CIBUS Is Poised To Create Fresh Revolution With Blockchain Enabled Food Ecosystem 2.0 For 21st Century

Why need a Blockchain for food safety inspection

Lack of reliability, inadequate information and non-transparency about food ingredients and, its origin is the most vital problem of present food industry, and traceability is considered as the most appropriate approach to bring ultimate consistency and transparency.

The terms “food safety” and “food quality” may get confusing at time. Food safety refers to all those perils, whether persistent or acute that may turn food injurious to the health of the consumer. Quality includes all attributes that impacts on a product’s value to the consumer. This includes positive qualities like the origin, colour, flavour, texture, and processing method and negative qualities such as spoilage, contamination with dirt, discoloration, off-doors, of the food. Thus the difference between safety and quality has implication for public plan and influences the nature and content of the food control system, which is the most suited option to meet predetermined objectives for maintaining food quality.

Traceability and lucidity are some of the most vital basics of logistics. Blockchain optimizes business transactions and trading associations with strong and secure business networks on Blockchain — in accordance to scalability and globally.

Blockchain provides a shared ledger that is rationalized and validated in real time with each network contestant. It empowers equal visibility of activities and it can expose any asset at any point in time, regardless who owns it and its latest condition. It is safe, secured, and cannot be tampered by any means so it promotes best transparency.

Transparency is the most demanding aspect of customers that has been increased in recent years. The transparency has the ability to assess the performance of a supply chain and their by increase the confidence of concerned players and of course improve the customers trust. Considering the characteristics of Blockchain technology, it is the best solution to achieve transparency by simply disclosing the information to others. The strengths in the transparency of the blockchain lies in the trustworthiness as a transaction cannot be changed or manipulated afterwards. The trustworthiness cannot be achieved by a centralized system, since it is impossible for an outsider to assess the trustworthiness of the disclosed information. Therefore, it is advantageous to use a blockchain technology over a centralized system in terms of trustworthiness.

Basic Business Model.

CIBUS is an online platform which will help establish the trust between the consumer and merchant. The complete business plan of the company is divided into few smaller sections;

Phase 1

CIBUS Trace: A complete cycle from farm to the seller go through various intermediate stops, with the help of CIBUS Trace you can very easily track the status of your order at each and every stage of its delivery. Detailed information is available for everyone to see.

CIBUS Social: How about a social platform to talk about food, recipes, and whatnot. CIBUS Social provides you with just that, a complete social platform to connect with other food bloggers, customers, and suppliers. This platform will allow you to create and upload the food-related post with recipes and other information. Suppliers will upload all the information about their products which can be accessed by everyone on the network.

CIBUS Retail: All the transactions on this platform will be done through CIBUS Tokens. CIBUS Tokens are to be bought to access all the facilities on the platform. This will create a more secure B2C marketplace which is based on blockchain technology. All the payments are done through CIBUS Token, hence there is not much chance of any scams and frauds. With the continuous promotion of CIBUS Token as a transaction medium, it will gain popularity over time.

CIBUS Trade: The platform will be like a big food market with unbiased and incorruptible vendor reviews and trustworthy service. If any case of continuous bad reviews is reported then the vendor will be removed. Just like Bitcoin, every transaction made on CIBUS will produce a micro-fee. You can access all the information about the vendors, their products, and your needs as per your diet and all this with just one click.

Phase 2

The second phase of the business plan is focused adding more clients and enriching their overall experience.

CIBUS Logistics: This phase is still under development as CIBUS will be a plan to create its own Logistic Unit and start to deliver all the food and dietary supplements from a central warehouse.

CIBUS AD: On CIBUS all the ads will be about the products available and arranged according to your shopping habits and requirements. These ads will contain detailed statistics about all the products from any vendor. This will include all the information related to the quality, sales, demand and nutritional value will be available for everyone to see.

CIBUS Affiliate: CIBUS will provide with a reward model for the sellers and vendors for promoting their sales through various marketing strategies like Ads and affiliate links.

CIBUS Escrow: It is an intermediary stage where CIBUS will hold all the transactions until all the paperwork and contract requirements are fulfilled between the customers and sellers.

Vision Of CIBUS

Global supply chains are extremely effective these days but in many ways they are adulterated with nontransparency, fraudulent activities, outdated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on outdated technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between manufacturers and traders with consumers in several ways. Blockchain technology, which has the potential to be used as secured way to record and transmit data in a safe and decentralized networks, has now been counted as a promising way to improve these chains.

One point that sets CIBUS apart from other almost similar projects is that CIBUS is going to launch hardware as well: best quality advanced and intuitive sensors that can continually monitor and steadily send data to the blockchain as an item transits from manufacturer to its end user.

CIBUS is on the verge of creating a potential market. Most important factor in this system workflow is complete transparency and conviction. The main focus will be to develop an ecosystem that address market issues, can bring down costs, and can boost efficiencies. All these components will help CIBUS to it be the most favourite for all stakeholders integrated in the supply chain — from the producers to traders to consumers.

CIBUS is also creating a blockchain-centric procedure that has the flexibility to be used at different supply chain settings. CIBUS protocol is Ethereum-based and it can write smart contracts, which is expected to add heaps of efficiencies, along with transparency and responsibility to the whole chain.

CIBUS is going to launch a new cryptocurrency token CIBUS token, which will be used on the CUBUS Platform only in a way that remains associated with each item within the chain. Amidst other things it holds the data as the food item moves ahead toward its consumers, and it also offers incentives for the stakeholders. CIBUS token is expected to be the central part of the equation.

CIBUS seeks to facilitate a locked and sovereign supply chain, develop an improved distribution procedure and permit consumers to effortlessly see where their purchased products come from and the ingredients in it.

Thus CIBUS is an encrypted ecosystem. It’s operated with CIBUS token economy with direct relations between users and network nodes. Contribution to CIBUS ecosystem is a promise toward more transparent, two-way, reasonable, and, reliable supply chain or better food safety.

CIBUS Utility

CIBUS is a multi-functional platform powered by CIBUS Tokens that aims:
+ Promotion of food safety and transparency by using blockchain and ensuring product authentication, visibility of product’s life cycle journey visibility, product recall efficiency and, inventory management
+ Authentication for products’ freshness in case of perishables and chain of custody with accountability, supply chain mapping and optimization.
+ Facilitation of direct retail(B2C) and business to business(B2B) food trading
+ Creating a holistic food based social network globally.
+ Robotic assurance for supply chain management
+ Customs, audit, and regulation process optimization to implement optimum transparency in supply chain system with the support of PULL chain algorithm.

CIBUS Architecture

CIBUS Blockchain will contribute in adding transparency which will help global food industry in quick & efficient
fraud prevention

CIBUS possesses very clear cut solutions for various practical issues in agri food business Furthermore, CIBUS is designed by food scientists who have decades of experience in dairy and related industries in collaboration with blockchain technology specialists to ensure optimum accuracy and efficiency for its users.
In a nutshell,
+ CIBUS intends to provide escrow services, analytics and affiliate e-commerce functions. CIBUS uses blockchain technology to bring absolute transparency in food and dietary supplements supply chain thus boosts food safety and traceability.
+ It benefits end-consumers by offering adequate information stored on blockchain, accessible on mobile application and websites, so that informed choices can be made before each and every food/dietary supplement purchase.
+ CIBUS also reduces involvement of intermediaries in the food economy by creating an e-commerce platform for food and dietary supplements. This facilitates direct trading between businesses and end consumers as well as other businesses.
+ CIBUS earns on transaction fee, digital advertising, escrow services and user analytics data it provides to sellers from its incentivized social networking platform.

Advantages of buying from CIBUS

The main advantage of CIBUS is the facility to direct communication between the consumer and the manufacturer.

It will give a big and relevant platform for food-related posts and reviews.

The reviews by the customers will be continuously monitored and in case of continuous bad reviews, the seller will be warned to improve the quality or any other fault regarding his/her services.

No unnecessary ads and promotion on the platform, only relevant ads, and information as per your purchase history or likes.

Some Additional new features

CIBUS Social will provide Social incentives for the bloggers, reviewers, and critics who post helpful information on the platform to help the other customer to have more precise views about every product. This reward will motivate people to provide more relevant and helpful reviews.








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