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Hello everyone, I will iIntroduce The project about Coinolix, if you are willing to join the Coinolix project, let’s look at the following review:
Coinolix exchange provides a wide range Of Crypto Currencies, ERC20 Tokens. Easy To Use User Interface Combined With high Performance Trading Engine.
Coinolix exchange Follows a Best Practice by keeping the majority of the asset reserve in cold storage, which is not Present On The Web Server or any other computer to secure users fund on exchange wallet.

What is Coinolix?

Coinolix is ​​a multifunctional e-currency exchange ecosystem, combining a powerful cryptographic asset exchange platform. Large volumes of commercial requirements can be considered using adaptive tools and expanded in a few minutes. Coinolix exchanges recommendations, keeping most of the stocks in cold storage that are not on the web server or on any other computer to protect user accounts on purses. , Trading services include spot-trading, margin trading, futures trading.


The business structure should be developed from the earliest stages, with priority being safety, efficiency, speed and adaptability. Many exchanges often choose the easiest way to cope with how to get started. Although this can work fine to get started, when the development activity, the structure will not be ready to work with the expanded network load. This often undermines the main course of the exchange, but it is fundamental to reaching for long distances.


Because the business password is very new, it does not quite fit the liquidity. The presence of ambiguous order means a high decline in transactions with electronic money, which is especially expensive for traders.

Platform Security

Almost all electronic money is invariant, and it is not possible to change them after the transaction, because these exchanges refuse to take responsibility for the transaction. There are some broken exchanges due to the attack.
However, these advances are so expensive that exchanges have no chance of gaining recognition from them, that is, they are responsible for most programmers with sufficient knowledge – how to bypass their security framework.

Poor Customer Support

A trader is another breed when it comes to the user. Understanding the user problem is very important for successful exchange. When the exchange point proves that it undermines the trust of the trader, this is unacceptable, which results in a number of complaints from users.

Language Support

There are no borders on the electronic money market. Most exchanges are concentrated only in one dialect or one country and, as a result, on the poor support of this international market.

Barriers for Banks

Banks hinder the arbitrary choice of trading platforms because of extremely volatile conditions for the functioning of the electronic money market. Banks put them on their feet after checking and checking the user profile.


Solutions In coinolix together with our team, we develop the first multifunctional e-currency ecosystem, integrating a reliable exchange platform, and Fiat has attached a Coinamia coin. Coinolix Exchange offers a variety of electronic money, cards ERC20. Easy-to-use user interface combined with a high-performance transaction mechanism.
Coinolix exchanges recommendations, keeping most of the stocks in cold storage that are not on the web server or on any other computer to protect user accounts on purses. , Large volumes of commercial requirements can be overcome with the help of adaptive tools and increased in a few minutes.


Trading services include spot-trading, margin trading, futures trading. We will provide security for cross-platform devices on all browser-based platforms, Android and iOS platform platforms, PC platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), REST API. support and responsibility are distributed to our employees and companies.
CLX token details
CLX Token – the standard ERC20 token from Ethereum Blockchain. This universal token can be used as a means of exchange, as well as payment of transaction fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees on the Coinolix Exchange.


Distribute the token
  • Total delivery: one billion CLX
  • Crowds before sale: 100 million CLX
  • The ultimate crowd: 400 million CLX
  • Constituent team: 200 million CLX
  • Advisory group: 100 million CLX
  • Angelic investors: 150 million CLX
  • Bonus: 20 million CLX
  • Introduction: 30 million CLX


Use the data of the fund


Use the data of the fund

Mission street map
March 2017
To promote the centralized exchange and decentralization of the next generation, marketing studies and strategies for the alternate of digital money start.
August 2017
The e-trade device for cash has come to an end, and the the front-stop overview starts to look at the security and improvement of the person interface of the alternate.
January 2018
acquire a relatively certified improvement team for a complete and whole era lockout for Fiat money.
March 2018
market studies and analysis of preliminary plans The coin provides final touch.
July 2018
starting with Airdrop and Whitelisting and registering KYC for the crowd.
August 2018
Consensus within the improvement and improvement of Finnish economic blocks.
October 2018
The initial section of the ICO begins fifteen days from October 8, 2018 to November 7, 2018.
November 2018
starting with the ICO crowd from November 8, 2018 to December thirteen, 2018.
January 2019
Beta on-line sharing.
Q1 2019

Notification of cooperation with a 3rd-birthday celebration trustee in gold reserves and assessments of liquid reserves.




The Coinolix trade platform is initiated and supported by a wealth of enjoy with the first-class software builders, monetary professionals, protection professionals, network administrators and guide body of workers. Our group believes in the destructive strength of blockchain era and clever contracts and realizes that maximum of the present day electronic currency is superb for modern technical specialists, but for normal customers; which could make sure the strength and reliability of the undertaking. So, with them at the wheel of the Coinolix trade undertaking, you can make sure that your investments are on the proper platform.
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