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Today I will write a review about this project called Crypto Market Cloud. This project describes itself as ‘the world’s first decentralized ecosystem designed to benefit investors’. Crypto money markets have suffered huge losses over the past year, and their return to investors has been challenging. The Crypto Market Cloud project decided to create an ecosystem based on the challenges of these victims. This platform, which wants to present its working practice in a more holistic and systematic way, wants to increase its customer potential by selling its own token.

Lately, many of us have suffered financial losses due to bad market conditions. For this reason, people were unable to trade with confidence after that, and as a result, the markets became quite sluggish. A person who is confident that the future of his investments is safe will make business transactions more comfortable. This project teaches us how to protect our investments and aims to make more bold decisions, thus increasing the market volume and making cryptocurrency attractive for everyone. Investments with Crypto Market Cloud will not be fragile and our investments will no longer suffer with financial measures to be taken. This project, which will collect many different processes related to crypto coins, will make its name known in the future.

Crypto Market Cloud wants to create a near perfect ecosystem by combining three main elements around the block chain. CMC – ICO Platform, CMC – Block Chain (C-Chain) and CMC – Crypto Currency Change will create a self-sufficient platform for its investors. CMC is a token to be used on the platform. Persons with CMC token on the platform will receive various premiums and incentives. Recently, the concept of STO has a place in this project. With STO, individual users can make their investments at lower costs and higher speeds. STO investments are more transparent and reliable than ICO processes. The support we will give to this project, which emerged with a different idea within the challenging market conditions, may well satisfy the investors in the future.

The reason for the Crypto Market Cloud venture is separating from customary frameworks, giving a shared administration where square chain innovation is utilized and investment is person. It additionally gives an open administration and goes for making the administrations that every member can without much of a stretch access.

It plans to plan a stage where even the individuals who don’t have any learning in the cryptopara zone can without much of a stretch perform exchanges and make benefit, and to make an environment that is overseen in a decentralized structure, with astute contracts and autocontrol, utilizing its very own token in Crypto Market Cloud administrations.

The mission of CMC itself is to create its own biological system, where financial specialists are protected and benefit from each CMC administration and the Company has all administration in one place, starting from making tokens, using the ICO / STO stage and encouraging trade.


Token Details

Token Symbol: CMC

Platform: Ethereum

Token type: ERC -20

Total token amount: 120,000,000

The amount of token to be sold: 70,000,000

Softcap: $ 10,000

Hardcap: No

Pre-sale price: 1 ETH = 480 CMC

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 377 CMC

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes



Road Map


Q1 plan for CryptoMarketCloud and team Assembly


Q2 Development of CryptoMarketCloud begins


Q2-Q3 CryptoMarketCloud Launch


Q3 CryptoMarketCloud becomes a viable and no-hit ico platform


Q3 CryptoMarketCloud Develops its own Token and team development


Q4 Preparation For own Ico Launch, team assembly, report and website style


Q4 Ico Launch


Q1 Ico completion


Q1 CMC token Listing on Exchange’s


Q1 work and developing own Blockchain starts


Q2 Own Blockchain completed and deployed


Q2 creation of sensible contracts attainable on own Blockchain


Q2 work on developing own CryptoCurrency Exchange starts


Q3-Q4 Cryptocurrency Exchange finished and deployed


Q4 listing of high ten currencies on our exchange


Q4 full CryptoMarketcloud Eco-System developed, deployed and totally functioning


Q1 new comes and additions merchandise introduced to CryptoMarketCloud Eco-System



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