CICoin: Investment tool based on Blockchain

maxresdefault.jpgCICoin is an investment tool of the new generation. The slogan sounds like this: “Invest smartly – invest with ideas”. CICoin was created to provide an opportunity for our partners to receive stable revenue and benefit from all the advantages of blocking technology.

Invest smartly – invest profits.
Get guaranteed daily income and bonuses when signing a contract. With CICoin, you no longer need to freeze your investment. The Cryptoinvestment program works on the principle of allocating investment capital to the portfolio and trading strategies on the exchange to maximize profits with minimal risk.

Contribute keenly – contribute securely.

We consider the pattern of record and present day innovation, we utilize our own particular experience and want to make new headings. We figured out how to chip away at money markets and coordinate a decentralized computerized exchanging stage. Over the previous year, the yield is 10 806.6%, that is, we just increment speculation portfolio right around 108 times. Our methodology enables us to get steady positive monetary outcomes, regardless of high instability in the digital currency showcase.

Contribute admirably – contribute easily

12,000,000 tokens.Without outflows. We will issue 12,000,000 tokens. 10 000 of them will be appropriated among our accomplices. CICoin depends on keen contracts utilizing the ERC-20 convention, which guarantees outflows straightforwardness.

Around the globe with no confinements.

Blocking innovation gives you a chance to make installments around the globe without time and volume limitations. Exchanges are free of banks, middle people, or other budgetary establishments.

Feel yourself ensured

Blockchain innovation guarantees the security and straightforwardness everything being equal. Money related establishments can not oversee installments: all exchanges are independent and decentralized plans.

furthermore, totally mysterious

All CICoin exchanges are totally unknown around the globe. Every client can track any exchange, yet no one sees who began it.

Take in More

The crypto venture program

The crypto venture program will be accessible in five distinct variations: 5, 15, 30, 75 and 120 days, separately 10%, 38%, 81%, 225% and 420% of ensured income. The base day by day pay ensured is 0.3%. You can utilize CICoin to enter one of the agreements, get an ensured day by day pay and rewards you get to finish your agreement.

The Cryptoinvestment program chips away at the rule of allotting speculation cash-flow to the portfolio and exchanging procedures on the trade to boost benefits with negligible hazard. This instrument is chosen utilizing a smart programming bundle in view of the calculation to ascertain the volume development efficiency utilizing an extraordinarily created show for choosing fluid sets in light of polynomial relapse with dynamic grouping examination.

A powerful Stop Loss calculation is additionally used to decrease potential misfortunes in the market negative progression.

Advantages and disadvantages.

In the crypto business everybody has for some time been acquainted with negative encounters

Ventures that control token costs on household trades, confront claims from controllers and contributors, can not pull back their own particular assets from inward wallets. After the achievement of one of the main tasks, many “fake felines” rose, which labored for 2-3 months and afterward shut, in light of the fact that they utilized the same wasteful model. After some time, the referral program ends up further and more extensive. This circumstance causes numerous free and additional tokens.

In this way, ventures confront circumstances in which they are inadequate, or might be unwilling to satisfy their commitments to financial specialists.

Rather, we are making new stages for accomplices and financial specialists searching for a long haul and legit way to deal with working with us. To stay away from assertions of controlling token costs, CIC exchanging will just occur on the outside trades. This totally disposes of the likelihood that the venture overseer influences the token cost.

In that capacity, we have built up an ideal venture program that empowers you to get an ensured every day pay without solidifying your assets for quite a while.


Now this is a plan until 2019 with a token price increase plan starting from $ 0.8 to $ 350


A total of 12 million tokens are planned to be released, and 10 million tokens will be distributed via ICO. One million tokens are reserved for the team and millions of other tokens are allocated for the gift.


It is planned to divide the collected money into ICO in such a way: 40% for development, 30% for marketing, 20% for the expansion of the personnel of traders, 10% for technical services.

ICO structure

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