CoinBundle is the easiest way to build your investment portfolio by buying bundles of cryptocurrencies with just one click in such a way that is much beneficial even for the new users to crypto-currency who do not have the experience to predict which tokens will do well, and given the nascency of the industry even experienced investors do not have that insight. CoinBundle allows its users to build a diversified portfolio of currencies based on their risk tolerance or personal preferences with just one click.

But before we dive deeply into the CoinBundle review, let’s have a general look at the crypto market and the problems faced by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, also the crypto exchanges.

The cryptocurrency market has seen vast expansion in the last two years with continued increase in market capitalization and in the number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens (which collectively total more than 1,850). This is a result of media hype and media coverage of the crypto market, as well as its unregulated nature that has allowed vast participation by even the most uninformed of retail investors.

This is not surprising as the crypto market far outpaced other markets by staggering amounts. Some cryptocoins gained as much as 20,000% between 2016 and 2017.


The lure of quick and supposedly easy money has not only caught the attention of genuine companies and investors in this space, but has also attracted nefarious entities who want to grab a share of this market. With no regulation to check what is coming into this market as an investment product, a lot of scams have taken over. This poses a real problem in the crypto exchanges and the market at large.

We now have a situation where many scam crypto exchanges are mostly common, and the majority of crypto investors are afraid, unsophisticated investors without the knowledge of how to decipher the scam crypto investments from the real ones.

Lack of regulation in the market and exchanges has also created a situation where there is no trust entity to validate the thousands of new cryptocurrency-based products that are entering the marketplace on a daily basis.

Trusted and accurate information channels that can serve as valid sources of informative and educational content for the unsophisticated, retail investors are lacking.

What is the end result? Many cryptocurrency traders have lost and are still losing money in the crypto market.

High transaction fee after a successful trading is another challenge on the cryptocurrency exchanges, lack of security, liquidity, and so on.


CoinBundle aims to solve the difficulty in obtaining exposure to diversified portfolio of crypto assets by becoming the easiest way for anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies using a decentralized ETF-like approach.

CoinBundle will be initially launched with three premade bundles, which the finance team has created and optimized based on market demand from early the investors. These bundles are:

i. The Conservative Bundle;

ii. The Aggressive Bundle; and

iii. The Emerging Bundle.

The team of CoinBundle is partnering with a custody provider to safely secure users assets. CoinBundle provides best in class security in partnership with Kingdom Holdings, so that you can invest your assets with peace of mind. With this plan of the team, I say a big thumb up to this team as it rocks!

The CoinBundle project is backed by the top investors in Silicon Valley including Initialized Capital, Tuesday Capital and YCombinator.


CoinBundle will be the go-to source for millions of people with a need to diversify their portfolio with exposure to cryptocurrencies, as well as for the next billion people who will want to start saving and investing for the first time. CoinBundle will achieve this goal by being the default and definitive source for getting exposure to a diversified set of cryptocurrencies easily, an approach that defines a significant part of the traditional finance industry, and is certain to be the next frontier in investing.


With CoinBundle, you can invest in different bundles of cryptocurrencies. That helps you to save time on researching as well as diversify your cryptocurrency investment risks.

You can buy cryptocurrencies on CoinBundle by connecting your credit card or bank account information, answer a few questions about your profile, and select which bundle you want to buy. It only takes few minutes to start. Amazing!

CoinBundle will let anyone create and purchase their own bundles, without having to pay high fees to obtain their desired exposure. Also, CoinBundle will let other users purchase bundles created by others, thereby removing the centralized rent-seeking party. Bundle creators develop bundles, list them on an open marketplace and get people to invest in them, earning BNDL tokens as a reward. This will allow them to build a track record that could eventually enable them to raise money from institutional investors as well. Bundles will be tracked over a blockchain creating a transparent trail of performance. Furthermore, investors on the other hand, will have access to a universe of bundle options and investment strategies, allowing them to pick the ones that best fit their needs.

CoinBundle will launch with its core product with three bundles created by the in-house research team, and then add two in-platform marketplace features called BundleMarketand BundleRewards. These will maximize utility from the platform and deliver a truly unique value proposition for investors as explained below:

i.  The BundleMarket: This will be a dynamic marketplace of all available and upcoming bundles on the platform. This marketplace will truly utilize the power of cryptocurrencies to democratize investing in the same way Web 1.0 democratized content creation. Just like a blogger in London can reach millions of viewers in New York without any permission from newspapers, the BundleMarket will allow any investor to share their investment strategies with the market without relying on large financial institutions.

ii. The BundleRewards platform: This will allow CoinBundle users to earn tokens in return for micro-tasks, governance participation, and activities on and off the platform. In the first instance, these activities will be handpicked by CoinBundle to incentivize responsible investing behavior and promoting financial literacy amongst our user base in line with the ethos. Users can earn BNDL, for example, for providing evidence of completing basic financial literacy courses developed by team, or for routinely saving and investing a proportion of their earnings every month.



In this section, I will be explaining each of the initially launched (three premade bundles) that was mentioned under the introduction section:

a. The Conservative Bundle(CON2): This is designed to be the least volatile bundle, best suited for first time cryptocurrency buyers. This bundle allows investors to get exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two most tried-and-tested coins, which have also performed relatively well over the last few months. Collectively, they comprise up to over 60% of the total crypto market capitalization. Having access to the two largest coins will allow the buyer to have broad market exposure, while reducing some volatility relative to owning just one coin. The weighting of BTC and ETH within the bundle will be set at 50% of each upon launch.

b. The Aggressive Bundle(AGR10): This has to do with 10 alternative coins with medium to low market cap, anchored with a number of high market cap coins for reducing volatility. The custom weighting model in this bundle is designed to allow it to take a more aggressive view on the market while still managing risk prudently. Starting with relative market caps, multipliers are applied to adjust weighting of coins in the bundle. Higher market cap coins within the bundle get a lower multiplier to the medium to low market cap coins, to enable more exposure to lower market cap coins. Projects with upcoming main-net and other releases are given a higher multiplier.

c. The Emerging Bundle (EMG10): And lastly, this has to do with 10 coins that have promising technology behind them. The coins are chosen based on an assessment of underlying potential behind the projects as determined by fundamental research by our in-house investment experts as well as our network of investors and advisors. The relative weighting of the coins is then determined on further research on the teams, their technology and their whitepaper. The projects and teams are scored on six main indicators as part of the analysis, and this research is published periodically.



Briefly discussed below are the salient benefits of this new platform, CoinBundle:

Bundles you can TRUST: CoinBundle team of crypto and finance experts analyzes the market for you to carefully construct bundles with the right coins that match your investment preferences.

Funds are PROTECTED and INSURED: CoinBundle ensures that Funds are stored securely and insured against theft with Kingdom Trust, the global leader in alternative asset custody.

ZERO Service Fees: Invest and grow your savings up to 20% faster by avoiding service fees. Only pay 3.5% transaction fees on credit/debit card deposits and zero fees on crypto deposits.


By definition, Roadmap is a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. That is to say the CoinBundle Roadmap is step-by-step means by which the mission of the project is to be fully achieved.

Below is the Short Term Feature Roadmap representation of CoinBundle:

Features will be rolled out to beta testers periodically followed by broader rollout across markets according to the legal framework of CoinBundle.

The team has really been working tirelessly to ensure everything is set as planned on this project and as a result, team is already implementing the following features in the short term:

  • Monitoring prices of bundles and building sample investment portfolios.
  • Purchasing the Conservative, Aggressive and Emerging Bundles using fiat.
  • Auto-purchasing and portfolio rebalancing.
  • Capabilities to allow investments via retirement funds (e.g., 401K, IRA).
  • Offering CoinBundle infrastructure to financial companies and investment advisors.
  • Purchasing additional bundles based on investing themes and preferences.
  • Creating and purchasing your own bundles.
  • Deploying and selling bundles on the CoinBundle Marketplace available for anyone else to buy.

BNDL token holders will be able to reward other users in return for micro-tasks. These could include, for example, promoting custom bundles created by bundle creators on a range of platforms.


Token Symbol: BNDL

Token Type: ERC20

Total Supply: 1Billion BNDL

Special offer on Token Sale: Each user/investor is entitled to earn a 100 BNDL bonus for every $10 invested on the CoinBundle platform!

**Tokens given to the team will vest over four years with a one year cliff.

Token distribution will be as follows:


After the first three bundles are launched and operational, CoinBundle will construct additional proprietary bundles, and release them over time based on market demand. These bundles would be anchored along different criteria, such as specific use cases like CurrencyBundle, PrivacyBundle, UtilityBundle, or well known investors who have publicly declared their holdings in certain projects, for example; Tuesday Capital Bundle, Initialized Capital Bundle, Switch Ventures Bundle).

Also, the team behind CoinBundle project will also follow the ETF playbook and release bundles that allow users to invest based on their beliefs or preferences. This could include the following:

Eco-friendly Bundle: This is a group of tokens that are environmentally friendly and do not require extensive electricity for mining.

Halal Bundle: Tokens that are complaint according to the rules of Islamic finance.

Geographic Bundles: Tokens that allow people to get exposure to the best projects coming out of certain technology forward markets such as Singapore, India, Nigeria.


Behind every good project, there must be a solid team who are always brainstorming and working towards on how to achieve the aim of the project. Here in CoinBundle, we have a diverse team of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from experience in technology, business strategy, blockchain, trading, finance, management, marketing, and development.

The core team members of CoinBundle have over 50 years of experience working with non-traditional financial instruments and complex regulatory environments.

Below are the brains that make up the CoinBundle Team;


The idea behind CoinBundle project is a very lucrative and sophisticated one. The team members are very much experienced in the blockchain, technical, business, finance and strategic aspects of the ecosystem.

Rest assured, CoinBundle aims to cater for the blockchain enthusiast who needs an easy to navigate platform that that can give reasonable profits from investing on cryptocurrencies. At the same time, CoinBundle will provide powered-up, cutting-edge features for professional crypto guys who require the full range of earning more, decision making and fundamentals information at their fingertips.

It would be a good financial decision to take a look at the promising project and get along by registering an account on the official website and purchase the tokens while it is still very cheap now.


For more information about the CoinBundle platform and participation, kindly get connected with these links:














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