CIBUS a new technology that builds the chain based food blockchain

Hi all friends, may this day good words can exchange information There is the latest technology from blockchain

CIBUS network is a blockchain-based food and health supplement ecosystem
which ensures the origin, quality and quality of compliance with transparency.

the occurrence of CIBUS platform is to bring manufacturers of food supplements and food manufacturers,
seller or merchant under one platform
highly interactive, and mutually beneficial based on blockchain technology
and enable transparency through reliable data
collected in a distributed ledger that can be free
accessible to all interested parties;
Thus both business owners and consumers can enjoy the best possible
transparency, authenticity, and reliability of the food products they are passionate about.

all records of production and distribution stored in CIBUS blocks can not be falsified.
Consumers / buyers, food producers can use it for fast food products, to decide on fast transfers
case of food recall or fraud detection while utilizing high transparency.

Token CIBUS allows transactions within the platform between all users. This is the underlying one
currency for all transactions, payments for transaction fees, escrow services, and advertising and will
providing commercial analysis and transactional intelligence.
All parties who transact will be required to buy and pay
using CIBUS token.

Advantages CIBUS works as a multi-function platform:

Facilitate access to search information by end consumers, using CIBUS-Trace functionality: add
The complete transformation includes farming for the chain to be more complete

Creating a global interactive social media platform for food consumers, food producers, traders,
food bloggers, food customers and all other food enthusiasts
to allow the scope of their interactions with other foods
producers, traders, experts as well as with a growing health globally

Provides an e-commerce platform that empowers B2C and B2B modalities in food
and food related merchandise supplements using CIBUS-Retail and CIBUS-Trade sub-platforms

Facilitate ads that are directly targeted by Manufacturers / merchants by providing tailored users
preferences and demographic data of relevant profiles, which will be the basis of CIBUS-AD

CIBUS Token will be the trading currency on all platforms; The goal is to facilitate open and fair trade
to reduce uncertainty in supply chain reliability for consumers

cibus 1.png

CIBUS parties realize that small-scale producers around the world need a place for further development and
product launches to international markets that until now seem unattached to them.

cibus 2.png

an Opportunity for small traders and producers chained by congestion and that’s where CIBUS is
Solutions give them a chance to unleash their true potential.
CIBUS offers a large number of services on platforms facilitated by CIBUS tokens and supported by CIBUS
Communities are scattered around the world so that the above congestion can easily become unpacked and the true business potential can be
realized by its users.

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