Co-DEX is a Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies

Co-DEX  platform

Co-DEX is a Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies, built on vanguard security infrastructure and using a revolutionary system. Co-DEX is an exchange created by the community, for the community, thus Co-DEX will be the first exchange that will apply a NO FEES policy on transactions, the users being required to cover souly the transaction cost of the miners and/or validators that register the action on the blockchains. Experience direct peer-to-peer trading without the security risk of trusting a third party, thus having complete control of your assets at any time.


We at Co-DEX consider the whole crypto market spectrum as being an expression of the needs, concerns, and wishes of each of the individuals that together encompass the idea of community.

From Co-DEX is risen, and through it, Co-DEX will flourish to become a mirror of all the ideas put forth by the community and its members. Feedback is the keyword, promptitude, openness and problem solving are the main creeds. We here at Co-DEX value each and everyone’s input and welcome all comers to help better our services and our platform.

NO FEES, is our strong belief! We are of the community and by the community, we will realize this goal, for the community! Co-DEX will practice NO FEES on top of the necessary gas or transaction costs, that validate the transaction on the blockchains. You will feel part of this project, for Co-DEX will keep you connected by continuously organizing events and airdrops, bounty programs and rewards, for after the IDO’s over, the focus will be set on YOU and your experience.

People from all walks of life are invited to get involved as we try out new ideas to benefit the people around us in this crypto world that is our community. Make sure to follow us on our social media, to keep up to date with all the news, and feel free to join the conversation.

Cross-chain exchanges is the most significant component with regards to this undertaking. Since each blockchain has its very own environment, one of the most troublesome, and unsolved for a long time, issue, was finding a route for these blockchains to convey and to work together. Utilizing the progressive IBC highlights, we take a stab at a unification under a decentralized and secure stage, hence giving you, the client, a base for exchanging your benefits from various blockchains.

All things considered, you’ll regularly hear these cross-tie conventions alluded to as utilizing an Internet of Blockchains, on the grounds that they will utilize a system of Blockchains, which are for the most part interoperable, these blockchains at long last will be able to “talk” to each other in light of the fact that they will be incorporated in an institutionalized manner. On the off chance that innovation can accomplish this objective, it implies that you will have the option to accelerate development dependent on the way that individuals also will enhance on individual blockchains, which will likewise further improve different angles, for example, scaling, and so forth.

This implies the innovation won’t depend on outsider connectors so as to move an incentive starting with one chain then onto the next. It’ll be incorporated with the convention itself. Token exchanging will be more effective on Co-DEX than in any brought together trade in light of the fact that blockchains in the Cosmos Network will exploit the advantages of utilizing the highlights given by the Tendermint accord which is a lot quicker than PoW.

Our Tokens

What is COD1 Token?

1. Very Fast operations

2. Without blockchain fluctuations

3. Protects the identity

4. ZERO fee transactions

5. Global System and Security

Co-DEX Official Wallet

Co-DEX official wallet with global connectivity. Ensures easy accesability and safety for your assets.

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COD1 Token

1. Token name – Co-DEX

2. Token symbol – COD1

3. Total supply – 250,000,000 COD1

4. Token type – ERC-20

5. Token initial value – 0.05 USDT

6. Token Decimals – 18

COD1 Token Contribution

1. Token Name:COD1

2. Hard Cap:equivalent of 5,000,000 USD in ETH/BTC/ATOM

3. Token Value:1 COD1 = 0,05 USD

4. Currency Accepted:ETH, BTC, ATOM

5. Min Contribution:0.1 ETH

6. Private Contributions:TBA

7. IDO Starts:Q4 2019

8. Ends:After 30 Days or Hard Cap reached


40%: Token Contribution

25%: Team & Advisors

10%: Marketing

10%: AirDrop & Bounty

15%: CoDEX Reserve

Our Roadmap

Our Strategy and Project Plan

Q1 2019
Creating the Co-DEX Fundation and establishing the development Team

Q2 2019
Establishing the Advisory board, Development of the site

Q3 2019
Launch of site, Launch of social media and communication channels

Q3 2019
Start the Private Contribution

Q3 2019
Alpha testing of the platform

Q4 2019
Beta testing of the platform

Q4 2019
Launch of decentralized exchange platform

Q4 2019
Launch of COD1 IDO

Q4 2019
Hosting other IDOs

Q1 2020
Implementation of various blockchain tokens and currencies through the interoperability feature created by COSMOS

Q2 2020
Development of our CO-DEX Wallet

Q3 2020
Launch of CO-DEX Wallet, creation of compatibility features with the platform

Our Team

Mihai Condurache
Company Owner presso CoDEX Foundation, CEO of Co-DEX Exchange

Arturo Parrillo
Communication Event Coordinator
CEO – Founder of Medianet Group srl, StartUp Expert
Co-DEX Foundation
Software Development, Blockchain Solutions Development

Ria Diaz
Social & Community Manager
Community Manager at Xarbon and Foundation
Osiz Technologies
Blockchain and Software Development Company

Sulthan Syed
Project Manager
Business Development, Customer service, Project Management, Co-ordinating

Pranav Arya
Co Executive Marketing Officer
CMO at CURATE, Strategic Marketing Consultant at ArmaCoin

Deepanshu Bhatt

Chief Marketing Officer
Blockchain Consultant, Growth Advisor, Fundraiser, HighBank Advisor

Your Name Here
Technical & Development

Our Advisors

Kail Lee

Project DEXNetworks CEO – Dobi trade Referall Consultant – POLYMATH Community Manager – BYTEX Exchange Pioneer – VENTASBit exchange /strategic manager – Coin Play Ground Owner – The 1st generation Marketing Project member – QDAO Stables engineering Marketing advisor – CINEMA BLOC CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) – COINPUB CEO

Hamza Khan

Blockchain Dev, Advisor, Developer, Stellar Blockchain Expert, CEO Stellar Gold, ICO Analyst & ICO Expert FortFC

Alessio Vincenzo Fallica

CEO – founder & trader presso MooNey AI, Head Management TRADING GROUP SRL, Community manager QUOINE, Crypto Investor

Mark Westerweel

Advisor – Project Manager
Ambassador ALGORAND, TOP Network,, Comunity manager ONTOLOGY, Business Development Agent NAUTICUS Blockchain


Co-DEX project aims to create and provide to the world, the full power of decentralized exchanges and capitalize on the interconnectivity and interoperability of cross-chain features. We will write the right path for all traders, blockchain enthusiasts and future generations. We dream about full transparency, high security and peer to peer exchanges without the risk of having to trust third parties and additional taxes. We aim to put back into the people’s hands, the much needed financial independence. If you share our beliefs and you have similar dreams, you can support our project, join our groups and take part in Co-DEX and the coming blockchain revolution. Together we will bring about the much needed change for a brighter future for our own and the next generations of traders and crypto enthusiasts.

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