st and the ICO on August the 1st.

  • 50% for sale (Pre-ICO and ICO)
  • 20% Locked (1 years time)
  • 20% Team


We are living in the new era where all can be done to make things go our way. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and what not. All these technologies have been developed to makes the lives of mankind easier. Thus the blockchain technology is not far behind with its amazing features like decentralization and the credibility system. The loyalty programme granted by it to the world is making the market go into a fizz. Thus travel should not be left out in this new generation of developments and advances. CHOZUN is here to make your travel simple considering your interests. So when are you setting out on your next tour with CHOZUN ??

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