CODEX.ONE – Officially Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange

Codex is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform that seeks to provide traders with a secure and fast way to trade cryptocurrencies or make cross-blockchain transactions through the responsive trading mechanisms that have instant order matching capabilities.

Designed to suit the need of both amateur and experts, Codex integrates useful functions that help traders diversify their portfolios or enter the crypto market.

Additionally, Codex provides traders with a stable and functional environment where they can store, deposit, or withdraw over 100 of the major cryptocurrencies available in the market. Codex is constantly adding new digital currencies and there are plans to incorporate compatibility with fiat currencies in the near future.

How Does Codex Work?

Currently, Codex solutions focus on the EOS blockchain by becoming a hybrid exchange that combines the features of centralized and decentralized exchanges. To log in on the platform, users are required to use their private keys instead of a username and password; therefore, Codex will have little personal information on the users while ensuring it does not hold the users’ fund.

The Codex solutions will include the platform generating EOS wallets for the Codex community or share codes in the form of electronic voucher systems, which can transfer funds across various platforms without attracting any charges or fees.

The platform’s business model is powered by the trading fees users pay when buying or selling cryptocurrencies via Codex. The funds collected are used to maintain the platform and cover other expenses. The trading fees utilize the maker-taker model and the fees are relatively low compared to other platforms.

The Codex Token (CDX), stimulates the growth of the platform as it is used as a means to reward users for their loyalty and encourage their participation in the platform. CODEX’s Trade Mining Feature enables users to receive CDX dividends for trading on specific markets. The amount of dividends acquired from trade mining will depend on the amount of CDX tokens users have in their accounts.

Codex features an affiliate program where users have the opportunity to receive a commission for inviting other users on the platform. Affiliates holding CDX tokens in their wallets will receive more commission.

Why Use Codex?


Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, Codex is built on the secure Vanguard infrastructure and implements advanced features like 2FA and login alerts, which prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their accounts.

Additionally, the platform utilizes EdDSA, which only stores the users’ public keys instead of the API keys to secure users funds on the platform.

Advanced Technology

Codex is integrated with advanced security and matching mechanisms that are efficient and have reliable performance combined with an intuitive interface.

This results in the users receiving the best crypto trading experiences through the functional and stable trading environment.

Customer Support

Codex has a 24/7 customer support team made up of industry experts who will provide users with relevant and up-to-date information on inquiries or issues they may have.

The support team can be reached through multiple channels such as emails, phone calls, or through Codex social media pages.

Consistent Development And Stability

Through tokenized incentive programs, Codex will increase subscriptions and engagement on the platform, which will increase the speed and performance of the platform and subsequently result in the growth of Codex.

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