Greetings people, Ladies and Gentlemen all over the globe, Crypto lover and non cryptocians, well today is a very special day for special people like you oh yea you crypto lover, it has been a great week for cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole, as blockchain heads up to accomplishing its mission one after the other, for this purpose alot of challenges has had answers, alot of projects queues up to solve different problem, but today I Want to tell us about a project which is a bit different from what we used to and we should not forget that one of the purpose of blockchain technology is to render maximum quality of security, alot of companies have neglected this fact which in return back fires,

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Come to think of it if you could actually run(manage) almost all your crypto assets right in the same place at the same time at one simple click with less stress? Or wouldn’t it be pretty much better if you could go anywhere with your mobile wallet, and spend your cryptocurrency no matter where you are in a very dynamic and secure way? That’s why I bring to you Cobo_Wallet

What is Cobo_Wallet? As the name implies, cobo is a cryptocurrency wallet with super features but the one which attracts me most is the level of security offer by this wallet, it’s obvious that Cobo team are well experienced dudes who knows what the blockchain is here to accomplish and, they have this goal at heart and looks forward to achieving this, Cobo_Wallet is a great unique cryptocurrency wallet that aims to achieve an uncommon transformation with the help of our blockchain.

The team behind the project came together in 2017 to discover this uncommon challenge and give a ground breaking solution, in 2018 the Cobo_Wallet was fully executed (launched) and ever since then the team continued adding new features

Features :

Like I said earlier Cobo_Wallet is very important and different from other wallet, Cobo_Wallet supports over 30 chain and not limited to 700 different cryptocurrencies token, and furthermore extends supports to more tokens,

Cobo_Wallet was created in a very dynamic and most friendly manner fast and easy to understand, right on the user interface you could view all your assets and their values in Fiat and USD too, example:

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It’s as simple as you can see on the pictures, both names of your tokens and icons are visibly display on the dashboard, this Is not all…

Another amazing feature (STAKING)

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Yes alot of us know what staking means, you can actually store your coin on this Cobo_Wallet for staking, and collect your stakes right in cobo,

You will agree with me that this wallet is very important and innovative it’s currently one of the best crypto wallets, but I think with the features that comes with a long like staking which is something you barely find in other wallet, Cobo_Wallet improves every day with new features, so after going through this project have come to a conclusion that Cobo_Wallet is currently the best cryptocurrency wallets and I encourage everyone reading to check it out and take full advantage asap




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