Good evening, dear friends.CINDX is a universal solution for simple, reliable and efficient trading of crypto assets.

Cindex offer an evaluation system using the trading history which ensures that you find the right Manager for you. Here, all your crypto assets for management are permanently stored in your wallet Decentralization and smart contracts allow you to manage your wallets without transferring funds to managers. Investors join to synchronize their transactions with the best players in the market.

How does CINDX:
The investor increases his crypto capital due to effective management of his assets by a professional trader
The trader earns his fees for success by building investors ‘ craving for a deep understanding of the market and trading strategy.
The seller sells advanced tools for traders, such as trading robots and news feeds.
CINDX earns Commission for selling and a subscription to the terminal.
How it works
About ICO and Token General information:
Token: CINX
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 58,000,000 CINX
Price: 1 CINX = 1USD
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Beginning: 27.06.2018
Completion: 11.07.2018
Twenty five%


Beginning: 08.08.2018
Completion: 27.09.2018
1 week-15%
Week 2 – 10%
Week 3 – 7%
4 week – 5%
5 week 3%


About team:
Yury Avdeev
Chief Executive Officer Of
Val Jerdes
Product Director
Sofja Pevzner
Member of The Board
Mofassair Hossain
Chief Marketing Officer
Artur Shamalov
Investment Director
Igor Okatiev
Sales Director
Denis Eskenazi
Chief of Product
Stefano Fursman
Legal Officer
Andrzej Cichowlaz
Marketing Manager
Ibraghim Haniev
Tech Lead
Mikhail Kudriashov
Back-end Developer
Rustam Samiev
UI/UX Designer
Tigran Hakhunts
Marketing Manager
Mansur Rasulov
Community Team Lead
Askhad Rasulov
Community Manager


Kim Austin
International Financial Services CEO in Australia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia
Philip Staehelin
25 years of global corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial experience
Amarpreet Singh
Senior Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation
Tyler Sanford
8+ Years Digital Marketing for tech companies such as Yelp and Zenefits
Bogdan Fiedur
The Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, investor, entrepreneur
Graham Doggart
20 years of enterprise development, fintech marketing compliance
Sadie Hutton
25 years in senior management and management consulting
Keith Teare
Founder and Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures token Distribution

Distribution of funds collected

Operating expenses (26%)
Marketing and PR (18%)
Research and development (44%)
Legal costs (9%)
Bonuses to investors (3%)

Harmony 06.06.2018: (826 followers)

Facebook (93 followers) (11.26%)
Twitter (613 followers) (74.21%)
Medium (23 followers) (2.78%)
Telegram (97 followers) (11.74%)
Advisers (6%)
Reserve (7%)
Attraction of asset managers (3%)
Sales (61%)
Command (12%)
Bounty (6%)
Liquidity support (5%)
Road map
1Q 2018———————-System architecture. Terms of reference and description of all modules.
2Q 2018———————UI / UX interfaces. Web platform. Query aggregator. KYC / AML modules. Integration of tests with stock exchanges. The closing of the alpha testing
3Q 2018 —————-CINDX without faces
4Q 2018——————CINDX alpha
1Q 2019——————CINDX betta
3Q 2019————CINDX Delta

CINDX Life the project has all the chances to become top .And win sympathy in the crypto market.The project has a strong team, all the guys are not hiding with them can be contacted on social networks. They’re very serious about

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