Opportunities For Our Partners To Receive Revenue

  The Stable

The investment tool of the new generation
Invest wisely – invest with ideas

  to give 


 opportunities for our partners to receive 


 stable income and get benefits 


 of all profits 

  blockchain technology.

Invest wisely – invest profitably
Get guaranteed daily earnings and bonuses when closing the contract. With CICoin you will not have to freeze your investment again.
The cryptoinmentment program works with the principle of allocating capital investment to the portfolio and trading strategies on the exchange to maximize profits with minimal risk.
Invest wisely – invest safely
We take into account the trend of account and modern technology, we use our own experience and desire to create new directions.
We managed to work on the stock market and integrate a decentralized automated trading platform. Over the past year, profitability was 10,806.6%, which means we only increased our investment portfolio nearly 108 times.
Our strategy allows us to obtain stable positive financial results despite high volatility in the cryptocurrency market.
Invest wisely – invest comfortably
12 000 000 tokens.There is no additional problem.
We will issue 12,000,000 tokens. 10,000,000 of them will be distributed among our partners.
CICoin is based on smart contracts on the ERC-20 protocol, which guarantees token emission transparency.
Across the world, no limits
Blockchain technology lets you make payments around the world, with no time and volume restrictions. Transactions are independent of banks, mediators or other financial institutions.
Feeling guaranteed amandan …
Blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of all transactions.
Financial institutions can not manage payments: all transactions are self-regulating and decentralized.
… and really the mononys
All CICoin transactions are completely anonymous around the world. Each user can track any transaction, but nobody sees who started it.

Invest wisely – invest effortlessly

April 2018 

May 2018 Start of the registration of participants on
May 2018 Start of ICO and opening sale of tokens
June 2018 Final stage of discussions with and 
June 2018 Initial listing on and
July 2018 Defrosting tokens. Launch of crypto investment program
October 2018 Listings on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges
February 2019 Preliminary discussions with representatives of financial regulators in Europe and North America
April 2019 The final stage of discussions with the U.S. SEC
December 2018 Optimization of a cryptoinvestment program. Synergy with AI
March 2019 First stage of discussions with the U.S. SEC regarding the company’s entry onto the US markets
April 2019 The final stage of discussions with the U.S. SEC

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