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The developing fame of cryptographic money is polarizing an ever increasing number of beginning clients and needing to gain it as a venture. What’s more, this intrigue is developing each day. Be that as it may, for abecedarians in the crypto advertise, it is very hazardous to get the coveted digital money without somewhere around a fundamental insight of the general working of the market itself. The Cointorox venture offers its help with this burdensome errand. Cointorox is a stage that offers straightforward digital currency reserve funds bundles. The key mission and imply of this stage is to profit rearrange the procedure related with the securing of cryptographic forms of money and their stockpiling for the indicate of amassing.
It’s pretty simple, users get convenient packages for them. They enable users to acquire cryptocurrency in goodwill so as to preserve their time and Cash. Cointorox packages are a kind of egg cap that sanctions you to store and work with cryptocurrency savings. These packages can be purchased utilizing PayPal or credit / debit cards. The platform refers to several types of packages:

Rudimental packages. They represent customary monthly contributions. Deposits are made in USD.
Advanced packages. This type of package offers one-time deposits in USD.

By purchasing packages, users receive the designated cryptocurrency and Cointorox token (OROX), which is the Cointorox platform utility token. Each package contains several cryptocurrencies distributed in a certain ratio (coins, manually culled by the Cointorox team, so that users can buy utilizing prestige of coins / tokens characterized by relatively low risks).

Features of the COINTOROX platform:

The possibility of instant withdrawal of all cryptocurrency savings to external wallets

The facility to withdraw all savings in USD

Authentic-time balance control in USD (at an estimated exchange rate)

The utilizer can block their savings for a designated period of time.

“Give Your Savings” function (digital voucher for friends and relatives)

Portfolio reassembly function (re-placement of funds in the same proportion)

The function of integrating incipient coins (integrating incipient coins to the portfolio at will)

The faculty to abrogate / instaurate customary monthly deposits at any time

With COINTOROX, users can automatically convert and preserve their mazuma into a cryptocurrency. Additionally lock your savings for a certain time, in order to avert their utilization. All packages have a savings lockout function, which can be activated upon request. The maximum blocking period is 365 days (1 year), which betokens that users will not be able to withdraw their savings for 365 days.

Since the cryptocurrency market is subject to certain peril, you can not worry about your portfolios, since they have minimal risks and are astronomically stable. If the cost Your coins will be lower than you expected, then you can immediately sell them, in order to evade supplemental costs.

Users will be able to even simply donate their savings in coins or US dollars at any time to their friends or family.

Details of the ICO

Cointorox is a combustible token of the ERC20 standard distributed in the Ethereum network. It is mainly used to activate and deactivate Cointorox platform functions.

Token Name: Cointorox

Token symbol: OROX

Initial Emission: 10,000,000 OROX

Total emissions: perpetually decrementing

  • Items sold during ITO are burned
  • Tokens spent on the platform to activate/deactivate functions are burned

Token cost: 1 ETH = 400 OROX

The period of the ICO: from November 15, 2018 – January 13, 2019

Tokens designed for ICO – 7 000 000 OROX

Soft Cap – not defined

Hard Cap – 17,500 ETH

Token distribution:

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