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The use of blockchain technology has started to increase all over the world. Especially in the last 5 years, his jump is incredible. This technology, which can perform all the functions of money, is often more than that. People can now turn their existence into djital beings. In this way, banks and governments are not needed. Because, thanks to blockchain technology, only the interest concept offered by banks changed shape. Instead, the so-called “Proof of Stake” concept came to replace the investment tools of banks in the stock markets. In addition, the commission fees we paid for the crypto money transactions we have made have dropped dramatically. People are living a monetary revolution with cryptography. Although this situation disturbs banks, capitalist companies and states, it seems difficult to prevent this revolution. Because by the day new cryptocurrencies emerge new stock markets and new wallets. One of them is Cobo.

Meet Cobo


The wallets used today are mostly used to store crypto exchange and crypto currency. It can be argued that these wallets are functional for users with very limited features. Many stock exchanges have their own wallet, and many cryptocurrencies have their own wallet. Although we can say that these wallets are very numerous, I have to say that they are quite inadequate in terms of their benefits.

Although Cobo Wallet has all the features of ordinary wallets, it has much more advanced features that make it special. The most important feature of Cobo wallet is the “Proof of Stake” method to generate income from cryptocurrencies held in the wallet. In addition, it gives users the opportunity to setup a masternode and generate passive income for them as well as for their wallet.

At this stage, Cobo comes to the fore with 3 different products. These are Cobo wallet, Cobo Cold Storage Wallet, Cobo Vault and Cobo Custody service before briefly talking about the products through the application of Cobo Wallet can also reach a variety of dApps.

Cobo Products and Features



  1. Cobo Wallet and Cold Storage Wallet: This wallet is a highly developed wallet that supports more than 20 chains and more than 500 tokens. You can gain the “Proof of Stake” prize at predetermined rates by holding the designated coins in this wallet. Cobo uses a double-factor firewall to store the security of the wallet. Users who care about security and want to increase security measures can increase their security with the help of the Know Your Customer (KYC) method, while they can activate message notifications in order to be informed about the developments related to their wallets. In addition, the private keys of Cobo wallet owners are stored in secure information stores in different parts of the world and encrypted with cryptography. In addition, the Cobo cold wallet feature activated allows the wallet to be used on both Android and IOS devices. As I just mentioned, Cobo wallet contains a lot of dApps. Thanks to these applications, you can play in wallet, be aware of the developments related to your health and exchange with the crypto.


2 ) Cobo Vault: Cobo device is also a security device that serves as a wallet. This device is equipped with advanced features that comply with the military conditions of the United States of America and have a waterproof and IK9 certificate. Within this device you can keep not only your cryptocurrencies but also your files. The wallet provides full protection against theft because it can work without the need for internet connection. The device is equipped with some superior features to provide maximum security to users. Some of them:

  • This device has the ability to self-destruct against external attacks. If the incoming attack cannot be prevented, the device will destroy itself and provide an invincible security for the protection of the information inside the device.
  • When connected to the internet by providing internet authentication to prevent chain attacks with the user acts together.
  • Disables the use of USB input ports on the device when an attack occurs and prevents foreign sources from interfering with the device externally.


  • The TF card used when the application software is upgraded can be updated with the device software in a much safer way without the need for internet connection.
  • Multiple signature protocol can be activated for the person who wants to use the device. In this way, the device can be used only by one person, or it may require more than one person’s signature to be used.


3 ) Cobo Customy: Cobo has developed a special crypto money saving and storage protocol for some organizations. Organizations wishing to sign up for this protocol may use Cobo Customy’s benefits by submitting an application to Cobo’s official website. With Cobo Customy, organizations can store and operate digital assets within the framework of maximum security measures. Companies who want to use this service can benefit from multiple signature system and cold wallet features to increase their security. This service also supports more than 30 chains and more than 500 tokens, such as Cobo Wallet. Organizations can add daily transaction limit, transaction frequency, and whitelist or black list for their digital assets. This wallet can be used to store currencies on stock exchanges, crypto money projects,startups and dApps.



Today, many stock markets and cryptocurrencies have their own wallet. But these wallets are very simple wallets that are far from functional. There are also serious concerns about their safety. Cobo wallet is more than just a wallet. This great project, which allows users to earn passive income by the amount of coins they hold in their wallet, is also equipped with their own device. Since this device can be used offline, Cobo aims to increase the crypto money experience one step further. To find out more about Cobo, the most dazzling project this year, please use the link below.




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