COINTROOPS is a global P2P Decentralized Exchange Platform

Good day. I want to provide you all the information you want to know about the newest ICO’s. Think it will help you to choose that of themthat worth your time. I will try to give you this information “easy read”, because what’s important to me is that we all easily absorb the information and really want to learn a lot of new things.

Today’s theme will be COINTROOPS ICO.
If you have no idea what it is at all, don’t close this page, because I will change this fact in a next few minutes. Before all, I need to say that I will include links EVERY moment it will be possible, so you can check them and examine more detailly everything that you want. I think it will be much more convenient if all information will be collected in one place, in an organised manner, rather than scattered throughout the web.

Cointroops is an exchange. If say simply, it is a place, where you can exchange one type of cryptocurrency to another. A peer-to-peer marketplace will ideally be set up by COINTROOPS that lets buyers and sellers all over the world to put their cryptocurrency up at an attractive price, rather than one defined by constantly moving markets. As such, the belief is people will be attracted to a simple click-and- buy/sell system.

Cointroops aims to remove barriers to entry in the cryptocurrency world. Team believe that today’s cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized in a way that’s too similar to traditional banking. Traditional banking systems have barriers to entry and exclude certain individuals – like those without ID, or those who don’t live in a certain country.

Team want to make a system that’s easy for the layperson to use and to open cryptocurrencies to a wider base of users.

Face-to-face meetings for people in the same locality can lead to an agreement of terms, prices and even payment methods in order to avoid the control that banks have over their money. This removes fees, waiting times and other nasty surprises that come with utilizing banks for exchanges and trades.

One of our core priorities is to solve the inconveniences and restrictions in buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat. COINTROOPS simplify the transaction processes and provide a user friendly platform, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the lowest fee in the market while remain user’s anonymity. COINTROOPS will be attractive for those who value anonymity and security more than anything else.

CTP token plays a vital role in Cointroops ecosystem. Due to the ever changing government policies towards crypto space which leads to limited usage of the cryptocurrencies, Cointroops stepped up to be the only peer-to-peer escrow exchange that offers the freedom and anonymity the world ever need.

Cointroops also envisioned to create bigger value for token holders by building an ecosystem using CTP token as a medium of exchange for goods and services through integration with Casino and e-commerce platform.

Cointroops aims to support more and more cryptocurrencies as well integration of more payments methods into the P2P platform.

With the reserved capital raised serves as liquidity, Cointroops team is prepared to develop the Decentralized Exchange Platform in the last quarter of 2020. Users will be able to trade cyptocurrencies, as well as exchange of fiat – cryptocurrencies, and vice-versa instantly with the exchange’s liquidity pool.

As we all know, “The team IS the product”. If the team is incompentent, product that they provide will be at least not so good, as was planned.So, two very important questions are:

  • Who are the creators of the product?
  • How much experienced they are?

I’ve done a full research, and here is the team of this ICO:

We see that these guys supply us with all the information we need. They act transparently and because of this receive the trust from investors and users, like us.

Here you will be able to see the major features of this ICO. If you want to learn more, feel free to check out their website. I examined it myself and found it interesting,not too extensive and giving full information.



Thanks you for your time. Here is all links in one place:



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