CitiOS is multidimensional. Our global presence is expected to significantly rise to a completely different level through the integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) with blockchain technology.
CitiOS aligns with the next paradigm transformation of the traditional cities into smart cities where the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are autonomous and able to best respond to scenarios in real time with little or no human input. Imagine cities where everything runs smoothly without depending on the unreliable human effort.


Critical data is stored on blockchain with permission based access. Users all have their blockchain ID for security and privacy.
Automated payments to business network participants based on sensor data — all without human involvement.
AIoT with cognitive computing interactive with blockchain smart contracts, provide machine-to-machine communication, make IoT services much smarter.


While urban development can spur economic growth and opportunity, megacities also run the risk of complexity. Through the Internet of Things and sensing devices, we can digitize the services of the city and provide applications for data research, resource management, insurance, business transactions and risk control for government, industry and research institutions.


How does the robot pay to the robot? It’s definitely not using a credit card. CitiOS has built-in crypto token R2R for point-to-point micropayments, high-speed transactions and zero transactions fee.

Token Details

The CitiOS blockchain system will use a utility ERC20 token known as RoboAi Coin, denoted as R2R. The project is based on the Ethereum platform and thus the reason as to why the token is an ERC20.
The digital currency shall be used to facilitate international settlements especially among cross-countries organization in areas like African development.
It is also set to be a major facilitator in investors’ participation in the entire project. The token (R2R) is available for investors.
Token Name: RoboAi Coin R2R
Token Standard: ERC20
Symbol: R2R
Token Features: Etheruem Blockchain
Total RoboAi Coin in Circulation: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Price: $0.4 – $1.0
Softcap: $30,000,000 ($30 millions)
Hardcap: $180,000,000 ($180 millions)
Token Upgrade Features: Deploying Proxy Contract, making proxy contract act as a bridge between actual contract and client.(Proxy contract is used to make contract upgradable)
Locking Period: Extending ERC20 interface to support function
– lock – locked token – lock period – total bal of (including locked token) – bal of (only unlocked token)
Token Release Date: 1 Dec 2019
Team, Partner, Marketing – Locked for 36 months. Unlock 1/36 per month.
Presale discounted tokens – Locked 12 months. Unlock 1/12 per month.
Presale bonus tokens – Locked 18 months (1/12 release starting from 6th months)
Presale tokens – Locked 6 months (Hard release starting from 6th months)
Airdrop tokens – Locked 12 months (Hard release from 6th months, then release 1/6 per month)


The CitiOS’ token sale will be conducted through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a target amount of $180,000,000.
A pool (lock-up) will be mainly used for Attribution reward and refers to scheduling the amount of tokens to put into the market in order to meet service demands and ensure healthy liquidity of the token market. We will put tokens on the market in a step-by-step manner while checking the change in the number of users or market.
The 1 billion available tokens shall distributed as follows:
30% for Reserve
5% for Partners
7% for Marketing
7% for Team
50% for Sale
1% for Airdrop
Therefore, the ICO token sale will be for the 50% of the total available CitiOS tokens.

Use and Selling of R2R Token

R2R Tokens are consumed as a consideration for services within the R2R Platform.
In the future, after ICO/IEO, R2R Token will be traded and possible to buy and sell at
the corresponding exchange.
Depending on the market, tokens will be put on the market from Pool (lock-up) to
cope with an increase in the number of users.

Funds distribution

Funds raised through the token sale will primarily be used for business development,
including further development of product and system, promoting the service after launch, securing global distribution, and enhancing sales and marketing towards business expansion.
11% will go to marketing
11% will be used to deal with legal affairs.
22% will be used in the development of products and systems.
34% will be used for running the entire business operations.
22% will be used to oversee future developments of the project.
In this case, marketing refers to offering incentives to those firms that contribute to the


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