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Coin investment platform in the crypto currency.
Coinseed automatically collects your backup changes and invests them in your cryptographic portfolio. We managed to create an investment portfolio, and our users can see how other users do it, and even can copy the portfolio with better performance. When a Coinseed user converts his current portfolio into another portfolio, there is 1% of the value of the entire converted asset. Coinseed will distribute 50% of this income to holders of CSD tokens every month. Our applications live in the US, and we plan to make a global release in February.
Coinseed facilitates investment in cryptothermics
1. Invest a little for $ 5
Just connect your bank card to start collecting backup money to invest in a cryptography portfolio. Or organize daily recurring money.
2. Manage your portfolio easily
Gather a portfolio of users with their rate of return on the platform, so that each user can learn the best way, copying his portfolio at the touch of a button.
3. Low risk
Start with your backup changes. Low risk and low commitment.
4. Portfolio Management
Create your own unique portfolio of the best cryptos.
5. Welcome to the community
Learn from the community and see how others do it.
6. Transformation of your assets
Customize your portfolio and turn your assets into the most efficient portfolio
Coin platform
The coinsseed platform was officially launched as a mobile application on iOS and Android on November 21, 2017. During the first 12 days of launch, we purchased more than 2000 registered users and 1000 paid users without paid marketing. This indicates a great interest of users.
The coin platform has two main functions:
1. Passive investments, keeping your portfolio
2. Active investment by changing your portfolio whenever you want. Note that these two functions are not exclusive to each other, which means that users can save their current portfolio or change their existing portfolio to other portfolios. Each time a user changes his portfolio, there is 1% of the total cost of the convertible portfolio.
We encourage our users to do portfolio conversions, evaluating all user-created portfolios and their percentage yield on the platform. Thus, our users can learn from each other, looking at the portfolio of other people to be inspired or simply copy the portfolio. For example: say, the pseudo-user Zach, we started with a portfolio of $ 10 Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, he found that the portfolio of users Dash, Ripple and Monero is better than his own. Zak decided to use this new portfolio with just one click. In this process, Coinseed collects 1% of 10 US dollars, translated into 10 cents.
According to a LendedU poll conducted in September 2017, about 78% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin. Of 78% of people, 40% are open for use Bitcoin in the future, and 34% doubt. In addition, the millennium, which is between the ages of 18 and 35, is more likely to invest in bitcoin than the older generation, but they do not know how to invest in crypto currency. In this review, we see two main points. First, most Americans have heard of Bitcoin. Secondly, most of these groups, mostly millennia, are interested or at least open to the idea of ​​using and investing in bitcoins.
Note that this percentage is growing every day, because blockchain technology is rapidly being introduced into the mass market. On the other hand, GOBanking rates conducted a survey in 2016 and found that 34% of Americans do not have savings, and 35% have less than $ 1,000 in their savings accounts. In other words, most Americans have savings of less than $ 1,000. Finally, in a survey of the application for an investment application in 2016, 69% of the polled said they believe that investments are confused, while 41% believe that they do not have enough funds for investment. With the results of the survey given above, we see three pain points that offer tremendous growth opportunities for Coinseed: 1. Most people do not have a lot of savings to seriously consider investing. 2. Even when people have money for investment, they feel that the investments become entangled. 3. People do not know how to start investing in crypto in coins. The coin connected these pain points to the Coinseed platform.
Coinseed makes it easy to invest in crypto allocations:
1. Automatically collect changes in user reserves for investing in crypto
2. Allowing users to modify existing portfolios to other portfolios
The first item above is our default function, and let’s look at it with an example. Say, Ben, a college student, heard about Bitcoin and other alt-coins. Although he is very interested   in investing in cryptography, he does not know where to start, and he believes that he does not have it   . A lot of savings to make a valuable investment. Fortunately, he found Coinseed and opened his coin book to tie up his credit card. Now that Zach is buying a cup of coffee for $ 2.30,   Coinseed will collect this amount to $ 3 and collect 70 cents ($ 3 – $ 2.30) to invest in  choosing a cryptococcus. Thus, Zak starts investing in crypto with a simple  registration process taking less than 1 minute.
In addition, our user portfolios are listed with their return to the platform, so that other users can replicate their own portfolio. We call this function “Portfolio Management” and other crypto-currency platforms, which have a function for converting portfolios to portfolios. For example: imagine our users Zack with a Bitcombe portfolio, the Etherium and Litecoin. In the main portfolio table with their advantages, he found that Dash works better than any other crypto currency. If Zak decides to change the existing Portfolio to a new portfolio consisting only of Dash, he can do this with a single click of the button.
Currently, there are 8 different cryptograms on our platform  ,  including Bitcoin, Ethereum,   Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash, as they are the main cryptographic currencies. based on their market capitalization. We continue to add more cryptograms from each  month.
In conclusion, we help people with insufficient knowledge, experience and invested capital to automatically collect their reserve money to invest and create a community that shares their knowledge and portfolio ideas with each other.
20 December – 10 January
1.5 million CSD (15% of the total CSD mark)
20 March – 20 April
3.5 million CSD (35% of the total CSD mark)
The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH
Preliminary Sale of Shares (ICO)
Start date: December 20, 2017
End date: January 10, 2018.
Number of CSD tokens sold: 150000 CSD
Percentage Total CSD Volumes: 15% (a total of 10,000,000 CSD volumes)
You can participate in pre-sale pre-sale coins or ICO (this term
exchange with the original token offer) using the following cryptographic code:
1. The ethereal
2. Bittorrent
3. Litekoin
4. Drawing
Participants in the pre-sale ICO will receive the following CSD bonuses.
For example, if you purchased 100 CSD tokens during the first 5 hours of the ICO, you will receive 35 more CSD tokens as bonuses. The same principle applies to the remaining hours and days of pre-sale of the ICO with the aforementioned bonus structure.
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